Getting To Know Yourself All Over Again.......

Everyday is a day to be thankful.  Why you say?  Today and everyday we wake is truly the most precious gift one can be grateful for most and or even all beings.  Simply put, each day is a new day we have never seen. A new day to produce something good and nourishing out of every day.  Now everyday is not going to be good and or productive yet it can be an amazing day depending on how you perceive it from your perspective of half full or half empty mindset. 

There are so many things to be thankful for and as we go along throughout the journey. Just to have the ability to breath is truly a blessing so enter each new day with faith, hope and love for that day and create something you can be proud of to say, 'Yes, I made a difference in the world today even if the difference was within me,

a bonus is being able to help someone else too."  Along the journey you meet all sorts of people that you can learn with and from, share life experience, lessons, encourage,achievements, strengths and weakness, as well as be there in not only highs of time but share in the low's, with as we grow together and sometimes apart. Yet, there place in the journey is as amazing as life it self. As we lift one another up each one teach one. Is what they say as we grow toward the betterment of the whole.

When Tia, began this journey she was in a very confused, hurt, and discouraging place. However, through the desire for change in every area of her life lead her right here for which she is very grateful. There are so many individuals that have helped her along the way and for that she is grateful. Some may know her personally,or through interaction and some she has yet to meet but she follows every You Tube video they make and  have been for a long period of time now. Their words touched something deep within her that made her say to herself, " Go for it! What do you have to lose?"  She is grateful to have followed the voice from deep within that motivated her to do what she had to do to be where she desires to be.

Is she there yet? No, and she has a long ways to go however, the joy and pain of the journey is more than she could have imagined. Every step every move developed something new an has grown to more over time. In the midst of her gathering of information, and investing in things needed to begin the change in every area of her life she had to learn some things along the way.  As she put more and more of herself into what she was doing she realized that something was different.


 As we all know time waits for no one, so as we are growing and building so was everything and everyone around us.  Working our growth plan was now just something that we do in rhythm and rhyme of the life we live. You began to appreciate the time spent with those closest to you. Realizing that we are on a new life journey and it's perfectly ok to take the time to smell the flowers. As life is short and can feel long, and you want to get the most out of it to where you will slide in the transition of infinity to become part of the greatest team of guardian Angels for those who will be left behind just as the guardian Angels that have gone before you and keep you going, not to stray but, live in your purpose and hopefully share it with others and if your creative enough possibly the world.

Still on the growth path as learning is never over yet, now we find ourself in a place of peace and happiness however, we are not who we were, yet, who we are today has hints of her days before. She seeks to create a new life, a new way not just for herself but unknowingly for her family and those around her all have grown and are starting a new.  What a joyous feeling to see that over time your growth begins to bud and produce beautiful things. Completion, Graduation, Marriage, New Homes, New Authors,New Singers, New Births, New Career's,New Artist, New Poet's  and so much more is going on right in the mist of what some would call the worst times of our lives. Yet, the best time of our lives. Simply amazing.

As we continue to grow and start clearing somethings that need to go, hold on to what is dear and replace with the new that fit her new life and new hopes of a even greater tomorrow, if blessed to wake and see it.  We are thankful for the lessons learned along the way and the most valuable lesson of them all is that you can heal where you were broken by starting with you and the other changes will follow.  Create the environment you wish to live and grow in and never ever allow anyone or anything disturb it never ever again.. As you only get one life and only you can live it. Only you can correct what's wrong and only you have the power to do what's right to ensure that you will have the best life you can possibly have. 


 Realize that everything isn't always black and white, sometimes it's yellow, grey and white, gemoteric and more. There are so many views and perspectives in this world. Find the one that defines you and go with it and see just how far it can take you. You may not be ready today, right now, this moment but, one day you too will make the choice to choose you over everything and make the best you that you can be.

No worries of those who don't get you, care on the ones who do.  One day at a time one task and or assignment at a time as that is all we can do with each 24 hours of every passing day.

 We are on a mission as we are helping our sleeves we like to help one individual and one family at a time. As we deal with real life family dynamics we wish to help others through financial education, health, wellness, travel,  clothing home goods and more.

This journey has served us well and continues to do so as we grow we are able to help other's in their mission as well. Since the COVID-19 our business has helped organization's within the City of Camden  the home town of the Founder Tia Rodgers, to help them help other's and we like to thank those organizations for doing what they do for the residence of the City of Camden. To date we have donated funds on behalf of our Mother Christine Edwards Rodgers, Tammise Market, Who You Wit LLC to:

Parkside Business and Community In Partnership

Camden Lutheran Housing

The Neighborhood Center

Volunteers of America

St. Josephs Carpenter Society

Dare To Care Mentor Program and we hope to be able to help more as we get through this current world crisis together starting at home first it wasn't much put every little bit helps. The way we see it is that if home is not right neither is anything else going to be right in life so we choose to start at home and helping where God has provided blessing to share with others during this time. 

We thank everyone that has supported us and has purchased our products and or services as we could not do this without you and for that we say Thank you from our hearts.

Should you desire to contribute to these organizations personally feel free as I  am sure every little bit will go a long way and make a difference in the lives of the residence of Camden City and we thank you in advance for your acts of kindness.

Along the journey you can feel lost, confused, and unguided but if you just have faith of that mustard seed and keep going. You too will find that taking that extra lap, push up, cruch, sit up will make all the difference in the long run of things to come. No we haven't changed much but we have changed a lot and hope to share the change with those who are interested.

Yes, we are doing it scared and afraid as change isn't always easy, welcome and or wanted by most but then there's that one ordinary individual that is ready for change and is willing to do some extraordinary things to make change manifest in them and around them that will affect others as they grow.

We may not know where we are headed but we have the faith to know that God is going to go before us and clear the path, put things in place for us to do what is the divine purpose for us to do. An we are going forward in peace and blessings that all will be done by his divine will, our work and efforts.

We thank you for taking the time to visit our platform, shopping with us, and reading our blogs. Thank you for being a part of our journey.


Tia Rodgers, Founder of Tammise Market


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