Welcome The Month of June

Don't you just love the summer season's, every thing just seems to pop and glow. Our spirits our brighter and so are the colors we choose to wear to express our awesomeness each day.  It's totally unbelievable how fast the days, weeks, months and years are passing by and we are just living our best lives ever. Getting out more, planning events and gatherings that bring people together feelings of joy abundance of love and all that life has to offer. We all deserve to have the lifestyle your willing to work for. Work is the one thing no human can ever escape. Weather it's working on you, working on leveling up your career, lifestyle you name it we bet that it could always stand some room for improvement. The summer season's allows us to celebrate life in nature more as we take long walks, visit the zoo's, amusement parks and let's not forget the beaches. You can agree that life is pretty dang good for the most part. It's all about how you view life and your part in it.

Life is amazing and if you can just move past all of what is holding you down you will see it too. Speaking of holding you down let's give it up for all the Father's that do what it  do everyday effortlessly without complaint, well maybe once and while but rarely do we see these guys lose their cool.  So to all our children's superhero's we wish you a blessed amazing Father's day as we celebrate you 365 right along with our Mother's but this is about you. Know that you are loved and cared for but, you know that already we just want to take this time to remind you to make sure you check up on your health, are making healthier eating choices habits and behaviors so we can enjoy life with you as it would defiantly be something different without you. Heart disease, prostate cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure can harm you and or even take you out of here so please for the family take care of yourself.

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Summer season brings a renewed presence of life. The flowers are blooming, the trees are showing off all their beautiful shades of greens, pinks, white and grass is growing faster than you can cut it. Yup, that's spring what's new for you this summer season? Will you be taking that culinary class, spending more time doing family activities like camping, fishing, swimming, or maybe just maybe you will get back to that hobby you once liked or possibly start something new. This time of year makes it feel like all things are possible as we pass the summer days away.  Enjoying the warm summer breeze in the evening after a long's day of work.

If work isn't on the day's projected to do list what is? As many are coming up on getting their first job, going off to school, working and wanting something more, and then there's  retirement or is in the beginning phases of retirement or possibly a career change.  What is it that you really like to do? This is a question many ponder and some fumble along until we figure it out and some well they know right off the bat and are more than  likely doing what they want to do and enjoying it. Life has many twist and turns that we can encounter and how are we making it through it all?  The one thing we know for sure is that a positive outlook on life can change just about anything if you believe.

Have you ever allowed yourself the time energy and space to really see what it is that you want to do with your life? Don't worry many of us don't have the time with all the responsibility especially if your a parent, it never ends or at least it appears that way. But then, even parents get to the phase of life where the children don't need you as much, because they will always need you no matter how old they are...Little parent humor that rings true. 

Some times life has a way of surprising you simply from the decisions we make about our lives everyday. How we spend, save, invest, love, raise our children and more. Every day we live we learn that life is truly what you make it. And you have to get up everyday and create it. Sounds simple enough right? yet how many times do we start and give up on something we consider the new found change in our lives? We all are guilty in some way and  it's ok because we all have a day where we wake up and that thing that is on the inside of us wakes up too except this time it's not letting you off the hook. It's pushing you towards your greater being. You can resist it but that only makes the journey longer and harder yet the moment you give way to it and begin to flow like water and trust yourself to carry it through. Boom, things begin to happen those little wins we speak about all the time. They really do count, and you have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable in your process.

This is a term you hear all the time in the business industry because things happen in real time just as life does and its how we respond and or react to the stimuli considered the issue, concern and or problem that you wish to resolve. Sometimes it's a group solution and other's it's based on the individual either way a solution can be found. We like to think of life as an whole scientific experiment you see because science and God is about as close one can get to understanding this life journey we travel.  In science it's recorded that what goes up will eventually come down and what can expand will expand and it can also scale down we consider it the way of life so we anticipate it even if we can't predict when it will come our way.

You know this thing called life and the lifestyle's we choose are simply amazing in it self as we have hopes and dreams yet they tell us the cemetery is full of them. You didn't want that to be your story, you want your life to mean something have a purpose for living everyday and at first we want to live for ourselves, then as we get older and see that life is so much bigger than yourself and you begin to learn how to work with other's sometimes even care for others because that is just what the life assignment is at that period. But what happens when it's no one to care for but you again?  Do you even know how to begin to process that ideal, feeling and what are you going to do now that it is just you?

Now when we say it's just you, it does not imply that you are alone because the Lord we serve never leaves us alone, but he will separate us to allow us the space time and energy it takes to grow. You will get a lot accomplished if your good with your time and prioritizing but if your a little clattery, unorganized well it may take the process a little longer unless your clattery is the norm for you and it's how your programed over the years. To change that would be extremely hard in the beginning but as you intentionally practice it, it will become easy to do over and over. You will get better at identifying the things that slow you down, get in the way. You may even need a little help to get started but as long as you get started things will be fine if you stay in intentional mode.

We have found that life on life terms is gonna happen but we don't have to let us stop us from doing and going where we want to go and do possible experiences. In our life journey we can experience moments where we feel compressed and or overwhelmed with life  meaning you can go through so much before it begins to take a toll on you. We are very good at calling ourselves disguising it but it will show up no matter what and you know it's there and you know that wishing it away isn't gonna take it away. Somethings you have to feel your way through it. It's the only way to begin to break the shell and or begin to peel off the layers.

