So Long to February The Month Of A People 365

Our history is rich and full of people that helped to change and develop the world in which we live yet, we still fight for human rights, inequality, injustice, and the right to vote,  just to be who we are created to be and to gain the courage to allow our voices to heard in the mist of all the noise and sometimes chaos of the world in which we live.

Freedom is paid for with a price and you have the power of what price you will pay if you feel you should pay a price at all. We are now a mixed raced more and more so what are we still fighting for? 

Everyone is important and comes from a rich family history should you decide to go through the process to research your roots and many have and still are as they yearn to identify with who they are, where they have come from, and the trail of the roots may have different names yet are part of the roots of the tree from which we derived from.

I don't know when the world we be accepting to people of hue shades of colored people. But I hope that as we move forward as we explore new plates of the world that we find peace and acceptance for all. Our history has so much blood shed that is still being shed and we still stand together strong to correct the wrongs of the world.

Although the fight is not over remember that you are beautiful, you are enough and that you derive from Kings and Queens long before you derived from slaves. It was the slave journey that provide you the strength courage and wisdom to continue on to fight the good fight so that our children and our children's children will not have to Lord willing.

We say so long to a month to celebrate & honor all the greatness from which we came and take a look at the up coming warriors of change that are putting things in motion as we speak. So that one day our rights to vote, the right to walk in our neighborhoods and others free from harm and or death. It's a huge order and that's why it's taking so long to work out as old ways are hard to change and the only way to change it is to stand up take responsibility and do our part to make this world better for all not just some. 

Our history is full of stories of those who took a stand for the freedom, better ways of life and rights of others. An the month to come is no different as March is National Women's Month and we will hear about all the courage's women that found the courage to take a stand and make their mark in the world for change of the female population. Yet, women are still under attack and in some cases murdered.

You were created for such a life that holds beauty, love, and the care of people and the conditions of people in the world. Your voice maybe a little pebble but just know that enough pebbles can cause a mean ripple affect in the world ocean of life.

Love the skin that your in and know that you too have greatness within you and only you can find it from within.

Your awesome and don't you forget it!

As we are growing learning and healing because we all do it!

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