Congratulations!!! You kept the focus to achieve your goal!

Yes! You have completed yet another part of the process in your life building journey, What an amazing thing in life when you have new beginnings congratulations on a job well done. Parents around the world get to take a bow for a job well done loving, protecting, nurturing, disciplining, guiding and show your offspring the way to becoming better in life and creating the dream life they deserve to live. Hold on I know your thinking we aren't out of the woods yet we still have moves to make, things to be done and your right, for now enjoy the fruits of your labor. To the class of 2022 we congratulate you and encourage you to go for your dreams because no one can do it like you!

Time to relax and unwind as we prepare for the new beginnings it is both exciting and scary at the same time that's how you know your on the right track to greatness. The children and the parents agree that graduation days are the best in the world and the road there is just as heart felt. The hours one puts in to learn study and practice what they enjoy doing in life is just another one of the Lords precious gifts to us. Now we must pray over our offspring as they begin their new journey of life exercising their new interdependence theirs much more to learn and if you were applying what you learned already your all set to begin. 

Parents are the key to healthy sustainable families even with the variety of family types today. Who doesn't want their family to win? Who doesn't want to ensure that their family continues to win and when we lose we learn from the process and continue on because we are winners without an doubt. We are over comers in victory as we welcome in this celebratory weekend for our Father's who are the key to the success of many of our families. It's through working together through the storms challenges obstacles that may come our way. We will come through it together. 


 One can and will do a great job but Two will easily do... This weekend celebrate the time spent, love shared, lessons learned, and energy of our Father's they are more then just an photo opt when they do what it do for the entire crew.

Father's who show up even when it's hard to show up just because they love their family/children and want what's best for them as they go out to earn so they can provide and sustain their families/children's often go unnoticed and unappreciated but not any longer not any more.

As our babies have grown are growing up so nicely. Let's begin a new trend of celebrating life, family, children, mothers' and father's 365 days out of the year. Building better families together preparing our children for their future and changing the narrative begin with you.

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