How to Win in Life and Business

This morning I was listening to motivational speaker: Jim Rohn you tube recording, and he provided some good information on 10 Things you must improve everyday. Here are just a few that and they are:

*Power of Purpose

*Self Confidence







Jim Rohn says that these are the key things one must do daily in life as you work toward growing your business.  In growing your business you must remember your part of a great team and everyone must do their part for the best of the team. Many Multi Level Network Marketing teams have followed these very step to get their business where they are today and are doing well and recruiting new members daily.

For many coming into the Multi Level Network Marketing field it can feel like it is taking forever to get your first customer, client and or business partner. As it can be very challenging for most and appear easy for some. Many give up before they can even see any results.  When I joined the MLM's I must admit that there are days that I push myself to go on as my  purpose for starting keeps me in the game. The blue print's are there to follow but one must read watch and understand what the blue print means. 

There is a lot of study and test along the way however the beautiful thing is that you can work at your own pace. As I continue on in my journey I soon realized that working day and night was mandatory but can be harmful to one's well being. I found that I had to come at my business in a different way. I have to schedule each task and monitor the time I spend completing each task as some may take longer than others.

I had to get some type of normal to enjoy life and business. This is not always easy as I enjoy working my business and can be longer then I planned but my work is paying off as I am learning every aspect of my business and how it operates as the system is designed to do what it says it will do. As long as you put in the work to get the system started and keep it going.

If you are considering joining the MLM teams just keep in mind that your time, energy and effort is required and you will put in alot of work before you see results stay in the positive but as long as your reason for starting keeps you motivated some days you will have to find the motivation but that's just life happening on life terms you will be a success. Never give up!

"Life was design not to give us what we want. Not to give us what we need. Life was designed to give us what we deserve. Every value in life must be paid for. Those that pay are the ones who get. Those that give receive so be a good giver."

by Jim Rohn


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