Celebrating Mother's 365

Mother's and Grand Mother's are truly a gift to us all.  As mother's often do more than we see on a daily bases and go without any thought of thanks sometimes. So we dedicate the month of May to all mothers as being a mother is a gift not given to everyone, some have to go through a lot to have their precious child and it can be a very emotional roller coaster to ride when a woman desires to be a mother but is not able to normally. Thank God for science and all that they have done to help those who have trouble becoming a mother so they can have the opportunity to experience the life changing experience.

We are happy to announce that we were able to keep our commitment to donate to the charities that are close to our hearts this mother's day in honor of our own mother. Mother's day is and always will be a special day for us all to celebrate the love shared with our lovely mother's present and those who have passed on to glory.  A mother is a special gift for most people in the world and we just want to let all mothers know that you are loved and cherished yesterday, tomorrow and today.

May is also Mental Health Awareness month as we know mental health does not discriminate nor does it care about sex and or gender. So make sure to take care of yourself and those we love that may suffer from mental health. Take the time to educate and learn about the signs and symptoms of mental health so that we can be more of a help when someone appears to be in a mental health crisis. Mental health is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about because it could hit anyone at any given time over our life span. Seek the help and services needed and develop a strong support team to aid and assist when needed should you have a love one who may suffer from it.

Let's be kind and show understanding for all.

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