Are You Hiding?

October is here and the harvest time is upon us. No more excuses not today or any day after, did you know that you were born a winner? From your very first breathe you are destine for greatness from within you and all around you. Sometimes along the journey of life we get distracted from life on life terms circumstances, situations and experecnices and it's perfectly okay. You know why? Now you know your living life, now navigating through can be a bit of work but when done properly given your best things that once seemed impossible become possible and do you know why?

Because you believed, you remember that you were born a winner, you saw that your life compass needle had trouble finding the direction for you to go until you stilled your entire being to listen for the voice that guided you thus far. But the only way it can be heard was to get rid of the outside noise and find grace in just simply being.  Life is just that amazing, wow it can drag you through the mud and bring you out shinny and clean. 

The journey of life will change you with very little effort from you. It may start with one little simple thought and as fast as we think it. Just that fast we un-think it by not believing that we can do it without even attempting to see if we can apply it into the making. But not any longer because we are unstoppable in pursuing our life purpose, dreams and discovering our gifts.

Weather you think you can or you think you can't your right....

Trying is the only way clear to manifesting what you want in your life no matter what may come your way. It may require you to go a deeper than you probably would have thought you would have to go but the journey to you is an amazing journey to take. Along the way you will meet other travelers on the path to manifesting their dreams or have even began to live and reap the joys of their labor of manifestation. It really doesn't matter what part of the journey your one as long as your not giving up.

Life is hard at times and it can be filled with adventures giving your perspective of life. We know for sure that life is far from being a fairytale but what if you could manifest your very own fairytale life?, would that be amazing.

Where would you start?

What would it look like?

Who would you be?

Once we get our thoughts under control and work out ways to get the stinking thinking out of our way. We soon begin to see our life compass pointing in the right direction for which we will need to go to continue the journey. This doesn't mean it that we won't come across challenges. It simply means we are going to approach them differently this time around. It's not we don't have, it's how are we going to do so that we will have. This will move us toward our next journey chapter, some are long, some are short and some well they last a lifetime.

You are the ray of sunshine the world needs to see. Your still showing up and doing what has to be done no matter what and your here making a difference in your life because let's face it the lives we live will be a breathing living example of what to do or what not to do, to have the life we wish to create. Our mess is often times someone else's message and or key that opens a door in them to go live the best life they can create to live for themselves spreading inspiration, empowerment, community and the message each one teach one.

But, it all starts with you.  We hear of all the movie stars and famous people and we wonder was it luck, did they know the right people, or was it their God given gifts that got them in position for their greatness. Funny, how the stories come out and we realize that they are people just like you and me. That use what they had to work toward what they wanted and believe it enough to go for it.

We are all given that same gift everyday and some of us will sleep on it, some will ponder on it and some will act on it yet nothing will change the fact that we all have already made the greatest challenge by being the one out of four million to be here. Life truly is amazing and whatever you may decide to go for in life be the best you, you can be. No one else can be you, God gave you your own specials gifts to unfold. Don't give in, don't throw it all away because things get hard. Always remember, the blessing is in the pressing. 

Are you hiding behind it all thinking your not worthy?

Are you hiding for fear of being misunderstood?

Are you hiding that beautiful person that God create that lives in you because of hurts that come along the way?

You have been wearing your super cape much to long and it's time to put it down and start to enjoy this life that you have. Okay, it may not look as you may have wanted it to look right now but you have a life to give thanks for so let's be grateful for life if nothing else. Because this too soon shall pass and new beginnings will be in front of you which way will your compass guide you?  Is it bouncing around or is it pointed in the direction you need to go?

Life is so amazing and the more you join in the journey the more amazing it get's. No valley high, no valley high enough to keep us from living this beautiful life God allows us to have, what better way to thank him then by making it the best life you can make it from his point of view. Ashes to Ashes dust to dust we come and we will go.

Enjoy all that is in-between it's yours...

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