Cash Rules Everything Around Me....That Is The Jam....

Money is currency that is one thing many desire to have a lot of, but at what cost?  We all pay the price when it comes to money weather it's not enough, just enough or more than enough yet we all are required to have some type form of currency, credit, cash on hand to navigate through life and live the life we have.

We have many ways to obtain currency, through employment, talents and or skills, legal and illegal hey a hustle is a hustle when you have a family to shelter and feed and it's been obtained this way for years only to prove the currency is to be made and or created and circulated. 

The master of currency is the one that can not only obtain it but maintain it and keep it circulating something like a consistent flow.  Many of us have experienced moments throughout time in history where currency was plentiful and when currency was tight. Most navigate through and keep currency flowing, others navigate through and maintain the currency they have flowing with shortages in the mix, and find the best means of currency and live day by day hoping and wishing that one day it all will change.

Which one are you?


Are you a good steward with your finances?

In today's time with all the swift changes that are taking place has everyone being very mindful of the currency they have and are concerned if the currency will continue. Yet, currency still circulates and although currency circulates are we ensuring that we are not only able to put some aside, invest it to insure that their will be something just in case things should get worst, or are we living hand to mouth day by day pan handling. The good book called the holy bible has verses that provide us parables of stories of being a Steward in areas of our lives you can read for yourself if you haven't already as it can be helpful in times such as this, 1 Kings 16:9, Luke 12:42, Genesis 15:2, Luke 8:3 great stories inside the holly bible that can not only bring about a sense of peace but also can provide guidance as we may interpret what we read and apply it to our life and how we handle our finances as we practice being a good steward.



OK, let's examine currency from the employee perspective. We got the job or career we either went to school for and or have an interest / passion.  Now we have the home, the family and life is just great. We are working and during work hours,we begin to realize that this wonderful experience is becoming on that we being investing in. We invest in our employer's when we pick up the cost and expenses that will help us perform our duties and continue to serve other's. 

It's something that has been happening for so long many that work in the filed where their are shortages begin to purchase the items that they need on a monthly bases just to keep thing's flowing as they help fill in the gap of lack and or not having supplies. Today we have to purchase the very items that will protects and the people we serve now if that is not being our own rescue, we don't know what rescue really means. This creates shortages in ones income and expenses or it causes a shift in the budget as we add these employee cost to work. Most times we can get some of it back during the tax season however, seems a little foolish right? Yet, it happens everyday in America.

Tell's us a lot about American's and how they value the purpose of how they earn their living and their work place. Many will invest in their employer's yet never take the chance and invest in their self, some may not realize just how much they invest in their employer's until it comes to the end of the year at tax time as many are so custom to it that it's just a part of life.

What is it that keeps us from investing in our own future?

Is the risk of loss greater than the loss of an employer?

Currency will always circulate in the vessels in which it may flow will either be wide and flow with no problems and or flow with restrictions which will decrease the flow however, it will continue to circulate in some form and or fashion. And we continue to strive and thrive for better the best ways we know how. 

Our we savings, investing and having the currency work for us or are we working for the currency with no savings and or investments?

If you have never look at currency in this way. It's okay, as many are learning how to handle their currency better every day, to get out of debt and do the things they always wanted to do. Some struggle with the process however, they never give up they just budget, re-budget and budget again until they get it on track. However you may have to do it, isn't important as it's the discipline, consistency, practice and practice some more until we achieve our goal.

Weather currency will increase or decrease we get the joy of having another day we have another opportunity to participate in the circulation of currency.  We have faced many tough times and we have withstood them. Each time coming out better and better every time. The debt free day is on it's well on the way and those employer cost hopefully will no longer be a burden to the employee. Soon we are on our way to becoming our own rescue starting with our finances and then on to other areas that can benefit from an up grade for the new life we're about to come into.

Keep the faith, take the actions steps, and just pray on a little while longer as everything will be alright.......

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