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What a blessing with the pass over and resurrection time of the year. It’s a time of year to quiet the noise and find peace from within yourself as you continue the journey of life that we live.  With all the hustle bustle of life we often forget to take the time to sit in silence and peace. Those moments allows us time to clear the blockages and to hear what’s truly in our hearts that is trying to come out but can’t because we are always on the move. This year was different as one can take time to notice all the changes that have taken place over the years with and without notice.

How do you know when it’s time to change?

Is it after you come to the roadblocks or is it while your doing what you do and realize that things are different but your still moving the same. Crazy, right but we do it all the time. We live our lives in survival mode so much that we fail to notice the small suttle changes like the children growing up, new babies being born and your role as the head now shifts because you have done your job so well those children are doing what you raised them to do, handle their business LOL.

You find yourself by yourself not because you did anything or anyone wrong. It’s just that in life everything and everyone evolves because it is destine too.

Maybe, the time of change is a lost of a loved one, health issues, job and or career which ever it maybe a change is gonna come. The most important part of life changes is how we respond to the changes that may come.  Most people have the 15 minute melt down at first and then pull their self together and start planning if they don’t already have a plan. It may take a little bit to get back into circulation but we start mapping a pathway.

During the process of getting on track no one every say’s let me start that business, program or foundation in this moment. Most of us go to the job seeking because we feel that our situation will not get better without the money.  Am I right?  

Most of us will think about the money aspect because we see things falling behind or we’re on the phone with our creditors explaining while we need more time to get the payment to them knowing we have no clue where the money will come from. It’s cool we all have been there it’s no shame in that at all. Life on life terms has a way of pushing you toward your Faith, faith in better days and times are coming even though it doesn’t feel like it in the middle of the situation and or circumstances. 

What does investing in you look like?

Going back to school, go for more job training as desperate measures call for drastic measures and if we make the wrong choice we could set ourselves back even further then we were. But why do we not think first of investing in ourselves?  Is it that we think that we are not worthy enough to invest in? It will take us to long to start and build? We tell ourselves all types of stories as a reflector not to do it and we go get that job. 

Now don’t get me wrong working a job that you love is great but if your working a job just to gain income it’s time to start mapping out a plan to invest in yourself. Your probably thinking where do I start and what can I do? Many of us asked this very question and we found the answers once we got focused and start seeking that which we were looking for and some of us just stubble into it and love it.

Let’s take me for an example, I work a job that I love, have a family I love even more and when faced with life on life terms I had to make a decision to come out of work and take care of my mother and father. I worked my job and even took on another job to help me maintain everything. Well, worked until I didn’t know who I was or what I was doing basically operating on auto-pilot. After the death of my parents I returned back to work only to face a discipline that lead to nine weeks suspension from work which left me with 1/2 weeks pays for 5 months. Well, the stress of the 9 week suspension took it’s toll and I was let go from my second sources of income leaving me with the one income. It felt like I would just die, but I didn’t but I suffered the physiological stress brought about from financial hardship.

I made a decision based off where I was at the time limited funds and much opportunity that I would have to learn it all. Talk about being afraid feeling unworthy yet doing everything that I needed to learn it and more. I was blessed to still have my job that I love but now I had a business that was for me, created by me and I worked it for me with the same excitement I have for my job if not more. When I tell you that I worked those 9weeks I worked them so much so when it was over I was upset Lol. I was building myself and my business and realized that I enjoyed the freedom of creating my own schedule of work to do as I was growing my business. 

It is the personal growth that I enjoy the most because how I use to respond to life on life terms it’s completely different today because I learned that I am the valuable source of my job and business.  Building a business provided me the insight that I needed to see that if you will give your job 70 to 80 plus hours every week putting 1/2 that time into myself was a no brainer. I must warn you investing in yourself is addictive the more you do it. Suddenly all your fears appear to go away until it’s time to level up and progress in your process. It’s pretty cool especially when you know it’s coming ahead . My experience isn’t for everyone and I know it, there are many stories of others just like me that decided to bet on themselves. It’s not easier it’s just better.

