Reflection Of The New Being As Your Becoming

As I have been reflecting on my life journey and trying to figure out what is going to be the best move forward to grow and develop in life as well as business. I have been wondering what’s the best way that I can better service the community and help more families achieve their dreams while pursuing my own. It’s amazing how when your starting something new you feel all the excitement and joy of the new beginning. The process leads to you really becoming even more intentional about what you do and say as you progress over time. The beginning has been filled with Launch after Launch and still Launching and it’s okay.

Given I had no idea how I was going to begin to make an impact in the world. I choose family as my niche broad however, very meaningful to me as well as the work that I do and or have done during my life span to this point. It’s difficult at times because as you give you may not see the impact of what your giving out. This is for various reason’s like being unclear as to who your target audience is that your speaking too. In the beginning your so excited about your new adventure you tell everyone you know and everyone you see however, they don’t feel the excitement nor the benefits of your new life adventure and most will begin to avoid you like the small pox (Laughing).

Don’t get discouraged as this journey isn’t for everyone just a select few will join you along the journey.  You must enjoy the journey of life growth as it’s the only way to get the most out of it without getting into your own way. I have gotten in my own way plenty of times partly due to the way I was thinking about it all. Until I realized that this is not that which I am use too, it requires more of me and the desire to learn more to get stabilization in business. Building a business from scratch yet not totally from scratch but funding wise from scratch. Using funds from your active income source and other resources of funding. 

Some take the loan way, other’s utilize their credit, others funding sources as well as their own active income to build their dreams. Most of these sources require a certain level of credit worthiness to be granted except the utilization of active income. In 2020 the average FICO Score rose to a 711 from 708 in April and 706 a year prior. So if you fall below 706 or lower chances are you will be utilizing your active income and any other acquired savings towards the start up and growth in your business should you have an entrepreneurial spirit and seeking a nationwide income source opportunity keep reading.

With my old thinking I would always talk myself out of taking a chance and betting on myself until I was faced with no other choice but to take the leap and bet on myself. After taking a good look at where I stood currently at the time. I was blessed to discover that due to my investing in myself often over time had compounded some resources that could go towards investing in myself. However, I was fearful so I choose to invest with my active by-weekly income as I realized that I was not credit worthy due to having a 523 credit score so I grew my business slowly and added on when it was necessary to from other income sources and it brought me to this point. Which I am very grateful for as this opportunity allowed me the opportunity to begin to build organize and protect my financial future. To the point that I now owe myself and what a realization of credit worthiness right?

Imagine having to pay yourself back what you borrowed from yourself? How many of us will take this seriously? And how do you begin to pay yourself back one might ask? Well, you begin by investing in yourself again with the knowledge that your going to be doing so over compounding investment overtime. It’s in that moment you realize that this journey is going to take longer than you may have planned as your projected wealth meter and you begin to get even more serious about your IPA Income Producing Activity in your business. This will require you to think outside of the box as you begin to think of idea’s that could possibly bring in revenue and knowing that this IPA is going to be compounded overtime as well as you will have to push it out for the world to see and take notice and this my friend can take some time even longer should you not have some way to automate your efforts and activity. No worries as this is a good time to monitor your growth and development within yourself and your business.

 It’s perfectly ok to take this time to straighten out your crown as you have accomplished a lot over the years of building discovering and learning your new way of learning while your earning as your turning the learning into earning but not consistently to where you can now delegate responsibilities that are not necessarily your strong points so you work on them until you are in a better position to do so. Now this is where the rubber meets the road because many become frustrated with the process and give up on themselves and the opportunity that they chose to bring about change in their life.

Yet, that was not you, you became even more involved in your business and developed other streams of income while you were at it. Your making money but your not making money like you would like and that’s for many reasons. You may still be working on building your list of prospects, clients and or customers. You may have to identify a supplier that you can work with and you know provides you the products that your prospects, clients and customers will be happy and satisfied with. You may even need some help from a team of professional services that can get you on the path to really producing growth in your business. Whatever the case maybe you will never know should you give up to soon and throw in the towel. So be patient with yourself and your process as there are areas of you still left to discover and uncover you full greatness of potential.

You must take the time to celebrate yourself and your work as this is the fuel that generates more IPA and Ideas for your future endeavors. Learning how to build the life you want isn’t always easy but it’s so worth it. You ask yourself questions over and over again to get clear as to what is it that you truly value in life and many times it’s just to live a life worth living. Not one where you work for others and in the end you have nothing for you or your seeking a new adventure because after years of working it’s hard to just stop and it’s important to stay active and social to harness more growth and development for your later years.

What was my  why in the beginning is still my why now yet, I am finding that I much rather have a quite life and lifestyle to just live and enjoy the time I have left on this planet earth. It’s not that the passion to help people isn’t there it’s the reality that people most often times are spoiled and want everything done for them not so much interested in doing it for themselves so from the top you know that your seeking that ordinary individual with extraordinary habits and love of life adventure not afraid to take risk. Although if you ask many will say they are that person and midway of the 90 day run you and they discover they are not (Laughing). It’s cool as it’s best to know early on that you may have some runners but they are not marathon runners as there is a difference.

