A Change Is Gonna Come........

This life isn't promised to no one, if your blessed to  wake up everyday and you make it through the day. That alone provides an attitude of gratitude. My grandmother always said that you should learn something new everyday. I agree with her statement as everyone should learn daily about who they are and the world around them, what they will stand for, and what is worth sacrificing for and improving oneself moving toward their dreams and or desires.

Some do and some are happy how they are and that's cool. Because diversity is always a good thing how else would we know our differences yet similarities. This journey has taught me more than I can say. Growing through it all, the things I once thought was impossible became possible one action step at a time.

Every encounter teaches us something, sometimes about the individual and most time we learn about ourselves. When you have to look at the image in the mirror you have to face and deal with what it is that you see good, bad or indifferent. Then you have to decide what to change, keep and discard. This is not always easy as we become comfortable being who we are but, when we refuse to change and or discard the things that no longer is a working part or maybe hindering us from being our true self; can be difficult or become complicated and it shows up every where we go. As the saying goes you take you with you. 

I have been in business now for one year two months and everyday has been an amazing experience as I learn more and more. I learn more about myself and how far I can push myself. Working and minding my business can become overwhelming at times but I found that the overwhelming feelings are usually tied to just not knowing what to do, how to do something,  or just shear fear of the unknown  if I actually implement the task that is needed and necessary in order for me to move forward.

One thing I have learned is that having a good positive supportive team or being apart of a good positive motivated group of individuals has been amazing and usually provides the answers and or homework to get one moving. I learned on this adventure that only those who are doing what your doing can understand what you maybe feeling and or facing because they have felt it and or experienced it.

Ones mindset is very important and is something that one must work on daily. Something you hear often in this adventure. It requires you to pay very close attention to your body and your thoughts. Many times we will talk ourselves out of doing just about anything or it could be the opposite. Keeping your mind in the right space will make the difference in how you view your process in this adventure.

Weather we want to admit it or not what goes on within us, around us or too us. It can or will affect how we think, feel  and act. During this journey I have experienced total exhaustion and have had to step back to care for myself to be able to come back and start all over again however, I realized that I am not where I like to be but I am working to get there and beyond but it takes time and it's a process. Not everyone's process is the same but you get my point.

I know I am in the right place at the right time and I also know that there are level's to this adventure and you will get to where your suppose to be as long as you put in the work. The other day, I took one action step to get my business in order as there are several steps to do so and they may not always go in order but they are things that must be done in order for your hobby to become a business.

When you know the weight of the water you can carry you carry that weight with ease. When you mind your business and stay in your lane you arrive to your destination. Your travel may not be like someone else but your progressing none the less. This adventure can have some pressure when you don't stay in your lane or know your pace of performance as this to will be personalized to the individual and how they operate.

Time management is a major part as there are required hours of training and implementing as you go. So it's best to get real and be aware of how long it takes to complete task throughout your day. Some days maybe more productive than others but the key is to keep going. As you can always hit the refresh but and start all over again from where you left off. The wonderful pleasure of working at your own pace as time waits for no one but time is also something we have no control over yet it continues with our without you.

I have learned to use my time wisely and to take time for me. Weather it's getting the proper rest, spending time with my family, doing yard work, reading, house work  or whatever it is that brings you pleasure and feelings of peace in a sometimes busy chaotic world. Exercise is very important also as it calms the mind and releases the toxins from your body and spirit. Since relaxing is the hardest thing for me to do like most driven individual's it's even more important to pay attention because we are use to working on burnout aware or unaware of it.

For those of you who are struggling with how to get everything done that needs to be done my suggestion to you is to take a step back so you can come back with refreshed eyes and things will become clear for you. Just don't give up because the moment you do I'm pretty sure it will affect you on some level. The best example I can give to this adventure is going to school. From early child care to college every action step is a process. Some things we will excel and other we will have to get help or do it over and it's okay as long as you get it. You may not hit your mark every time but those moments when you do will provide such an attitude of gratitude like graduation day.

Role with the punches, live, laugh, and love a lot, take time to smell the flowers of life. Yes, you will get knock down just get back up. Yes, you will have to adjust to new ways and the operation of things just keep going. Lean on a shoulder when needed and play just as hard as you work and all will come together. This is an adventure where you can create the life you wish to live so just as it takes time to carry a child and it takes time to rear that child be open to some constructional criticism as it's not all bad. You will learn more about yourself as you go and allow yourself to trust your process as it is in the process we learn the most.

My mind set can get cloudy but when you know, what you know, and that is for me, God has created me with all that I need, to do what I have to do, to get to where he has already planned for me to be. So there is no need to worry because when I look back on where I have come from and see where I am today. Yes, I did the work and taken some actions steps. However, there are moments that I didn't do anything but I was in places and experienced things that I know only God placed me there to have such an awareness so why would this be any different.

I have survived many things that I thought I would never get over yet, I did time and time again. I am sure that many individuals feel the same and have experienced the same. So why stop now?  Why turn back now?  Those who have come before me and have endured things that I can't even begin to imagine going through. Why should I stop? It's not time to stop I am not sure if it will ever be time to stop as when I stop I like to think that it will be part of God's plan. So, I do my best to live with purpose and meaning being aware of what  my actions and words can do to make the world a better place to be. Because when I am no longer present here on this earth. All everyone will remember is how I treated them and what words I spoken to them time and time again I have witness this. So I like to smell my flowers now and it doesn't matter who doesn't get me as long as I get me and I do my best to get to the most divine place of being.

Are you carrying your own weight?

What struggles are your facing?

Are you able to take accountability for your actions?

Are you willing to do the work required to change your current situation?

What would those steps look like?

Are you open to suggestions on how you can improve?

How would you describe your new life and what step are you willing to take to get there?

Comment below, if you chose not to comment below write these questions down and answer them for yourself. I hope that it provides you a starter outline for you to be able to start creating the life you believe that you deserve in spite of the challenges that may arise. As life is gonna happen on life terms, somethings you will not be in control but, it's how  we handle those moments in life that will make us or break us.

Start today and Win! Win! Win! Win!


I like to know what you think of my blogs so comment below and lets start a real dialog and get to know one another. Because where two or more are gathered great things take place when working toward success. Success looks different to everyone so no two individual's comments will be the same or come from the same place. Interesting and exciting! 

Each one teach one and when in a better place reach back and pull someone up!

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