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This journey toward investing in myself started out as a means of survival therapy to push myself to the highest height. When I started out it was a means of survival and turned into another phase of my life called a hobby. The process of the creation was building my store and grasping the understanding of building a funnel that I  now like to call a flow.

Since I lack knowledge of what was really involved in transitioning my life to time freedom and financial freedom, I took the steps to ensure that once it's all said and done that I would be set for long longevity. As I worked on my store, I also took the steps to ensure my companies foundation. By making sure the proper paperwork was in place to make it a legit business one that if it started to produce a profit that I could be legal within my state in doing so as a new business owner.

My mindset  was that once I started it would be no turning back and I found some other business opportunities as I traveled along. This is most times cautioned against as investing into to many things at one time can lead to not so good work and lack of focus for the adventures you set out for. They call it getting the glitter in your eyes and  I believe I have gotten the glitter in my eyes. Now be mindful that everything that glitter is not gold so you must invest wisely, which I believe I have done so to this point.

These investments also bring fourth knowledge and training steps that will be your road map to success. However, it can cause information overload, lack of clarity and a bit of confusion  if your not careful in how to  implement them. Advisory's will tell you to focus on one thing and do well at that one thing in order to reach your goal. They will call you on your stuff when they see that you are getting in your own way of progress also. Depending on your mindset you will either take with a gran of salt or start to implement the step they suggest.

Being a multitask type personality, this is were I struggle the most. As I take the steps to get clarity. I find that often times my mindset is what I need to keep in tact to move forward in handling my new responsibilities in growing my business. The ups and downs of can I do it verses I don't know how syndrome. I found that I can do it and the way to do it is to take little steps daily as I learn my business and develop better strategies to improve along the way.

Step by step it gets done even when life happens, however, this can be the challenge to keep focus and moving forward. The fear of failure is real, anxiety is real as well as depression. So what do I do, I face the failure, anxiety and the depression because the fight is for my life and the changes I wish to see happen in my life.

I am coming to the realization that it all will get done but not if I don't pace myself and take breaks  when needed because burn out is real especially when you have other obligations to fulfill along with perusing your life dream.

A few of you have reached out to me and inquired about what steps to take, what platform to use and what is the outcome of the efforts put in. And as I have responded to you and given you my unpolished knowledge that I have obtained so far. Provided me with more fuel to continue as it is a beautiful experience helping others as I find that in helping other's I really be helping myself also as well as I can take a look and see just how far I have come.

As I reach out to other business owner's and express how I am feeling in the process everyone told me that everything I am feeling is normal in this process and they advise on how to take care of yourself while building yourself and your business. I would love to share this with new business owner's and other's seeking to start a business. But first I must obtain clarity on the direction in which I desire to go because of the fact that my dream is so big, it has to be broken down in pieces in order for me to develop and grow it. 

So everyday I wake up get dress and show up in various area's of my business while I am still learning. I have set so many goals for myself and have only starting working on a few and some are incomplete as it felt like my mind suffered and explosion. (Laughing) Humor helps because it's progress and not perfection in this journey.  As you can't fail if you take the necessary steps to move toward betterment and seeing your dreams come to life.

Life is journey and your path is your's not to be compared to anyone else. The trick is to stay in your on lane and do what you do the best of your ability and watch it all unfold. I must say that I am happy with how things are going thus far, but I can also admit that I was not ready for all the self cleansing I would have to do to get here and I am not done but I do little steps at a time and work on the parts of me that are getting in the way as they manifest themselves. I would consider this as growth and nurturing along the way of the journey. 

Anyone that has a desire to start this journey is in for some beautiful amazing things to happen in their life and their families life as you take the steps. If your considering starting this journey or have began this journey comment below and lets begin a dialog and pull one another up as need. As I find it's not so bad when you don't feel alone in the process and there are so many that are doing and have done it with success however, one may describe success in their life.

I have achieved a level of success in my life through my family, and the things that I have been able to obtain up to this point. But some how I feel that I have more to share  with other's and I have to figure out how I am going to do that without losing myself in the process. This will require research of my community and an assessment of the needs that will provide the greater impact for the good and betterment of everyone. Sound's like an impossible task but all things are possible when placed in the master's hands.


Secure the phone for navigation as I have some contacts to make and some roads to travel in efforts to better myself as well as my community.

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