The World Is Mine When I Wake UP!

Being a parent is one of the most timeless jobs anyone will have. If you see most parents in the world.  They are everything to their children in the beginning and throughout the child's life on different level's as they grow.  As a parent you do get the option to say I am not showing up today or I need a break.  Although there are a few that manage to not show up and get the break from parenting.  However, that's a very few.  This group of parents could possibly have a supportive team that helps them in the parenting role. Support team that consist of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, close friends with children you get the picture.  This creates a bond between parent and child and sometimes helps in the separation process as roles as parent and child.

Now their is another group of parents that are limited in support and when I say limited I mean in the sense of when you need child care you may have to put your child in daycare or find someone outside your network to sit with your child. If you want to not show up it's not an option because your without a support system that will keep your children while you go away especially if your not working and or going to school.  So what do you do you show up and do what it do everyday, day in and day out.  You learn to parent without breaks or getaways, I believe that although this method of parenting can be one that stretches you beyond measure it creates and even stronger bond between parent and child. As the child observes every action, word and ways you do the things you do when your a parent.

There are many ways to parent and many ways to bond with your child.  Some parents form an alliance where there is a cooperation between a mother and father based on their mutual commitment to their children and to support each other and share the parental roles.  There are some whom have a stranded parental roles where there is either very little or no cooperation between a mother and father based on their mutual commitment to their children and to support each other in sharing the parental roles.  This appears to be the most challenging parent role as one parent and or both may place their needs before the children's needs this often times most likely impacts the family in a negative way.

For the most part the majority of parents work very hard at providing the best life they can for their children and makes them feel not only loved but somehow gives them the sense that the world is their's and they can be and do  in it as they please as long as they abide by the rules.  This I believe the children learn over time as they grow and develop.  Now I am aware that not every parent is the same and nor are the children and each one has to be accepted and treated as the individual they are.  This task of rearing children isn't always an easy one but it sure can be a rewarding one.

As parents we are the first teacher for everything our children learn in life.  As  their are many different variables in parenting as well but we aren't going to get into that right now.  Children have a way of making even the worst situation one of the easiest to get over when your a parent.  So some time later I will get into the other factors of parenting and child development as it can get very deep for some.  Yet as a parent they still create a heaven right her on earth for their children the best of  their ability or at least start out with those intentions or at least I did.

This journey has been a wonderful journey and children are and always has been a big part of mine.  The world seen through the eyes of a child has a way of changing even the hardest adult's  perspective on life. As parent's we teach are children to never give up especially when they feel as though they have lost it all from a child's perspective. But  once they bounce back and you see the energy and joy they have inside and out in achieving what they may have thought was not achievable it's the greatest feeling as a parent. Milestones, baby steps, to get through each level often times especially  babies they enjoy the larger wider steps and they have the biggest smile on their face while doing so most times with assistance. 

So why not rearing them with the thought that the world is their's because it really is and it will be as they grow and learn their place and or purpose as they grow and do their part to create a world of their very own.

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