Let Us Talk About It! What is a Market System?

When it comes to our economy system we can all agree that it could stand some improvements when it comes to employment wages and benefits as well as the cost of living increase and the state of the worlds current inflation that is impacting everyone. We all have to work but today we have choices as to what type of work we want to do and where we want to work.

This isn’t something new as things have gotten more challenging over the past two years and appears to continue to rise. How do we create better when we have little to work with? Well, we have been working towards the answer and it just made sense to begin seeking some other ways to compensate for our wage shortages and cost of living increases as well as health benefits increased causing even more issues of those needing health care not going to receive the care they need let’s not start on the prescription cost Lord Jesus.

Our finances play a huge role in our lives either we have just enough or work with finances. Many have work with finances and are just lacking the financial information that we need to see ourselves clear from financial strain and stress however, it takes time to build so we still feel the pressure of our financial situations while building towards better. We know because we were there and it wasn’t until we began to take our finances serious that we began to invest in ourselves.

What does investing in yourself look like for you? Do you have a clear picture of your financial market? What are your emotions beliefs and expectations you have around your money? Do you believe you deserve to have a life of financial abundance? We had to ask ourselves these same questions several times throughout our journey.

It wasn’t until we became clear with our financial picture. It allowed us to see that we are invested in some areas but lack protection in other areas so needless to say with all the work we have done so far there’s still work to be done. The first work is to get in the money mindset to face our fears doubts and beliefs around our money. It wasn’t until we became serious and started investing in areas that we put our money to work for us without any assistance from us.  We started this in last year and what do you think happen? Yup, that’s right little investment over time is growing without any efforts from us except the continued investment over time.

We were so excited that it actually works and we can’t wait to see how well we do over the years to come. This action increased our actions steps toward going for our full financial dreams.  As wealth is owning assets that grow over time without further input form you. Where as money is merely the means of distribution of wealth and time.  We still are part of the population that distribute our time for money but we learned what to do with our money so that we can begin working towards our retirement dreams with about 10 to 11 years to go we are now between conservative and aggressive investors.

We made a commitment 7 to 8 years ago and the journey has been amazing. Each step of building our new life and lifestyle we sacrifice our time to put into study that help us change our mindset. Mindset was our biggest challenge especially because no one around us was doing what we were doing but we didn’t let us stop us and you shouldn’t either.  We learned  that our mindset around our life work and money held negative emotions and beliefs around our money. That lead us to seek more knowledge about how market economy truly works in our life.

Meeting the supply and demand of employers to help them meet their goals in providing services and products however, that was doing very little for our overall wealth building. It does assist us however, we realized that we were going to have to do more to obtain the life we truly want to live. 2016 began that journey which brought us to the market economy to take some stock in ourselves. How many of us really take putting stock into ourselves seriously? Not many as many give up way to early to ever see the changes they are seeking. It requires compounded time energy and learning while your earning to develop a mindset that pushes the bar towards new thought patterns and behavior patterns.  Every new level requires more learning and action steps to prepare you for the level your headed towards.

Debt was holding us hostage and it wasn’t until we got clear on our financial economics did we discover that we can get out of debt as well as build for our future. When you are looking at your market economy you have to look at the areas of your life, health, relationship, career as well as financial. Debt brings many emotions beliefs and in the beginning it is challenging to begin the process and actually stick to it.  It’s been a year now and we are just in position to begin the process of taking care of something’s we didn’t know how we were going to do it but thanks to financial literacy we have a pathway to guide us along the journey. We have shared it with others so that they too can begin the process of building their market economy while working and thinking of what their next move will be in their. So exciting having everyone in your circle on the market economy movement.  How cool is that to be the friend to put your friends on to getting wealthy in life? It could be you helping your circle do the same if your serious about your life business.

 We found over the years of growing that everyone may not grow together but we are growing. The speed length of time and resources will dictate how one moves about the action towards building their own market economy outside of the traditional way and patience’s is a large part of building and starting. We discovered that people that are serious will do everything they need to do to put themselves in position because it’s just that important to them. While others didn’t take it so seriously and now they realized that they are behind in the market economy game of life.

Taking the time to work and invest in your life and your families life and wellbeing isn’t much of a priority until it’s a priority. We don’t want our readers to do that we talk about money credit and wealth often because its a conversation many of us are not use to having and many feel uncomfortable especially when they don’t know where they are financially. We want our readers to begin small and build large simply by taking the time to invest in themselves by creating a savings account, learning about stock, bonds, EFT’s, Bitcoin, Crypto options and investing in them, while learning and taking action to begin to build and grow a business. 

Here’s why because in the market economy to obtain financial wellness you will need to begin with the mixed economy that combines the advantages and disadvantages of different types of economics.  We talk about this topic on our YouTube channel along with many other topics that surround our financial health and wellness @tiarodgersTAMMISELGS28  and @tiarodgersLGS.  

We invite you to join in the conversation and share your thoughts experience and more. We created these channels as well as our private groups to provide a safe place for us to speak and grow together because we believe each one teach one you know the train the trainer so that once you leave us you will have what you need to keep going and become better than we are is our goal.

We all are apart of the market economy we just have to decide what side we truly will benefit from and make a commitment to stick with it until we reach the results we want. Like we always say that it’s not for everyone but building wealth surely is for everyone business or no business. We want you to have options and choice when it come to your life business. Feel free to share your thoughts on our articles let us know a topic you like us to cover and thats how we begin to develop our relationships with one another. We want you to know that you are a business already and adding other business to your journey can only enhance your success long term.

It’s your life and your free to choose to do with it as you wish. I hope this article help someone to think about their own life financial health wellness and leads them to take action to start their journey. One step at a time one person at a time is how this is going to get done. We wish you love peace joy and life success in all that you do. We thank you for your support over the years and hope you stay around as we are growing and developing.

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