Did We Know What Would Be Next?

Welcome February, we fear change so much that we ridicule and make fun of those who are not. We know that many people make fun of things they don't understand or goes against what they consider the different from the norm. Makes one wonder why many are not free as freedom begins in the mind. It's been along journey and not without turbulence.  Today we realize that we have made the best decision we made 7 years ago to date. The road has not been easy and many times we have no clue as to what we are really doing yet some how we continue to create and allow our minds to be free. It's funny how you will hear many say that consumers what it easy and don't want to think however that does not apply to everyone. 

Thinking is one of the gifts given to us by God, so why would we not want to utilize the capabilities. When you think about it which would you rather surround yourself with those who do what you do or those who can do what you do and make it their own? As if being an original has not mattered ever, along the journey. Would you rather have someone design and create your every life decision for you or would you enjoy the adventure of thinking for yourself as to what is best for your life?  Question all thinkers ponder and most thinkers enjoy creating and designing their own life's. 

We remember the day's of the fear of going at it on our own, yet not alone.  Free from a oppressive work place that where you don't have a voice or say in how to get the job done. It's one thing for people to tell us that they care nothing about us yet it hits different when they show you. When the very people we are trying to help can harm us and when we hold them accountable for their behavior we are the one in the wrong? We need it to make sense because why go and remove and replace when we are no better at keeping them safe and harm free. More are harmed under our care to the point those who are really trying to help wonder why we even removed in the first place as they would probably faired better in the environment we removed them from; what  kind of world work are we doing if we can not even keep them safe including ourselves.  Sad state of affairs, when we decide to leave the toxic work place they refuse to compensate us on grounds of them reporting they have work for us yet everything they stated was in place to protect us is not true. 

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Go straight to jail do not collect $200 dollars, as if it is not bad enough they are taking from us even before we get what we worked for and don't get injured on the job the workman's compensation or become ill as we are threaten that if we don't return we won't have a position or the doctor submits a doctors note that states light duty and they refuse to accommodate us in the work place, leaving us to go out on leave just to take care of ourselves so we can return still unhealed fully.

Let's not start speaking on the leave compensation as by time we receive it  our bills are backed up if we have no financial plan in place or a spouse that can carry the brunt of the weight until we receive the compensation which comes a few weeks or so to us returning back to the workplace.  

We are taxed over and over again coming and going so our financial plan has to be one that can withstand the moments where they push you to the point of no return. With no regards to the mental and physical strain the work place can place on us.  Years of the stories we have heard and witness with our own eyes that will make us go home to work on a plan to help outside the spectrum because the policy and procedures may be for human service however the humane part is left out which will have us love our own even more.

Yet only if we are well ourselves as we see many will work in the same line of work do what we do, yet have very little ability to handle their own and they find themselves in the very place of those they served that's an even sadder state to be in, one could not imagine however, we don't even entertain because we work very hard not to have such a matter take place because we are aware of the pit falls many can get into.

Life experiences have a way of changing us to the point where we once cared to not caring at all and that is when it is time to go. Yet, many will not until they find something else or build something else. Make us wonder which is worst staying in a job that is literally killing us spiritually, physically and mentally or getting fired and being penalized before being compensated or leaving on our own terms and being denied and having to go through the appeal process because they deem our leaving unwarned because we were not under threat of termination for unsatisfactory work performance at the time we leave the job.

Let's not ignore that fact that the law states that you must find employment that pays us equivalent or some where close to what we were earning to receive the benefits that we pay into for such a time. How Ludacris is that?  

The ideal of working in the work force without an exit plan is more Ludacris than working and staying only for the pay check. Where it once was only the minority population around 2018-2020 we saw a big change in the population served we observed many other nationalities where falling into the trap as well. The drugs neglect and abuse really becomes to much for anyone that has a heart can bear so wonder we all don't have some form of PTSD from some of the incidents that have taken place.

The straw that broke the camels back was the lack of dignity and respect when a supervisor states this job is pretty demeaning isn't it?  Co-worker sitting at their cubical stating take one for the team boss when we ask for assistance.  Or was it when we request for assistance we are told there is none and they ask us are we refusing to do the work?

