The Moon Shines Just As Bright

I have not met a child yet that doesn't think that they are the boss. Children are the best negotiators when they want to do something and they are very persistent at obtaining it.  Every parents greatest challenge, oh the joys of life that goes past almost in a blink of an eye.

Most children begin life with vivid imaginations and they believe they are who they say they are while in character. Some even express their biggest wildest dreams of the life they plan to live outside of their parents.  An some plan to never leave home but plan the best life that surrounds their parents/ guardian. And some plan to live their lives in secret far from any sight of relationships of family.

Family dynamics sometimes get deep, crossed or severed but it will never lose the fact that we are indeed family.  It shows that we can live our lives independent of others yet we often fill the void with friends, coworkers, associates, club, hobbies and or associations to keep the people connection, because no matter how independent we can be, we all need each other to get the most out of this life adventure.

  Funny how children are resilient at a young age can have a disagreement and forget about it but as we get older not so much. As we learn boundaries and what we really want our life to be or is that just a few? However, children will always be the breathe of fresh air most adults need to flip the motivation switch especially for parents guardians caregivers.

Are you open to having increase in your life? To enjoy the pleasure of imagining while creating the life you want desire and or plan. Something that no matter what happens you would continue to create what your vision is for your life. Although we can learn a lot from children and how well the handle adversity, we can not forget the child that lives within us that is eager to get out and play in the journey of life. As we give ourselves permission to grow and truly discover that everything is possible should you decide you want it.

Are you open to learning how to create your exceptional life blue print and future success that you create?

Stay in the know, more is on the way.....



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