Gratitude Will Change Your Altitude, Try it you might like it!

It’s that time of year again, the Holiday’s are coming and this time of year can be a trigger for many that suffer from grief, depression, and those who feel the effects of the change in sunrise and sunset as it appears to stay darker longer.  We tend to stay home more and this is the beginning of the Cabin Fever season and we don’t want you to freight. This article will attempt to help us through the holiday times. The Holidays are times when families gather to celebrate the love we have for one another. It’s a time to remember those who are no longer with us and all they contributed to the family.

Life is truly a gift and the journey of life is amazing even when it’s hard you can still find some joy and peace in the mist of the storms of life. The storms of life can impact our lives in different ways. Like shack up our world, trouble our minds and affect our lives forever. Things that are good to change the Holiday blues are to create new memories for yourself and or family members. It’s not always easy to stay positive all the time but with good intentions it get’s easier to keep steady in the positive lanes during the holidays.

If your not able to create new memories, think of things that will help make the holiday’s better like family game night’s prior to the holiday events and this will allow you and the family time to digest and prepare for the holiday meal and gift’s exchanges that will take place. If the family is in some sort of disarray or there’s chao’s within the family sometimes it’s best to identify something that would be different for you to do during those times. Like plan a holiday get away, spend time with close friends and or associates to provide the family feel and good time.

If you’re a loner like myself you may view this time as a time to set some goals or start a new project while making time to relax and enjoy your time with a meal and good holiday motive as it appears to much of them during the holiday season’s to pick from or you can plan a trip and travel during the holiday season this way your celebrating and seeing things you have never seen or may have never done before. I found that planning new adventures, going to a show or play helped to cure the holiday blues. This year will be a little different for us as it will be the first year that our beloved son and brother will not be with us to celebrate this year but I am confident he will be with us in spirit.

Although this year has stretched us all to our full capacity and we are holding on to find our way back to life with the awareness that life will never be the same without him. It’s been hard working on thinking different about life and death and the impact it has on our lives. One day at a time some how we make it through to the next day, after day. When someone is a big part of your everyday life it’s hard to going on yet we do it. Not without the sadness of the loss but with gladness of what his life meant to us. It’s funny how just last year I was thanking God for bringing my family back together again as many families have misunderstanding’s, and different views of one another’s lives yet we show love through it all. I remember my heart filling full as I watched my children interact with one another and crack jokes about how I need to purchase gifts for the grandchildren during holidays and birthdays. This year will make the knowledge that our presence is the present and I’m sure it will be heart felt in even more of an impactful way that we will begin new family memories and activities to do to keep his joyful spirit alive amongst us all.

We have faced many deaths however, this one is just different and it hit’s different. We struggle daily to hold it all together and not speaking of him just doesn’t seem to be an option. One thing I am so grateful for in this holiday season is that I took the time to spend with them from birth way into their adulthood. Always making sure they know that they are loved and are the world to me still to this very day until and beyond my last breathe. As I remember when I first starting on the journey of becoming an entrepreneur I discovered that I have always been in love with my children, since they were born and although we faced life challenges we faced them together always encouraging one another to become the best version of ourselves and become our best of the best of who we are and I believe they have achieved that even thought his life was taken so suddenly.

He live his life the way he choose to live it, never letting anything get in his way. He always provided uplifting words to his loved ones and close friends while also having the ability to let them know when they were wrong or needed to step their game up to live this thing called life. We may never understand why God allows things to happen to good people or why our families is going through such an experience at this time. Yet, I know it’s for all our good as there’s a lesson learned in every life experience. We can either allow it to drown us and take us under or rise to the occasion and go beyond what we even thought would be possible and continue to live out our dreams that we would discuss about our lives.

We only get one life and no matter what happens along the journey. We still only have one life to live and it doesn’t stop when we lose a loved one. Time and time again has shown us that death is a part of life. Thus the importance of living the life you want to live. Getting through the barriers that stand in our way. Never giving up always moving forward with a sad heart, tears in your eyes, pains that you can’t even describe yet God gives you the strength to endure it all. 

Yes, it’s holiday season and we want you to know that you too can make this the best holiday season that you can make it even in the mist of the heavy sadness of the lost. This time of year helps us to remember the meaning of our own lives and helps us to see where we are and were we want to be or at least that’s how I choose to view it. It helps in the low times to think of what is coming up next for our life and the journey it will take us to get there. It’s not forgetting your loved one it’s brining them along for the duration of your journey of life. 

For as you live so does those we love, it’s what they would want us to do. Ride this thing call life and bring out the best of what we have inside of us to show the world just how great life is and can be even in our darkest days. We still can find joy peace love and abundance out of life. This holiday season I wish you peace love and joy for always and infinity. Become the light you want to see and spread love this holiday season because you deserve it.

So grateful for life and all the blessings that flow…..

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