Do You Know Someone With Less Than Perfect Credit?

Three animals were having a drink in a cafe, when the owner asked for the money. I'm not paying," said the duck. "I've only got one bill and I'm not breaking it."  I've spent my last buck, "said the deer. " Then the duck I'I have to pay," said the skunk. "Getting here cost me my last scent. 

Have you ever had this happen to you? It can be a very frustrating time in ones life when just doing the simple things with your friends and family and your finances get in the way. How many of us know just how important it can be to have good to great credit?

For millions of young people just starting out in their financial lives, getting approved for a credit card, auto loan, mortgage or other line of credit can pose a challenge. If you don't have a record of making payments or managing credit, lenders don't know whether you're reliable.  They'll likely turn you down or charge you higher interest rates until you can prove your credit worthiness.

The income and poverty in the United States reported median household income was $63,179  in 2018 and it has increased 1.2% and 2.4% since this information was report well how many United States residents know their debt to ration income and are they in the positive and or negative when it comes to their financial report score?

Is the amount of debt you have in relation to your gross monthly income, which is your monthly income before taxes and other deductions.  Your debt is considered to be all of your monthly payments on loans, credit cards and other regular monthly debt.  This does not included everyday items, like food and gas.

Do you know the history of credit reporting agency and how they work?

Do you know what is included in your credit file?

Do you know why your credit scoring helps you?

Do you know want to learn how mistakes get in your credit file?




It's true, first we must look at the purse and no we will never be able to walk in someone else's shoes but we can become smarter by becoming more financial literate in our finances in today's  changing world.

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Stay home and be safe.

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