Speak Life Over Yourself....

Are you grateful for the life you live today?

In life we can not have bad without good nor good without bad yet we live. Do you allow life distractions to hinder your growth and development? Many of us will allow a distractions to slow us down or even bring us to a halt. It doesn't have to be that way however, remember we all process life differently and our understanding of the life we have and what it means plays an important part in our growth process as we develop over our life span. Life doesn't get any easier it just gets better and so do we.

Life gets better because each and everyday we wake up is another day to live out this life the way we want or at least the way would like it to be. People will discount you, speak ill of you and attempt to destroy your character but don't worry about them just pray that God touches their life like he has touched yours and continues to bless you. Many will say that they don't worry about what others think but it's just something that they will say believe me even if for a moment it will affect the individual however they are right in one aspect what others say feel and think about you is really none of your business. Our focus needs to be on those we love and those who love us in return and lot God deal with those who aren't meant for you no way. Most times people will speak about you because there's something that they admire about you but due to pride will never allow themselves to say it out loud so negativity is what they spill. Because you are blessed by the creator that isn't your concern either, you job is to continue living a full vital life.

When we decided to become a part of the profession we entered with the intentions to make money to supplement our income and we soon discovered that it was much more than just earning a living. We discovered that we can actually make a small impact in the world on a small level so we began to build and selected the agencies we wanted to give monetary gifts too in efforts to help them with their mission of helping families in our community and surrounding area.

We attended many trainings by many different leaders although many spoke about how much money one can make in the profession the enfaces was on making a true impact in the world.  First by putting ourselves in a position to do so by starting with what you have right now. So we began the process on Mother's Day 2020 during the pandemic and have been blessed to continue on into the present as we look to do more in the future.

 See the journey didn't begin that way, the journey began with us working, building and investing in our education, our product while we learned about ourselves and who we were being and becoming all at the same time. We still had struggles like short pay checks, residual bills and shut off notices but we didn't let that stop us as we were learning how to change our paradigm of the mind.  Can I tell you that we had so much fear and doubt around weather or not we were being taken advantage of but the more we learn and began to practice what was being taught we soon discovered that what once held us back was not holding us back any more. 

We began to confront our fears and doubt by saying, you hold the power and can get this done no matter what. You know the funny thing it worked, soon problems we thought we had soon had solutions and we didn't fear anything any more except for God.  For we knew that as long as we took it to him first that he would guide us through the storms that came and continued to come. We managed to find peace in the mist of many storms of life even though some storms we made it through on our knees. Not because of fear but just grasping to understand why life was doing what life does. What is the purpose for it all? As we continue to ask why the more the answer came back why not?  Your learning something new, what your learning is challenging everything you once thought was true about living this life and earning a living. Definitely suffered from the classic classical conditioning that many of us still rustle with to this day because we won't allow ourselves to see another way. Until we see another way that is not the usual everyday go to work for anywhere from 8 to 16 hours of time given away in exchange for money.

We continued to work build and learn even in our worst life moment as it was the one thing that held us together. Having the focus on living the life we truly want to live. We have taking risk to invest in ourselves to the point where close friends and family stated out of love and concern and the fact that they pointed out that should anything fall I should give up building this new life and go back to the old life way of living. Each time confronted our answer was Yes, it's worth the risk and now later to uncover that they only appeared as a risk because things were getting done and moving right alone. It made us wonder why so many do not invest in themselves, is because it's harder to give up what's comfortable and familiar?  The more we learned about our mindset and how we perceived life to be the fact that it was working growing and developing drew us in even more.

Somethings worked and somethings didn't work but the fun of building earning while learning gave us the confidence needed to continue on and find our true purpose. Yes, we have chosen yet another profession that  involves working with and helping people but this time we are working with people who want to work with us and learn from us, it makes a world of difference. It doesn't mean that you wont be confronted with resistance because you will. You fear if these people are for real ready to learn and take control of their own life. Or  will they take time out of our life leaving us waiting until they are ready and serious about their life business. Either way people will only change when they are ready to change. Something has to move them towards the change they wish to see and it could be a number of things to do it. We learned that it's much easier to focus on helping people than to worry about the outcome of whom we help and how we help them. 

Surprisingly, the first people you help are the people you become partners and or team mates with. This is a fact because before they unleash you into the world they must make sure your able to do what it is that you need to do way before you begin to do it. Does that make sense?  When your are an employee most times we come with our employee mentality and it trips us up really bad. However, the earlier you participate the more you begin to build your confidence to go at it alone to see what path you can make to help the company and team to reach their business as well as life goals yours & theirs. 

