Thank You

How often do we say thank you or give thanks for those who have come before us?  My guess is not nearly enough as we should. This life journey has been nothing but amazing even with the ups and downs of life it’s still an amazing life to live.  As a woman of color having raised two children under the pressures that we do as parents of colored children we have many fears and doubts along the journey. Still facing all fears and doubts to move us forward never in a million years would I have imagined being where I am now.

It all began when I felt that my lively hood was threatened, I lost all that I every known and because I had told myself that this was my last stop in making a difference in the world and others lives that I have the opportunity to encounter.  God showed me yet another way of life and living.  The world as I once knew it was changing and changing fast and when time moves like that you tend to freeze up because you are not sure what is the right way to go. As you ponder the opportunities that you have before you and think about how it will not only impact your life but can possibly impact others lives because you were the example to show that it’s worth learning new things ways and creating new habits that enhance your life and lifestyle for the better.  

It’s truly amazing that our thoughts followed up with action changes our life forever. The things you once would allow to hold you back you are now looking it right in the eyes and defining every limited belief you ever had. It’s something when you realize that the only reason that your life has not changed is because you have not changed or have done anything that will embrace growth and development. In life we are going to face trails and tribulations, we are going to lose people places and things along the way.  All of which will either grow you, teach you a lesson of gratitude for your life, or show you what not to do the next time. All life lessons that will sharpen your focus and direction of your path.

In the beginning we all want to know how to make the money and most times we want the money to come as we are a custom too, however this is not the case for many. The economy market system are designed for you to make a choice as to how you will make your income. Be it through a W-2, MISC, 1099, Schedule-K for trusts, partnership and or S-corporation  it doesn’t mater what level your at life will always happen on life terms and you have to get through the rough patches and you do as you grow through it. Currency is meant to flow but how do you get it to become a consistent flow?

The market economy has it’s own language, symbols, skills, strengths and experiences, income distribution, government size, and innovative educational practices. Working from supply and demand if there’s a need for it and the people want it, it will create a surge of demand and how is it supplied and by whom to meet the demand. So from the perspective of the W-2 income earner we work paycheck to paycheck having just enough to meet our risdual bills that don’t stop because life happens. Many of us work daily some work two to three jobs spending little to no time with their families year after year but we do it to ensure our life and our loved ones are cared for and taken care of no matter what. 

The pandemic showed many of us that we do have the ability to adapt and adjust to other ways to create our income so much so many choose not to return to the workforce and rightfully so if you planned and prepared correctly you can give you employer notice and provide a space for the next up coming individual that is forming the life the want and envisioned for their life. How do you know when you have something that everyone wants? Well, if your products and services meet a need and helps solve other’s problems I am pretty sure you will make a nice living.

The benefits of a. Market economy involves resources that are automatically utilized in an effective way. We the consumers have a wide variety of choices of products to choose from where innovation is encouraged as profit is a motive as well as self interest of the market participants. Yet many still struggle as individual capitalist are typically wealthy people who have a large access to capital to invest in businesses where the profit increases that add to their wealth. So how does the average individual compete to gain profits that will allow them the same as the capitalist individuals?

 Many programs come along that tell you that they will help you to change your life and earn more money.  The reality is that these programs can provide you the outline from which profits can be earned and it will require years of test, trials and tribulations along the journey that will be the true educational learning process that leads you to earning profits.  You can do exactly what others are doing and still miss your mark if it’s not your time or your not open to receiving what’s coming to you.

Most W-2 earning are placed into benefits, governed retirement plans with guidelines and rules towards any withdrawal and then there’s the concern of the ability to replace what you have taken out.  Does W-2 earners have enough resources to place their funds in places that it will grow for them without them doing anything except continuing contributions.  We are provided educational information on how to become a home owner, what to do and how to prepare for minor and major repairs or upgrades but what they don’t explain is how you can begin to generate wealth in the process. Most home buyer programs offer you the education to become a home owner not so much a property investor this education you must seek out to find it and how to make the best utilization’s of property investment. 

