If Not You? Then Who?

We all are created to be a part of this planet we call earth.  Each one of us have a responsibility and obligation to help and ensure the health and safety of  the earth an another person or persons.  Most would agree when it comes to family members and close friends, then some would agree it applies to the above yet extends to everyone that needs and or can benefit from some encouragement, a new direction and or new way of thinking, a how to guide and a self will to achieve what you go after can enlighten anyone's life.  Would you agree or disagree and why?

Having a positive attitude and patience's about life can carry you much further then a negative one rushing through and not taking all the steps needed to bring forth the change you wish to see in you. Many may feel that having a positive attitude all the time can be toxic. Some feel that yes, life has it's ill's however, dwelling on them and the negative energy they bring will never bring fourth a change.  Have you ever noticed that when you turn a negative into a positive it's work yet, you begin to see things differently and are able to work through them a little better?

Well, when you set out to become your own rescue a positive attitude is going to get you through the ruff times during the change. Having a positive attitude doesn't mean that you don't see and or realize the reality, it just means that you have found ways to cope and still thrive when the world and or your life get's messy. Your attitude plays a part in your bounce back time as well because as long as you can look up you can get up from anything that life can throw at you or at least that has been my experience. It's something when your going through somethings yet, you can still find time to be kind and or lend a helping hand, advice, support to someone else that may not even know or have any clue what you may be going through. That exchange can be so powerful at times and helps both individual's knowingly or unknowingly, life is just amazing that way.



 Life is so amazing when you think about it. See the universe is made up of molecules just like mankind. No color just atoms, elements, cells, muscle tissue, circulatory system, you get the idea, all working together and changing over time transforming life and all that is a part of it, including mankind.  Each component working together growing in it's own divine way, positive and negative both it's all in one's perspective. 

What is more positive than, "You", now when I say, "You".  You in the ideal of a being that is one with the universe, "You".  The Seed You, how you do your part in ensuring the betterment of the planet earth and everything and everyone that is in it?  You are the most important part of the entire universe just as those that have come before you.

Now that does not mean you have to do it just as they did, however you must stay to the same principles of the universe that have been in place from the beginning of time.

We all have a opportunity to become the best individual we can be. We all have the opportunity and free will to be productive, destructive, involved, uninvolved, and or to simply just be or not to be, I believe was the question. (Laughing)  Stay with me now as we continue. Many views and perspectives in this area so it's just a friendly perspective piece of writing. As we all know there's so much to do under the productive living verses the destructive living, productivity can become destructive when not done in the proper manner. You are a gift born into the universe and the world is a stage and you're part of the next scene. How will you perform? 


 The shift in your life has come will you go with the flow, will you resist it or will you write design and perform for all to see or at least those interested in what you have to offer mother earth?  Life can get pretty messy and has a way of leaving it's mark on you, so to speak (laughing).  Is your protection from life's messiness durable or disposable?  In life we win, lose, fall, bounce back , face trauma, abuse and many other life altering marks life can involve and change your life into something that not even you could have ever imagined. But you, you have something inside of you that no one else can bring to this world, and you know why?  It has been in you since day one of your whole existence. Have you tapped into it yet, do you have and ideal, or have you always know it from the start?   

Resilience- the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, resiliency is power to return to your original position after life stretches' you beyond what you can believe yet, your still here doing your best.  Being a resilient character person does not mean you will not have delicate periods because you will. It just means that your capable of pulling through whatever life can throw your way.  Take a moment and look at where you come from and feel where you are presently, can you see where you're headed?  Most importantly have you full taken in the space you're in presently? You have made progress and although you are aware your journey isn't over, yes everyone can benefit from some improvements and your working toward what needs to improve. Yet, you have not taken the time to celebrate your little wins as they count also, you deserve it for all that you committed to do and have done them for the betterment of the whole.

You didn't think you would get through the things you have over come, so your present you is no different, as you already know you are the main factor in how all this, meaning your life will end up.  When looking  really good at where you are presently, is there any thing that is limiting your ability to continue on your purposeful life. Are you able to see the real you and are you open and willing to deal with what you may already know but haven't changed or not willing to change.  Or are you aware of what your limits are have you taken the time to work through them to realize that there are no limits only the ones you set for yourself. When faced with these limits how do you work your way through?  Are there steps you take or method that gets you to accept or let go and what is the process in the manner that gets you through the limit that is holding you back?

Evolving in life is something we all will do on the level we are at yet, you fail to take the calculated risk to go after what you really desire. How or what do we have to do to evolve should we be seeking more than the view of life we have presently? When things get tough how do you gain the motivation to continue to move forward and over come challenges and obstacles as they change as we evolve and transform into who you are becoming. That's just how amazing life can be always providing what you need when you need it, however, one must be open to receive it  and the blessing of the universe is that when you do your best something unfolds in our lives that show us that our lives are so much more greater than what we become and what we do as just being that person that shines light on someone and the next person until you have touch so many people that change is not only seen but felt can be a powerful blessing.

So, I ask you, if not you, than who?

If you are not the answer to the changes in your life. Can you share who is the answer for the changes that you are needing in your life?  Is it your parents?  Your spouse/partner?  Your employer?  Friends and or Family?  No!!! 

You are the only person that can make the decision to become your own rescue.  Yes, the universe has given us all that we need to live, yet the universe will also give you what you give to it.....

When we think about how great life is and has the potential to be so much more than what we have right now.  At some point we have to make decisions about our lives or life will make the decisions for us and how will we feel living a life that is designed by others and not us?   Where are we presently?  Are you living the life you created or the life that was designed for you?  Are you happy where you are presently?  What will you have to do to begin the process of being the change you desire to see in you life today?

Don't be fooled being your own rescue is a lot of work. The work you put into changing your mindset is work, work through daily practices. The work you put into working on you personally and maintaining the changing my life mindset is also work on a daily practice. The work you put into working on the changes needed in your behavior, people places and things, yes, you guessed it it's work daily practice.  Let's face it becoming the best you you can be is a whole lot of work, you rest and go right back to it. 

There are no short cuts, no room for complaints or blaming. In order to become the change you wish to see you must first see the change and move toward it. It's worth all that you put into it believe me when I say, I have yet to hear someone that decided to become their own rescue say they wish they would have never did it, nope not one.  Everyone that have made the decision to take control of becoming their own rescue will tell you. It wasn't easy but it sure was worth it.

What are you waiting for? Things to get better? More money? The children to grow up? For things to get easier in your life?


You are waiting on you and only you because only you have the power to rescue you.  And from where I sit you look like your doing a pretty good job of being your own rescue so far. So, why stop now?  Start where you are, with what you have and just go for it!!!

The universe and mother earth is waiting to see you perform on the stage of life. Your scene is coming up will you perform or suffer from stage freight?

The saying goes, Mama may have and Poppa may have but God bless the child that got it's own.  Powerful

You are a gift from the universe, only you can show mother earth your gifts, are you ready to be in position to be your own rescue and become the best version of you that you can be and share it with the world?

It's a new dawn, a new day and your next in the scene.

Will you show up for you and the lives your meant to touch here in the universe on mother earth?

If Not You, Than Who?


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