Economic integration growth in your life pulls out the best in you as income sources are through wages, salaries, profit, property investment, stock investment, mutual funds, certificate of deposits, and other forms of investment to generate income to live this life. It is a transition process to go through as you develop the practice and understanding that it’s your responsibility for your life. It’s you that is going to make it to where you’re going no one else. Got that tip from Mr. Les Brown a wonderful leader in the industry. It’s so true and everytime it get’s hard this is what I draw from to gain strength just like a work out to keep going and staying motivated when your not so motivated and or excited about you progress and or process yet it’s still an amazing journey nonetheless.

It’s sometimes difficult to describe and or see success in life. So the simplest way is to be grateful for the life you have everyday. To me that’s success having another day of life to live and make it better. Success can also be measured in monetary terms as well but then who knows the number that equal’s success? Is it the money or the power that money provides that equals success? Is success that fact that your blessed with a family and extended family as well as friends? Or is success simply being satisfied with what you have right where you are and having the motivation to keep going as evolution is continual and your simply preparing for the next phase of life changes to come? How do you describe success?

One could say that I made it by starting to build a business other’s may think that it’s really nothing fancy about it until they try it for themselves. I simply feel that my decisions brought me right to this place I am presently. I was determined to not have to worry any more about where finances were going to be provided from and I know that I will not give up on me, so I went for it and went for it I did. The joy of the growth along the journey has been amazing. Not sure how many people I have helped but I know that my greatest impact was on my family as they have been my greatest fans as well as critics, still grateful.  It took a lot of hours to put in as well as some monetary funds to get to this point and I tell you I don’t regret one thing except not starting earlier.

I use to not like the internet because of various reason’s over the year’s until I read a post that said, “If you are holding your phone and it’s not generating money for you than your wasting your time on social media” It made me stop and think because I like many others was on social media on and off and not creating any revenue at all until 2018. 2018 was the best and worst of times for me. I had to build in the mist of it all to keep my sanity really. It was not easy although many present it that way. I had so much to unlearn about learning and how systems work for you and not against you when you set them up properly. I grew as a person, mother, grandmother and friend. I began to understand that life is truly what you make it out to be good bad and or indifferent. I choose to make it positive and inspiring as many times what I say and share with other’s is something that I tell myself first to get going on this journey because life on life terms is going to happen and yes your going to be affected by it. But you don’t have to fake it just feel what you feel and keep moving on because you have no other choice. That’s why we teach heavy on mindset boy can I tell you that if mindset was not taught first how many times I would have given up on myself, dreams and the life I live daily? It’s no secret that life is hard unfair and unjust at times and it can really get your blood boiling and just makes you want to scream! I decided to choose joy because allowing the world to paint my view of life can never happen if I plan to live a healthy vital life and lifestyle.

I once allowed myself to believe that I could not afford to live until I realized that I could not afford to not invest in my happiness of life. So it started out with the purchase of something as small as concert tickets and then it was weekend get always that lead to building a business and now I am hear writhing sharing my story with total strangers something that I never imagined for my life but hey if I can pull myself up by the bootstraps heck they could do it too if they wanted too. I discovered that in life we can not afford to say what we can’t do won’t do because those are the very things we may necessarily have to do to safe our very souls in this life. Each one teach one, live the example for others to see and speak your truth with positivity and love because the world so needs it in such times as this. Never let anyone tell you who you are? Learn yourself for yourself an go out in this world and be the most amazing being you can be. Hell the fact that we wake up everyday and see the joy of life in ourselves first so we can share it with others has this domino affect and before you know it the whole world is full of joy love and peace. Well, a girl can dream can’t she (laughing) I didn’t see all this in my life at one time and now today I can’t see my life without it. Yes, I have made money over the time but noting that I can seem to produce continually so as I continue to grow and develop I have decided to just sit back and relax and enjoy the ride. Just as I had prior to becoming an investor in myself. I figure I have to live this life so why not create beautiful positive things that will warm others hearts as I go along the way. Why not share my life in hopes that my mess and backward life could help someone else that is in their life journey. Over the cycle of life we are going to fill many positions so why not start creating the position for yourself in the world and make that as great as the other’s we are filling daily in our work place. What an asset you will become as you begin to develop grow and learn as you earn and build towards making it consistently in your own life.

Since I have started building the position I desire I now appreciate working for myself before I go to work for others and it’s the best feeling in the world knowing that I am working with a purpose for life. I’m not out of the woods yet, I am still learning how to better myself and leverage in my financial investment’s as well as learning just how credit works as I continue to be responsible in managing my finances but life will and does happen so I’m not perfect but each day I have to live I have the opportunity to get better. Better in life, finances, health and as a person over all. My mission is to help as many people as I can to see that they too are worthy of investing in themselves and learning to work for them as well as work their job until their part time business becomes their full time source of income for them. I figure the earlier people join me on the journey the more we can learn from one another and help one another grow exponentially and our lives will change as we continue to help others do the same. 

I have always been in the field of human services and this is no different except you are holding you accountable for your time efforts and energy put towards your success.  Simple as that, believing that you can and then showing yourself that it’s possible no matter what!

We are all growing learning and healing it’s up to us to decide how we are going to do it. To say that I am happy with my progress yes, to say that I need work and improvement yes, I hope to for the rest of my life. To say that life has always been good yes, because I decide every day what my day will be and I never leave it up to others to decide for me and neither should you.

That’s my reflection for the close of this year, I am excited about what I will be able to do in the next year so I have already began the journey to get there. How about you? What are you deciding for 2023?



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