There’s nothing wrong with it but what if home owners where taught about property investment during a home purchase process course. Would it change the game for many individuals and their families? Could they begin to see profit in other ways instead of singular profit once it’s paid off or even how to take what they have an begin to explore other options when choosing their first family property? I bet things would be a lot different if they did.  The hypothesis we put out is, How do you become better person in your life? It’s through the knowledge we acquire over our life time. Some are blessed to have knowledgeable individuals in their circle while they are young and if you listen and took the advice and put it into practices you will be further ahead then your peers in your group.

Unfortunately not many have individuals in their life that speak on these things and if they did often times depending on your age they may not have shared the information for fear that it was to much to early but time has proven that it’s never to early to educate our people on the wealth building principles that can possibly put them in a better  position in life as they are growing. Is it the lack of education or examples to follow that creates the barriers outside of the well know reasons for the unequal distribution of wealth like geographical location, education, environment, health and safety, racism and other things that are there that separate us. Those who know will only tell if you join them and other’s may just provide you the basics leaving you wanting to know more about it.

To say that all our economic issues come from a capitalist perspective would be correct because history has shown that the road to economic freedoms comes with it’s own consequences problems and challenges but it doesn’t mean that you can not achieve them. It just means that you darn well better know yourself, strength and weaknesses, have some sort of self accountability and awareness of who you are truly created to be. As it will be tested throughout the life span journey and like we stated no one is expempt from life on life terms so we all can get a turn on the roller coaster of life. 

See we believe that everyone starts out believing in themselves and know that they are rich beyond measure. It isn’t until we begin to see and witness others that may live different from us and enjoy other activities and places then we do. But it’s not until we see different that we begin to know that different exist would you agree. There are some that will refuse to play life big because they fear the breakdown, but weather you play big or small there will always be risk and your level of risk will determine how long and how far you will go playing the income game.  W-2 worker’s are safe to an extent because they know that they will get up and go to a place for 8 to 16 hours everyday and will be rewarded with funds that will allocate their standard of living as well as their lifestyles.

The key to this article is to bring self awareness for those who may not have a true ideal of where they are in their lives. Many times we acquire things in life but don’t equate them to us having wealth. So it’s very important to understand what wealth is and what is considered having wealth and it has little to do with the clothes we wear and yet it does. However, wealth has the components of a net-worth which is the sum of all assets minus the sum of liabilities, your personal income, the wealth distribution and demographics as wealth is collected assets, cash, commodities, stocks, bonds, business and properties.

Just from that knowledge alone take an assessment of where you are currently.  Do you have all the wealth compoents or are you short on some wealth components and what do you have in place to increase them and or to protect them? It wasn’t until we begin to examine what wealth is, how it works and what are the steps we needed to take to acquire it.  So many people don’t know the value they hold in the palms of their hands or have the accountability discipline and responsibility of it.

If you are thinking that it’s someone else job to make you wealthy you will be waiting a very long time. Because the true factor is that you have the capable hands that will create whatever you need them too if you desire want or in vision it enough to motivate you to go for it.

Once you have a clear picture of where you are it helps to gain clarity and focus as to where you want to go. For many the fact that we lack the knowledge of where we are we can’t really catch the clear vision of where we like to go. But if your curious enough you will find exactly what your seeking ever time.

We believe that once people are aware of where they are and what options of opportunity is available to them they can make a more informed decision about their life and where they want to take their life. We learned over the years of growth and development that it’s better to know where you stand then to not know as it creates fears, doubts and much uncertainty as well as confusion. But once you take the time to evaluate where you are it makes it much easier to begin your diversification process of your life journey. The fact of the matter is that all the information on wealth building will not be revealed to you most of it will be revealed through your search to find out more and putting it into practice for yourself.

