In My Beautiful No Where Filled With Nothing

This wonderful journey leads to beautiful places and experiences however you have to stay on the path to see them. There maybe times when you may feel pressure, overwhelmed, confusion, and yes loneliness is a large part of this journey especially in the beginning. Your fears will appear real but if you take the time to keep going in spite of your fear and doubt you will find peace and joy in your journey.

Many times along this life journey I have had highs and lows, I  have experiences that applied pressure that has brought out the most amazing things I had no clue even existed within. I have overcome most of the things that has forced me to exam myself, the people around me, and the places I place myself. I have made some major life changes that I am keeping the faith that I will be just as successful as I have been thus far.

If anyone is considering and or is just beginning this journey believe me I understand your fears and your doubts. I strongly encourage you to see what area's are really holding you back from going after your dream. As I have shared in my blog post, "We All Have a Brain Story." In that post I shared real people's inquiries and their concern's and believe me they are very common starting out. Even I had the same concerns and or worries. So that is why I share my story and my experience along this journey.

I have also shared some of the analytics of my progress from the beginning to provide a visual for those whom maybe considering and or just getting into this eCommerce platform . In life there are no guarantees any where the only facts in life is that you are born and you will die. So, if your not afraid to die you better live this life your given to the fullest extent you can with kindness, peace and joy.

In this business you will have to build a team as you may not have all the skills and know how to get to where your desire is to go. I would like to provide just a few things you will need to do as you develop and grow your business.

Here is the list of things you will have to consider:

1) Personal Credit verse Business Credit  *Note: Business 2 years to build*

2) Will your Business be a  Limited, Liability, Corporation (LLC)

     or a Doing Business As (DBA) company

3) Will you file Taxes each 1/4 or Annually

4) Will you need to obtain Certifications

5) Will you need to build a team of Lawyers, Certified Public Accountants, ect.

These are just a few and most importantly do you have the cash flow needed to run your business efficiently.

These are some of the things I have learned along the way in this journey and I just wanted to share them with you as sharing is caring. So for those who are inquiring about my journey in this business I hope I have provided you with some information that you needed and knowing me I probably provided some that you may or may not see as useful to you. However, I have shared with you that mindset is the most vital piece and don't worry if your not in the right mindset as of yet because you will begin to see that over time as you go along you will get it on track and reach your desire dream life.

Life is going to happen along the journey and when it does don't let it keep you stuck and unable to move on. As I have shared on my pages and in my blogs my life has not been no crystal stairs but I have found that going to my favorite place. The beautiful nowhere's where I drive, walk, sit in total nothingness is where I usually find my something to continue. No I'm not perfect but I am determined to reach my goals and I am not afraid to change them as needed nor should you.

I have enjoyed this journey and I am no where near finish nor am I in the middle I am embracing my imperfections and my greatness all together and continuing on as it is the only way to get to the point I am dreaming of betterment for my life and others. 

As I take the steps needed to get there most times I don't have a clue as to what I am doing but when I stumble on to something that lets me know that I am on the right track I try to celebrate it and  so should you. You only live once and if you truly want to see change in your life in order to bring it to others your going to have to jump and risk falling in order to get there.

Thank you for being a part of my journey and supporting me by liking, sharing and commenting on my post, blogs and other things. The part of this journey I love the most is that I find that I am more resilient then I give myself credit for. As I peel off the layers and unlearn what  I have learned the journey is becoming more clear and easier to navigate through.

I wish you all much success in your new adventures and don't be afraid to be different as it is your uniqueness that God wants the world to see.

Peace and Blessings


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