Funny how those who where in leadership positions  and staff positions complain and talked about us are now either retired or moved to other offices to fill other positions makes us wonder what will they do next and to who?

The years we fight to be treated has a human being many will complain about the workplace treatment, the lack of information received to complete the work, yet they say and do nothing about it, they simply say it's the job.  Leaving us no choice to be selective with whom we surround ourselves with as the mistreatment is so open that newbies come but they don't stay and more and more are choosing to leave and other's stay because they have nothing else or have time in and are waiting to cash out, sad state to be in. We know that every workplace has it's problems and we do our best to work through them creating coping skills just to make it through the days and week's all for the mighty dollar yet won't even think of doing the same for themselves.

Those of us who do choose to work in the work place and work for ourselves can be a much harder task to complete guess it's our super power. Those who can figure it out enough to leave are fortunate and those who are working their way out are subject to the office mean girls and boys club. Imagine working under leadership that tells us to our face that they have to much to do and they don't have time for our concerns and the theme is carried out throughout the workplace. Supervisors speaking to us in a derogatory tone, stating I am trying to help us keep our jobs. 

No one knows who we are they don't hear our voice when we state we don't feel safe  and or told we don't have anyone to help, yet when they need you to help here they come with a smile like we buds asking for us to help. The nature of the job carries much responsibility yet the things that have taken place makes us shake our heads then they question us when we are late maybe if we had the proper information of the correct location or notified that there has been a change we can meet the required time frame to complete the job let's not speak about those who spend more time worried about the fact that we go home at the end of our day always comparing one big school yard behavior from the very ones that are suppose to be a young persons example sad just sad.

At some point we have to realize that our well being is worth more than a paycheck.  Is the day we begin to think and utilize our brains to figure out what do we really want to do with our lives and that's not something we can copy cat at all because each of our lives are unique and we require different things as our lives perspectives are just as different. 

We realized along the journey that following the minority which they think are the majority that we get lead to the slaughter.  We all have our limits and no one has the right to tell us what they are nor should we be robbed and penalized for it either.  The more we grow and develop the more we understand that freedom truly is not free we have to fight for everything we get out of this life. So since we have to fight why are we not utilizing the brain that was given to us by God to figure our lives out.

Becoming an entrepreneur will not exempt you from these challenges either because if you build while working and build a revenue generating business and fail to pay into the benefits that they say is for us should that time come weather we are fired or decide to leave you too will be penalized based on your level of business although some exemptions apply but there is no grantee we will receive what we paid or not paid into, seems like the biggest scam anyone has ever heard of however, many are subject to this at some point and time of their working career don't let them fool us. We are denied taxed and taxed and taxed again so building up a financial surplus appear to be even more important. 

For those in the workforce still, it is a very good time to really take a good look at our future financial plan. For those of us that are contributing towards our retirement make sure that should we go out on leave or for any reason that we double check our accounts in the work place because they stop our contributions and if we are not aware we will think we are contributing an we are not so our numbers will be off and this is because from the time they stop our contributions and the time we catch it and the period in which it will be reinstated just a helpful tip for those who are serious about their life business. Just a note for our working entrepreneurs and everyday people working hard for the money.

Imagine not investing in ourselves what would it look like when life decided to show up and show out? We following the right cat and doing what they are doing and not getting the same result there is a reason for that and the reason is we are not them. It is not until we find our true self and live in it that we begin to break the barriers that are holding you back. We know that many will come to watch you crash and burn, probably make fun of you but none of that even matters in the scheme of things when it comes to living our lives full out.

It doesn't matter weather we are entrepreneurs or the average Joe  both us should be thinking about the life we live and what it will look like in the future we don't have the time to waste any more because it is costing us weather we prepare or not.  Why leave our lives up to others when we are more than capable of driving our own life. Modern day slavery has more to do with the fear doubt and lack of courage so we can sit and continue to complain and do noting or stop complaining and get busy working on us. In life it is all a choice and we can fight the good fight or simply say, we do whatever they tell us to do. That's a choice too. Weather you knew what was next or not make sure that your the one designing the next phase stage of your life because if someone else does it you may not like what you get.

We all want something out of this life. The question is are we willing to do what we have to do to get it? Along this journey we never really know what is next but we know what we did towards it.


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