Celebrating Black History 365

As the world turns we have evolved over time. Our homes, community and employment has changed, yet some things stay the same or are they?

There's no denning the roots run deep, the history is rich. Yes a great people have made some change in the world over the short period of time and we can not afford to lose it now.

The most valuable lesson for us all this year as we celebrate is to look within ourselves to asses and make sure that we do not have an enemy within that is hindering, in the way, holding us back from becoming our greater self in the world in which we live and are responsible. 

You come from a source that created you for greatness and only you can get in the way of it all, just from your own thoughts, the lens of your perspective and or life experience.

A peoples historical history experience is real but the peoples future doesn't have to repeat the past as long as  we do our best to become educated, teach ourselves as well as  others and commit to becoming the change in the future they wish to see.

There will always be obstacles to deter you from your greatest being but don't let it. Take the time to see yourself for who you really are as this may take some time as growth is measured in it's milestones. Be proud of who you are where you come from and learn you as you lean the world in which you live.

Just make sure that you don't become the enemy you think is on the outside but in reality it's within yourself.

God created you in his image and your duty is to give the love he provides you to those who are blessed to cross your path. Be the difference the world needs to see, if not you, if not me, than who? 

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