God Is Truly Amazing Would You Agree?

Life is an amazing gift that God has given each and everyone of us all.  Each as unique and divers as the day is long. We all come from one common family seed for those who believe that their is something that is greater then themselves. It makes you wonder if at birth we have all that we need and as we grow we have to be reminded that we have all that we need, hum, interesting I would say. 

From birth to death life is really a journey and we are just traveling through from those who love and cared for us and those who harm, hurt and or even betray us as it works out in the plan that was made before we even arrived here.  Some how some way we make it and overcome all that was meant to deter us from our life fulfillment and that is as unique as every last individual born.

Some have he joys and pains of having two parents, some have the pains and joy of having one, and some are even more special because they have people that are not blood of their blood yet love, care and go through the rough patches with them. Now  if that's not God at work I don't know what is. Not everyone can have the perfect fairy tale life and believe or not all fairy tale's are all they are cracked up to be either so we ought to be happy with what we have wouldn't you say?

Many women have and continue to wear the single mom banner and rightfully so if that's the role they have. However, over time the father's have joined single mother's with the banner as they now have something in common, rearing children on their own.  I think it's even more amazing when the father never had a solid father figure to show them what a father should be, it's as if it was just in them still and all it is amazing.

I can imagine being reared by a father that had no solid father figure to go by can be pretty interesting yet loving, caring in their own right.  One could wonder if father's rearing children face the same challenges that mother's rearing children face and how does it differ on how they deal and prepare their children for life. I could only imagine that from his morals and values comes the rearing of the children as well as his experience and journey on this earth. The provider now the provider and the nurture hum, it can be done and it's being done by more then we can really count and or give credit for would you think?

 According to the Department of Agriculture, raising one child from birth to college age cost an average of $241,080 in 2012.

Families maintained by women remained less likely to have an employed member 78.5 percent in 2019.

Families maintained by men 85.5 percent

 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2019 4.9 percent of families included an unemployed person, down from 5.2 percent in 2018.  The nation’s 82.6 million families, 81.1 percent had at least one employed member in 2019

Many families are no longer the traditional family however, children are being reared and growing through life. Parents are working and providing for their children and continue to make it through the what I like to call the rough spots in life and still maintain their home and lifestyles. So what happens to the families that are without any income how do they survive how are they able to rear their children? Which leads me to believe that there truly is a God because although their are families that make of of barely nothing still manage to rear their children and most times the child's experience drives them to strive for better. 

With all of life's challenges, can a child be programmed for success or are they programmed to be the best that they can be? I don't believe that children are programmed by God as they have the their own capabilities. I would say that children have the will, determination and drive for success when they put their mind to it especially if it's something that they want to have in their lives.  As many children show no signs of fear until they have to which gives them a resilient characteristic that drives their desire for the very things they wish to go after. 

I believe that it's not so much that they are programmed for success, I believe it's more, how many times they get back up after getting knocked down. Some make it and some don't but what is the difference? Could it be the desire weaken's or felt as if it was too far away and they gave up way to soon because doing the same thing different ways becomes to much to go through and it's easier to conform and just be happy being.

As parent we tend to push our children a little more, due to our desire to have them to perform at life better than we are.  Yet, the child will most likely will stray away from our hopes, dreams and desires that we as parent may have for their life only because they desire to find themselves and what makes and brings them a joy unspeakable joy. Wanting to leave their own mark on the world separate from ours as their parents.

How do we get them to see that being obedient and disciplined is the best path toward success? Is it our fault's as parents that children today don't show and or honor respect, obedience and discipline as children have years back? Or is it that the children today see life different from years ago and have a sense of entitlement and have no desire to back or bow down to anyone sometimes even their parents.


Have we as parents gotten so distracted with getting the bag that we failed to give the children what they need most?  Have we allowed wanting the finer things get in the way of the simple life things that are children need and want but will never say because, they see we have so much going on already, and maybe this creates that desire and drive for them to want to go and make their mark in the world so that one day they can retire us and take care of us? Lovely idea, but the reality is when the focus in on the bag solely we as parents miss out on so much that we can never get back and or replace? It's understood that we need money to have the simple basic's in life but who wants just the basics all the time? 

 Our children are only children for a short time so giving them all of you during those years can have challenges but in the end it all begins to balance out. There is no wrong or right way to parent as we all are just doing our best. However, they say you get out what you put in so when an adult or parent calls a child half ass does that mean that the parent or adult put in half ass work with the child? I don't really know but what I do know is that the formative years are the years that will determine the child and their out come. As a parent I want my children to be happy doing whatever they desire to be in life as well as I want them to get all out of life before life is all over as we see today life is not valued and it's very short or at least it appears that way.

As parents we owe our children to be honest and open with them about life to give them the tools needed to navigate through. I also know that when we give the gift of the Lord to our children it's the most everlasting gift any parent can give to a child as that will sustain them over, and over again through their lifetime. Weather your family is a traditional family or not giving your children all that is within your power never fails. It's the one thing they will forever have long after you have gone on.

Being the only parent has it's highs and lows but the rewards are so worth every life experience one can have.  All children love and care about their parents or at least I would hope however, children reared by just one parent have this something a little extra in them because they observed one parent do their best at a job meant for two and that in turns makes the children a better parent and mate when they become parent and that my friend is a blessing from God himself.

I like to thank you for taking the time to read my blog and if it resonates with you in anyway please feel free to leave a comment  as I 'd love to share and see different views with an open mind on the topic at hand. Share ideas and parenting tips of how to make it through the rough patches of life when actively parenting. Sound like a swell get together.  Be safe and have a blessed amazing rest of the week as your as amazing as God created you to be. Never give up and don't ever stop striving for more because no one has what you have that makes you unique.

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