This journey as a wantrepreneur has in many ways saved my life. Through taking the steps toward making a change that I have the faith of a mustard seed that will change my life forever. The children are grown and on their own, my parents are in their journey of the afterworld.
It was through the creation of my business that gave me a sense of giving back and creating something the world could enjoy and experience for themselves.  It wasn't until shortly in this journey I learned the importance of guarding my peace. The world and it's things change at a rapid pace so much so that what I have learned when I started other's have figured out a new an improved way to reach their goals.
Weather you are just starting out or have been here for a while. I am sure you will agree that things can change in a blink of an eye. However, not without the steps and actions, test, and forums that move us toward change. Change is scary for most and those that face the scary thing only to find it's not that scary. It just requires action positive thoughts, action steps that will create new thoughts one at a time.
The game changer for me was weather I excel or fail I will make some sort of impact. As there is no "I" in "Team", however, there is an "I" in "Friendship" and "Relationship". And in developing new friendships and relationships job/career/business/personal. I will have to guard my peace even more so as my vision comes to light. 
I desire to become an agent of change in someone's life. This requires me to take time and really see how I can be of use in this world and offering an opportunity that will not only change their lives, yet change the lives of others around them and in turn help myself. By helping myself I mean the priceless feeling of knowing that something you did, said, information  or didn't even do at all just your presence made a difference to someone. I find that whenever someone shares themselves with others often time the interaction can the changing agent within it self.
Peace is protected by the little steps taken daily to remain humble, open, and listen. Negative thoughts, blame, shame, guilt, envy, and or self sabotaging actions can not be permitted ever in this process.  One must stay focus driven and at peace with in oneself to take on such a challenge as this wanterpeurnering. There is a desire often time that lead  to road maps with how too's to help you discover your mission and or purpose.
Part of that peace is exploring new adventures, learning new cultures, meeting diverse people and helping one another along the way. Finding peace in change can be challenging but it is doable. Know that you are doing your best, don't compare as each one is unique in the experience and how they may have arrived there.
Peace is also learning to be uncomfortable and still reaching your goal. Coaching may or may not be required. For an individual like myself coaching has helped me tremendously. As far as staying focus and performance and accountability to achieve the outcome greater than one could only imagine.
I find peace in knowing that I have products/services that can help change ones outlook on self, family, life and the environment. Through a general store, listening to those who are facing life challenges (peer to peer) and travel services that will create memories that will last a life time. All of which I am proud to present and be a part of as it's all a part of the greater scheme of things when your working toward life changing goals,  opportunity, and experiences.
Be courageous with your dreams and never give up; peace is in the mist of every storm, financial hardship, trial and tribulation that life holds for us.  I hold my peace and protect it from the bumps in life that have gotten me to this point.
Are you ready to protect your peace?
Are you seeking something different to generate income?
Are you looking to create wealth and a life that can possibly change your life and the generational out come over time?
Are you willing to learn and apply?
Are you ready to sacrifice and commit yourself to putting in the work to reach your desired income dream?
Are you ready to take the leap in creating the life you always wanted to live?
Well, I have an I would love to share it with you so that you too can begin to bring about change in your and your families life today.
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