The journey to becoming better in every area of your life.

The journey of becoming better takes time, commitment, dedication, will and determination to becoming that which we seek. Or is it unbecoming what we are not? Good question don’t you think? The paradigm shift speaks about the ability to change ones mind to kick it into gear to place and or replace the things that are not serving us in our minds.  Our minds has thousands of thoughts everyday and night, so how do we slow it down or get it to go in the direction we wish it to go.

The concisions and subconscious mind leads the body.  So you have to ask yourself where are we going? Are we going down the path of least resistance or are we taking the path of the up hill battle? Only you can decide which way your traveling. Things from our past can come up from time to time and depending what we were exposed to in our infant to toddler years shape the story of our lives. Our adolescent years are where we act these things out as we are looking to discover ourselves our identity of who we think we are or who we want to be in life. 

When you ask a group of people what do they want out of life almost all will say I want to be rich. They either don’t know where to begin to becoming rich or they are unwilling to learn what is needed to learn in order to begin creating the riches they desire. One thing many have discovered is that rich and wealth begins in your mind first and then transforms into you life. Would you agree?  

Your breakthrough depends on your ability to go deep within yourself to take a look at the results of your life that comes from the behaviors you have taken thus far to get you where you want to be. Digging deep inside yourself does require support and help as it may require another to provide you a picture of your life from a perspective you may not even see or maybe you are aware of it yet don’t know how to begin to get it out of your way and or to work with it and develop the tools you need to better utilize it within you life to move you towards the more positive side of life that gives you what you want out of life.

Our attitudes directs our altitude. How we are in our relationship building and the ability to face our fears and deal with them weather real and or imagined. But first we must be able to identify the difference between real and imagined. That’s just how powerful our minds are and work. It may take some priming. As it’s true we do become what we think as the wonderful Earl Nightingale has shared with us over these years. Learning to take control of your thoughts will improve you actions and behaviors. When we move and act with intentions. 

Life on life terms can be challenging however, it doesn’t have to be. The discipline to train the mind to think more clearly takes work. It will require you to think about what kind of life do you really want to live. This is a question you will ask yourself repeatedly during the journey. As we evolve through different phase and stages of our lives.  Which is worst not knowing that you have power over your life or not know how to take the power over your life?

Ask yourself this question, “Do I trust myself?”   Do I trust my abilities to move my life forward?

The greatest challenge you will ever face is the challenge of you against you.  If you believe you can or can’t your right. In the journey of life we may feel that we are powerless over our circumstances yet it’s been proven that we do have control to some extent and part of it is how we think.  Our thoughts can hold us back or launch us forward it’s all in how we choose to think and act in our lives that will bring about change.

Becoming a better person has little to do with weather your good or bad as a person. It’s more focused on your personal journey and what you really want out of life and the path you will choose to obtain the abundant life we desire from within.  We discussed earlier that our conscious and subconscious mind plays a part in our life success.  We also spoke a little on how what we are exposed to from infancy, adolescence  to our adulthood has it’s effects on how we think about life and how we see ourselves in it. Believe it or not even wealthy people face these challenges as well as we don’t want you to think that only poor people have these issues and or concerns when it comes to making improvements in ones life.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience and because we are sharing in this human experience journey we are required to think, be creative, and design a life that we all our utopia life and lifestyle yet many times we will begin but rarely do we complete. As life challenges us to see just how much we really want what we want from life and if we will withstand those challenges, obstacles that may come. Will we give up, given in, or go full speed ahead towards what the desire outcome we desire to have in and for our lives.  These challenges circumstances situations obstacles will come but the most important part is how we will respond and or react to them.

I have been on the journey of becoming a better person for over 53 years to date and the brain shifting and paradigm shifts were always taking place in my life and it wasn’t until I learned the Power of the paradigm shift that I realized that I have always practiced this thinking yet never had a name to call it until now.  The journey of overcoming challenges in former education and learning just how powerful peer to peer challenges do work when encouraging others to do their best works and the goal is accomplished. 

This way of thinking works if you do it alone as well it just will require more intention to stay in tune to the practice. If we only see what is in front of us many of us would never move forward. But when you learn to see past what is in front of you and do the work that is required to move you forward slowly but surely you begin to see the difference. The difference is so great that you realize that it’s truly you that is holding you back from becoming all that you wish to become in your life.

