Do Your Best And Make Plenty Of Memories

Some are excited and some are not so excited but up to the challenge of the next years educational adventures. Some enjoyed the summer educational break and some took advantage of summer learning new skills or advancement classes to prepare for the up coming educational year. Looking forward to the end of the summer getaway with family and friends.  No matter how you may have spent your summer winter is approaching swiftly and we are preparing as much as possible because no matter how much we think we are preparing. There’s that chance of Murphy’s Law however, that’s beyond our control and we hope to do our best through whatever may come our way.

Being a student of life always expect the unexpected as even the best laid planes can get crossed mixed up or even canceled. Yet, life as we know it will still go on and s will you. It’s really true, what doesn’t kill you will definitely make you stronger as well as change your life from the way it was prior.  Which only proves that change is going to happen anyway it’s just that sometimes we get to choose how and when we decide to change and other times it’s chosen for us.

The fact of the matter is everything and everyone is not going to be kind to you and guess what your going to survive just fine either way it goes and you may just make a few friends for life but should you not just know that you are the only friend you will ever need in life. As you grow each stage phase and grade will bring all new challenges and your going to do just fine. 

If it’s your first time away from home or first time in a new learning environment the unknown can be a bit scary but each day will get better as you learn your way. Any thing worth having is worth going through the process of getting it. As a life student you will have to remember to be easy on yourself and pay attention to how and what your feeling and should you have trouble navigating don’t be ashamed or embraced to ask for the help you need. As there are no stupid questions just the ones we may fail to ask or let our own minds take charge and I strongly suggest not to go through challenges alone if you feel you could benefit from the help. Be mindful that in the pursuit of help there are key things that will help you help yourself through the journey. 

First thing is to be a willing participant and be real with where you are at the time.

Second thing is to be ready and willing to do the work as hear work can often times be very difficult in the beginning especially when you realize that some things may come from your childhood, environment and life experience to the point and time of the moment you realize your not quite feeling yourself.

Third thing is to remember you are the driving force to your wellness and over all outcome of the success in your life. Remember to allow yourself time in the process because sometimes it may take a few turns to connect with the right fit for you and your state of being at the time. Let go of the judgement of self others and the situation circumstances of the current moment that brings you to the reaching out for help as in life everything is temporary and will change in the process as change is happening within us and around us all the time. It’s how we respond to the changes that are part of your life growth process.

The last tip is to always fine the bright side of every dark side of life. Look for the joy in the storm because even storms hold their own beauty.  This doesn’t mean to create a fantasy life because fairy tales are just that fairy tales but in life having the ability to see the brighter lighter side of the not so kind things in life helps get you through whatever you maybe going through in the process because if your sad in the moment remember that you will be happy again especially when you do the work needed to accept the happiness you know is your life.

You see life doesn’t come with a crystal ball and our creator provides us with our own alarm system. Sometimes we listen sometimes we don’t and sometimes things get passed the alarm system radar. However, it may go just know that your the most important person in the stage play called life. So make sure your ready when it’s time for your starring role as you begin to map out the life you choose to create and live as it’s yours and no one can do it like you. 

As we embark on this next educationally year and the amazing things it will bring remember that now matter what you were born to do this learning thing. You have wonderful character to bring it all alive for not just you but for others you are going to meet along the way, simply by being yourself. Don’t worry to much about the people and places that your going to be introduced to it helps to think of them as family because just like family. Some are there to support and encourage you and some will have a little fun and tell jokes but still celebrate you when you win and some will not even take a minute to get to know you and it’s perfectly alright.

Reason is you embarked on this educational journey to become the best version of yourself that you can be and you decided long before this that nothing nor no one is going to get in the way of your journey not even you. 

This is why because along the journey you will receive gifts that will be limited until you invest in the full function. These gifts are going to get your process going and you will have to go the extra mile to get the outcome your looking for and because every individual brings their own skills and level of service the journey will be just as divers as the people going for their educational goals. 

Those who seek shall find and those who never give up will win in education and life. We wish you all a wonderful amazing educational year. Be safe, study, apply and be persistent and soon you will see the fruits of your labor. Remember the day you plant the seeds is not the day you will see the results of the planting. Continue to care and water the soil and in the process your harvest will rise and so will you.

Life is an amazing journey so make sure you enjoy every step of it as you only get one and today will soon become tomorrow  and neither will you ever get back so just keep going as there is so much more to explore.




Be the best you, you can be as your day will come. Will you be ready?


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