A time away at the ocean to silence the noise proved to be beneficial for those who took part in it. You gain clarity and insight as to how you should move forward from where you are presently.  For life is the most precious thing one can have and how we choose to live it is just as scared. The appreciation of life and the opportunity to live life on your terms isn’t bad, it’s just living life. Many times we are so afraid to truly live yet we are afraid to die. So why not live the life you truly need to live to make you a better being. The dash in-between our birth date and our expiration date makes all the difference in your life adventure. If you never take the risk you will never know just how much you are capable of becoming along the way of the journey.

When it comes to living your best life, Remember life is given to you what you do with that life is what you choose. So in making decisions that will impact your life later on say if your 21 and up get your life business in order.

If your blessed to have your parents help in building your credit early on that’s wonderful please be mindful not to over spend and if you can’t pay it back with your next check and or allowance do not make the purchase. With credit building you want to build the use of credit as well as spend less. This is some times easier than done. 

Example: You make a purchase that you know is not in your budget and you  made the purchase any way?  You made it work until the next time you had to make a purchase that is important but may not have required the urgency you placed on it but it is the best move to prepare for your future. Now you have made the purchase and now you are having trouble covering the bills and maintain certain of it all. You suffer a blow to the hip and the first purchase you made you no longer have and guess what you still owe money on it. Your decisions lead to one down wind after the next, you sought out help and help is a process and in the mean time  in between time here you are still unable to meet it all.

Where did it all go wrong?

Make the assessment?

What can you do to get better and out of debt?

In order of priority what’s most important and after going over every thing you realize you have come to far to go backwards now. You suffer your losses take care of and or begin managing the debt that you own make arrangements and or create a savings plan to pay the complete debt off depending on the amount of the debt and what would be the best option payments or large lump sum. A good credit attorney could answer all the credit questions you have as you process on renewing your financial outlook. 

Hey a risk doesn’t come without some lessons and I’m sure there are worst examples then that one but it’s an ideal example to frame work from. Now we would definitely have to learn a little more about the example household size, marital status, number of children, number of real estate properties, cars, age so on and so fourth. You get the picture, now having hardship isn’t bad but depending on the circumstances you are under can make a heck of a difference in your stress level of matters of importance and capabilities financially.  What do you have presently tangible with in your grasp right now?   Is there a reservoir source to withdrawal funds from to help you catch up and the final resource is there someone that would lend you the funds you need?

If you know your credit rating are you credit worthy? Most American’s don’t know what is on their credit reports let alone know what their rating is. Yet, every year your entitled to a free credit report unless they have changed the laws and now they are charging folks, but either way it’s important to keep and eye on your credit reporting agencies as there could possibly be some errors that you may not even be aware of so I encourage everyone to at least pull their credit once a year. 

 And if you’re credit worthy how much usage are you away from becoming in danger of obtaining more debt?  Debt doesn’t necessarily have to be this terrifying thing in life. Once you understand the principles of becoming financially fit you will be able to better prepare yourself for a better financial wealthy healthy future. In life things will always happen but instead of life happening to you prepare your mind and life for it to happen for you. It doesn’t mean that it will not be without the highs or the lows it will garuntee that you will better handle the impact of it all. 

Join us @RealFamilyDynamcis to learn more on how you can begin to renew life through your finances.  Learning how to manage money will prepare you for all life Andover's you may choose to take part of. So why not plan for your adventure to a life filled with peace of mind and wallet. In preparing for a better future every individual man woman and child benefits from learning financial literacy. It helps them to make more educated decisions when it comes to their finances and purchasing power.

It wasn’t discussed in my home and I am sure it’s still not being discussed in many homes now. That’s why its important for us to educate ourselves now on financial literacy the world is changing and we need to change with it or we will be left behind. And our mission is to leave no one behind if we can help it. Yet, we understand that everyone has the freedom of choice. Which will you choose today. Renew or continue the ways that brought you where you are? 

In the renewal of life it will require some new things to take place to prepare you for who you are to become and it can’t happen if you don’t want it. You have to want it. Better life , better in every area of your life. Creating and living the life you deserve one filled with love peace joy and abundance of life blessings.


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