Faith Of A Mustard Seed

This parable is one that remains true to the present. The practice is a journey in it self. When I think of where I have come from, and see where I am now, all I can do is praise as many of the things I thought were going to kill me really didn't but it helped me to realize that you can get through just about anything maybe not without scares but you will overcome it.

I have come to realize that life is meant to be lived through the experiences. As each one helps you grasp a greater appreciation for you, your life and others. The Faith of a mustard seed is used in just about every aspect of your life from childhood to adulthood. Along the journey you have many experiences that help you grow and develop your character.

Character is developed through how we handle the experiences in our lifetime. Many of us love and lost love, we became parents, spouses, grandparents, ect.  The experiences in the journey helped us to figure out what we like and what we didn't like yet we keep on living and experiencing new things that will help us grow and thrive toward the life we dream to live never giving up never turning back just moving forward in hopes for a greater day.

The same applies when coming into new adventures. Many times we are seeking instant gratification and when it doesn't happen it causes feelings of disappointment and discouragement. But when you apply the parable of the Faith Of A Mustard Seed it appears that your disappointment turns in to encouragement and discouragement turns into motivation. These components will help you to see that the time you are putting into your new adventures will pay off down the line because you never gave up but kept nurturing it and caring for it and or revamping it to get the results that are meant to come from what you put in. 

It took me 50 years to realize that my experiences had to happen in order for me to get where I am today. If I had not had the experiences that I thought were going to kill me but didn't. I would have never had the courage to start making a difference in my own life. I realize that it's not the  material things nor the monetary  things in life that are the most important although they help. The real treasure in life are the people we meet along the way and the impact they or we may have on their life. So try to be uplifting and encouraging as you may never know what a person is going through or what they have been through. Sometimes your words and actions can make the world of difference.


Get up everyday, get dressed and work the Faith of the mustard seed and in time you will begin to see the world of difference right before your eyes. Remember where we start is not where we will end up.

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