 We learned early that when you begin to earn a living it's important that you keep the earnings right where you hold them. Many make this mistake by utilizing the earnings for their personal or emergency needs and don't realize it until it's gone and because we were not good stewards with the earnings it takes some time before you will see them again. Helpful tip is to make sure you take a percentage of your earnings and place them in a place where it will grow for you should you earn enough or leave it right where it is to ensure that things can continue. Learning to be a good Stewart takes time because you learn to put instant gratification to the side and learn to hold back until you reach a safe limit to begin to pay yourself. So even if your earning your not spending on you just yet, everything must go stay where it is to see the growth over time.

Not what you were expecting to hear but it's true, and that's why working while building works because something will always come up. It's also important to have some sort of emergency savings and or investments that you can access during the years of building it will help out while your building you and your business.  We learned a lot about who we are as a person and our daily habits. The things we once enjoyed suddenly we found that we had to make a decision as to weather we were going to keep doing what we enjoyed or sacrifice for the moment to get where we wanted to be.  We caught a lot of flack for it but today we can say it was worth it. We learned our habits and fear around money as well, when you are use to not having much to work with you become accustom to not having or spending it as soon as you get it.  Weather you have good reasons or not to spend it we spent the money we should have not been touching which caused a struggle in our new life business.

It was definitely an eye opener to how we spend and manage the earnings we work for as well as learning to live on even less leaving us to cover the basics nothing more.  We are still learning how to best manage our money partly because we were resistant to the change until our goals became bigger than the need to handle things that sometimes was not ours but because we are who we are we had to learn the power of, "I don't have it and No". It was very hard in the beginning but got much easier as time went on. Leaving us to have to start all over again something we all do in life over a life time span.

Starting over isn't the end of the world it actually is the beginning. As your learning more about who you are being in the present and the person you are becoming you begin to see life differently. You begin to stop seeing money as something to spend and hold on to but more of a tool to build a life you really prefer to have.  See money is merely an exchange for products services or goods so we began to asses our life to see exactly what products services and or goods we really needed for our life to get in alignment with our life goal dreams.

Since we always had issues with and around finances it was imperative to get financial education that could help us that lead us to meet our financial adviser who helps us with those moments we may think the sky is fallen when it fact its just a temporary moment in life. Your financial advisor doesn't tell you what to do with your money they simply remind you of the purpose you came to them for the long term goal you desire to reach with your money. Putting you life and money into perspective when it comes to long term investing. As wealth is built through investments, assets, equity, fixed income and cash. Meaning you spend the cash that is available first but make sure your spending it for a good cause or else you will be disappointed with the results.

We are growing our way to better and although it doesn't always feel good we know its for our best good as we are becoming. See we have always taken our life business seriously because we were not blessed in finances yet was blessed with lots of love to live any other life and or lifestyle until now. There are moments when we feel like we still don't quite fit in yet we do because we are living life on our terms not anyone else to an existent.  The world structure is still the same so there are challenges however should you prepare well you will do fair.

We are now embarking on a new life journey and we like to invite you to come and learn more about who we are, what we stand for and how we became who we are in the process.  You can join us @TiaRodgerLGSTammise YouTube channel to learn about how to get better in finances. You can also join us live through registering to join us for a private webinar and on our Podcast  Growing Learning Healing We All Do It! series season one . As of August 1, 2023 we begin the Your life is serious business and only you can live it..Start now! 

We are going to be talking about our relationship with God, self awareness and how it drives our lives and lifestyle we live as well as many other topics of discussion that leads to making a decision for your life and the direction you wish to go to begin your journey of becoming as your being right now. 

We like to thank you for supporting Tammise as we really have been on a journey together and your comments like and shares on our post and channel let's us know that we are providing value that can be helpful to your lives. As we continue the journey we look forward to supporting you all in your life and lifestyle dreams, aspirations and goals. Here at Tammise we believe that everyone has the power to create the life they may want. The truth is that most will never start simply because they can not break the chains that bind the mind. If you continue to wait for the right time to make a difference in your life. Your sure to miss the moment.

As you speak life over your life we at Tammise want you to remember that all things are possible with God. We have one life and each day we are blessed to wake up we should be thankful for the life we have right now...


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