For example:  As a child I knew we weren’t wealthy yet I always felt rich growing up. Not because we had material things but because we had love family and support in our lives. But know one was exempt from the responsibility of their life. Telling the truth was big in our home and yes we were raised like many others that what goes on in this house stays in this house.  We were given responsibility early on this provided us with discipline of obedience to the rules of our home. Yes, that would mean we had a fear of being disobedient yet it didn’t stop us from exploring options as we were finding our way and searching our own identity. 

I can remember having the desire of wanting to  fit in with others yet never really fit in.  Having been reared by strict parents had it’s plus and minuses yet some how it all ended up balancing out.  As we learned early that you had to take responsibility for yourself and your actions and those actions had consequences weather good bad or indifferent. So I learned to think things through before acting on them. That way if the consequences were negative it would be worth it all.

Overcoming the desire of wanting to fit in and be like others I knew and or admired coming up and realizing that I would never be. Taught me to learn to love all of who I am as a being. To plan out my goals and have at least one two or maybe three other plans in case one and two didn’t work. It wasn’t until I became a parent that the panic button kicked in. How do I raise the child when I feel like a child myself? It wasn’t easy but I was able to figure things out. As the children grew so did my desire for a better life for us.

Making the decision to continue my education was my first paradigm shift. As when starting anything new your excited once I received the outline of the course for the path I had chosen. I knew right there that this was gonna take some time and it did. Things got tough life happen to me and for me during this time and I kept going. Was I living the life I wanted at that time? Yes and No, yes because I was able to work and go to school to take care of our basic needs. No, because I couldn’t afford to do the wonderful things with my children but some how God blessed us with people that were like minded as far as the desire of wanting better for life so what I was not able to provide the children receive from other sources such as  school programs, church programs, and friends that became family exposure to college move in day’s.

I use to think that college was the answer to all my problems but soon realized that without the proper training of creating true wealth in life I would have to continue on the search for the utopia life I dreamed of living. I was blessed to graduate and gain life work experiences that helped me to earn money but never enough to provide extra without some sacrifice. This was my story for most of my life. Being good enough yet not good enough to put it into perspective to begin looking beyond my present situation and circumstances.

Knowing that if I didn’t have what I needed to live the life I desired meant that I still had work to do but was stuck because I only knew that working was the way to earn money. After wearing myself out over the years working one two jobs and still getting no where. I had a sense that there has got to be more to living this life I live.

Finging this platform allowed me opportunities I never imagine and yes it didn’t take long to realize that I have the ability to bring in revenue but I was not aware as to how to build to make it consistent. It was in that point that I realized that I was going to have to go in deeper to understand all that is required to become more consistent in every area of building myself as well as my business. I began taking courses that I was interested in learning from and soon the world became larger. 

In building your life you realize that it’s going to take some time to get to where you want to be, and guess what life still is gonna happen and your required to still show up and perform through problems obstacles circumstances and situations. It get’s easier as you go but that moment when your practice of the wealth building principles kick in and you see for yourself that your current situation has very little to do with your future life wow, the world just opens up.

Suddenly you realize the paradigm shift actually works and you can really accomplish your goals for your future right in your present life. The steps we take daily to build ourselves and our business creates all sorts of excitement and fear at the same time. The limiting beliefs will still come but the difference is the process you go through to quickly turn them around even when faced with what you may feel is the so called end of the world. You will begin to develop the sense of empowerment over your thoughts in trying times of your life. I know because I have put these principles to work in my own life and I see the difference.

Becoming a better person begins with yourself first and then you can take it into other areas of your life. Over time you become a better person, spouse, mother, father, child, sibling,  employee and wanterpernur until you develop into the enterpurner your becoming. You learn an adapt to moving through the challenges taking more risk and becoming ok with the opportunities.

Lean to be ok with where you are as your working towards the person your becoming. Go slow, go fast but just don’t stop because one day you will see the mileage you have made over the time. You may even still be in the employee status and that’s ok because your preparing your future life that’s going to change the perspective of your life over time. 

One day you will share your story with so many others and you will become the example of what they could possibly be as well if they should chose.

Challenge of the week:

The challenge for this week is to write down all the things that you have overcame in your life even when you had limiting belief’s. Share how you got through them, that brought you where you are today. Then I want you to begin your plan for your tomorrow and what steps you will have to take to get there.


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