Have You Heard The News?

  The world as we knew it has changed in one day in the name of COVID-19. Now we are moving and operating differently.  It's one that is fill with a lot of uncertainty that shook the world and everyone individual one by one. However, no matter how uncertain things maybe some how some way we know it's going to work out for our good.  Life has always had it's up and downs but somehow, some way we make it through, almost as if it were a miracle.   

Tuff times come and they go  but,  it's what we do in through tuff times that determines how we come out on the other side. Now I know, I have shared my story a few times but this right here now that I have had just a little time to try an gather myself and understand the shift that occurred. As well as how it may impact my life and how I stain and provide. See to truly understand what it means to really go deep within yourself and deal with the good, the bad, and the ugly from within yourself. Still function in a day to day life when some mornings the world feels so heavy you don't want to even get up and out of bed.  Knowing that the reality is, that you have to get out of bed because if you don't who will provide for you? So, you know what is next right? I just went right on living my life as the best of my ability. I do my best to wake up every morning with a grateful heart and thanksgiving to God my spiritual higher power as I would not have made it without it.

As I sit her struggling to write this and deal with all the emotions that I am feeling is definitely a challenge as it takes a lot to hold in the tears of sheer joy.  If you asked me how did I get here after every thing my answer would be being obedient after several life corrections. I am still work in progress but I continue to do my best. Do I hit the mark every time no I don't but do I give up not by a long shot baby.


You see, every thing that happen to me, happen for me.  Every good bad and indifferent life experience and personal losses and gains got me right her before you right now in the mist of COVID-19 policies and procedures.  In this ever changing time my journey placed me right here, right now words can not describe the excitement of being right on the cusp of change right as change is being put into place. Wow, who would have thought that pre-COVID-19, caring for my parents would have lead me to the Life Guide Community at LifeGuides.com a peer to peer for individuals that care for their loved one's and other life changing events.  I am very pleased to be a part of such a great team that is serving many that are holding on and  being their own rescue during this time of this COVID-19 as it's uncertainty is causing lots of anxiety, depression and despair in finances; with us all and for those that were already struggling with life on life terms and were brave enough to reach out to the guide community so we can help each other thrive during this time and not just survive. We in the Life Guide Community appreciate you and are here to help you navigate through.

The nine week suspension from my job leading to opening up and virtual store tammise-market.com in honor of my mother via the shopify platform. This was very good therapy for me during my grief and moderate depressed period of my parents passing.  I must say as financial stress and life changes are a boogie to deal with but it must be dealt with.

As I was learning my opportunities of new streams of residual  income. I realized that although my financial report wasn't , too bad, it wasn't to good, either. So I made what sacrifices that needed to be made in order to get my finances in good standing not only personal also for the foundation business aspect of my new life that I am creating every moment of every day.

I became a customer with a non-profit  financial company that not only helped me to get my negative & derogatory items off my credit report through a systems portal that provides Budgeting tools,Credit started, Living Will and Trust and more www.ucespp.net/TRodgers4  the exclusive opportunity to earn income and repair my finances was just to good to pass up, as I train to learn how to become agent I am getting my financial report on track through repairing, took care of my business with the Living Will and trust and working toward getting my credit started, how cool is that taking care of business and the opportunity to earn some cash.  What a time of possible possibilities along the journey. So when the COVID-19 hit and the changes were coming down I never missed a beat. It was an adjustment to flow with the changes in my job, and still having to run my business and maintain my life and family obligations.

I did have to take a moment and grasp understanding and comply with the rules that are coming down and I continued on and stabilized myself as well as adapt to now having the time to continue learning and  work my business as well as report to work when scheduled from home. COVID-19 is very serious and many are being affected it's as if it's a curse and a blessing at the same time.

As a new business owner I could have gotten caught up in the fear of the uncertainty of what will come from the COVID-19 with my job and my business. But I stood firm stayed plugged in and trained more and realized that I am in a position to help someone just like myself, who may be asking themselves what do I do now?

I became very conflicted as I want to expose my business opportunities for others to at least take a look.  But I don't want to be cheesy nor uncaring by not exposing my business opportunities with all the hardship that COVID-19 may be causing.

Then I thought, why would you not at least offer the opportunity for individuals to see and look at for them to  make their on choice based on where they stand presently in the in their life experience giving that the opportunity had definitely changed my life. It could help others as well.  I offer you the opportunity to explore the avenue of virtual streams of residual income. Just as I was offered through www.whoyouwit.netplannetmarketing the opportunity I choose that provided me an oppourtunity to become a professional luxury travel business owner www.inteletravel.whoyouwit.net.  With all the stories of people losing loved ones, losing jobs and just going thru hardships period behind the COVID-19 epidemic. It would be selfish of me not to offer everyone an opportunity to be their own rescue during this time.  Yes, I have a lot going on in terms of residual income and it was not until today that I stopped and just took a moment to realize just how blessed I am to be where I am and help others as we thrive not just survive COVID-19. 

If you are feeling anxious, depressed or just frustrated with everything that is going on I want you to know that I understand because I have been there more times then I care to count and I would not  be here if I had not taken the investment, action steps, a chance on myself to be the rescue for myself in my life. I know it was nothing but God that guided me on my way. I am committed to helping 100 people in the opportunity that can earn you income for your family.  Would you be interested in taking a look? Would you be interested in taking a 1/2 hour of out of your day to attend a live Webinar for more information?  I like to invite you to join me live for a information business opportunities overview and Q& A.

As we continue to navigate through COVID-19 my prayers goes out to all those who have lost loved ones. I pray that our government and state leaders make the best decisions in the mist of the struggle to keep everyone safe and protected to prevent more lost of  lives and income.  I pray that we continue to be covered and obedient in complying with the rules to prevent any contingent rules that may cause even more harm for those that are facing challenges in dealing with the affects of COVID-19 and the emotion felt during this time. Please believe me when I say we will make it through this together, stay encouraged as I am here for you.

Be Safe

Stay Home

Stay encouraged

And Have the best amazing 2020 year that you can have.

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