You will find that you will be tested tried and proven true through the process because the events in our life with the response we have to the events will produce our outcome. There were so many times we wanted to just give up and say to hell with all this and just let life be but it was something on the inside that said don’t give up you do have a message that can help others to go for their dreams just as you have but if you give up and are afraid to share your vanarablilty with others the world will miss what you can do and how you can help.

There’s one thing that is true we all are going to experience life and we may not experience the same things but some experience are parallel and your survival skills can be another’s tool kit for thriving in their life. As a parent you will always have concerns about and around money because it’s the easiest thing to get but the hardest to hold on too. You share it with your loved ones, you take care of and provide for others and if your blessed your often times a blessing to others even when you could benefit from a blessing yourself. Yet, you just keep going because that’s all you know because if you stop doing it will impact your life drastically. Thus the fear factor the fear of running out, not having enough, not being able to provide the life you have right now and who can hold up under all the pressure. Today even two parents homes are feeling the pressure of the economic market the ups and downs and hardships that it brings. We just want our readers to be as best prepared as possible for whatever may happen in life and having a life plan helps tremendously.


How important is it for you to have a life plan?  Essential and here’s why it doesn’t matter where you start W-2, MISC, 1099, Schedule K-1 for Trusts, partnership and or S corporation as long as you start building your financial literacy and portfolio to do your best to estimate what you will need not just to live today but to live during your retirement years to supplement your social security benefits, pension benefits IRA, 401K, Disability, Early retirement, Deferred retirement, Voluntary retirement however you will retire will you have enough to live off or will you have enough and have to work part-time to supplement for the rest of your income?

Questions we begin to ask ourselves as we move closer to our retirement years although many are working longer and living longer how do you plan to ensure you’re prepared? Should you be just starting out getting into the workforce or discovering what your niche is it’s often suggested to begin with the end in mind.  Retirement always feels like it’s so far away until it creeps up on you at your front door and we just want you to be prepared and know that you will be just fine to live out your dreams in your retirement years. It’s also suggested to have your wishes written out in a form of A Will, Living Will & Trust, Medical and Financial Power of Attorney and Estate planning in place just in case your unable to speak for yourself or your health fails to the level of constant care you can plan all of this out prior to and this way your loved ones can focus on you and spending the quality time creating memories that will carry on far past the time you are gone.

These are things many don’t think about until we have to think about it and when it’s not written down it can cause confusion and we all love our family enough not to put them through all that right? Your life business is serious business and economic growth will always be a part of our life business. Once you begin to learn the fundamentals of wealth building principles and start implementing them into your life. Not only will your quality of life go up your stress levels will go down because you will know that you have did your best to make sure that your will be well cared for when and if the times comes. One thing for sure we all come in the world the and we all are going to leave the world, it’ the choices we make along the journey that will make all the difference.

We always say that money isn’t everything but it’s right up there with oxygen so as you are living your life why not enjoy it while your preparing for the next chapters. Having a peace of mind of where you are in your economic market system allows you to go and really begin to enjoy life to the fullest. So if you are walking around feeling like your not wealthy we encourage you to come listen in on some financial literacy training this will help you get started and provide you the support you will need to begin building that life that you create and not the one given to you. It will allow you to create the life plan schedule you have always wanted to live and with anything in life it’s work and no matter what stage or phase of life your end you will benefit from learning where you are while your working on where your going because there’s a rumor going round that says, Life truly begins the moment you retire. Life is an amazing journey so please don’t put off things that you can take care of now to ensure that your later years are the best most incredible years of your life. You deserve at least that much as you’re so greatly appreciated for all that you do and continue to do in the workforce this time your investing in yourself while giving your time to your employer seems like a pretty cool exchange don’t you.

Once we know better we are charged with doing better so why not get better and do better together?

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Remember you are born a winner and we are here to ensure that you continue to Win in life and business should it be your choice and if it’s not we still want you to win in whatever you do.  Enjoy the clip below:


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