That's why we welcome June because it shines the light into our souls to the point we can no longer let the shadows remain they must go if we plan to reach our highest height possible. Feeling your feelings is often good and bad but again your thoughts will create your reality. It's not until you can identify the feelings that the work truly begins and believe us it's work. Especially if you not really a feeling being, you know what we mean you like to hide your emotions presenting well yet a whole hot mess if people could only see the inside they know but they can't so when we don't channel our feelings in the proper channels it show's up in our behavior and our habits.  Sometimes we even tell ourselves that it's who we are when in reality that's who we groomed ourselves to be because we lost who we really are and tried to become what others said we are but, boy let us tell you it's not all bad and it's not all good. You just have to be willing to go deep to find yourself from within. You are in there somewhere you have to find her or him and when you meet them for the first time be gentile and patient with your old self because your old self is just as afraid of you as your are afraid of them. Now when we describe it that way it sounds a little weird but if you made it this far in the article then you have an ideal of what we are doing our best to express.

 Now remember your still have a full life to live while on this journey and you can't afford to miss not one beat because in the beginning of the journey one thing don't go right or the way you should it's very easy to explode and misinterpret the whole life lesson you are to learn in that moment and it will probably come back around to you until you are able to better handle and process it for a better outcome. It takes practice and an open mindset that things will get better and you will get better at handling them and your responds to them. One step in the right direction is all it takes to walk a million miles. You made it this far for a reason so don't give up on yourself now. Deal with the parts of you that are hurting, maybe don't feel so happy, love the parts you love and learn to love the parts that make you feel there's no love there because there is and plenty of it.

Your probably wondering how long does it take and our darlings all we can say is that each one of us have our own journey work to do but it really depends on you as far as how long do you wish to carry it around, look at it, pick it apart until your basically ready to let it go and the time can vary person to person as getting real with yourself isn't always cute but it's worth it.

 So as the light is shining on your soul allow yourself some grace and space to leave room to receive something new. Now adding something new probably won't happen right away due to you possibly wanting to just enjoy the space for awhile this will allow you to grow even more. We have found that when you fill the space up with the things that are temporary, or a good fit for now will cause you to go back to start so we suggest that you fill that space with as much of you as you can stand and believe me you will know when you have enough of you in the space. Here's how you will know, you will become ok with being ok with yourself and nothing will be able to pernitrate the space without your permission to do so.

As humans we can get so caught up in being busy, shacking and moving, caring for others and trick ourselves into thinking that we are taking care of ourselves too until it shows up in our health stress anxiety can cause a chemistry party without your permission just to put it lightly. We have found that mostly we stress ourselves over things that we can not control and the more we wish to control it the more out of control it becomes. We found it better to start looking at what we can control and we found that we only have control over us. No one can make you do anything that you don't want to do or experience. Except life, life is the one thing we can not prevent it from happening so we have to stop and think is life happening to me or for me? We found that most times life is happening for us not to us.

Think about it everything that has happened in your life has brought you to where you are today, right? Sometimes we may jump the gun and or make a wrong or right decision that leads us on a pathway that changes the whole direction of our lives and lifestyle. 

In those moments the only thing we found that works is to keep your faith and keep going. We found that when it gets crowded upstairs it's best to go with someone who can understand or has been in the very space you are at in that moment to sort it all out.

Guess what, it's a little strange in the beginning but when you trust your process and get real with the stuff we hold on to we find your grateful not having to unpack it all alone by yourself because if its crowed up stairs you probably need a second opinion other than yours...(laughter) coming from experience.

In you seek the new in you, your life and lifestyle, it requires a great deal of discipline or you will fall into a viscous cycle that will keep you in the rat race or on the hamster wheel and that's no way to live your life or lifestyle. Waking up everyday as if it's groundhogs day. You deserve more but you have to identify what that more is for you, your life and lifestyle. If your gonna build you may as well build as big as you can within reason of course unless your into breaking records and being the first to every do things in life or at least your circle however, there is always room for the ground breakers and first to invent all day everyday.  You have to have an ideal of the life and lifestyle you want it will take you some time but you will get it together believe you will this journey everyone has a choice to participate or not but then you also have the choice of the outcomes that come with.

We have a dream of one day having a property that will house families that maybe transitional or looking for a place to get themselves back on track to better but we had no idea how to make this dream a reality until we found the education that will provide us a foundation to begin learning more. You are welcome to come check it out for small investment of a snick peek it's a good time as you get a free 7 day trial period to see if it's for you or not for you here click the link www.TammiseWorld.renatus.rocks 

We are at the starting point so we can only tell you that it was beneficial to us to be a part of such a great community of knowledgeable individuals in the matter of real-estate investment and more. As we are learning we are also holding ourselves accountable to bring this dream to reality. The time line doesn't really matter as much as making sure the foundation of the services we will be able to offer that can help a family become sustainable over time as life on life terms can throw you for a loop but what if you had the power to change that? Would you?

We asked a question on our Facebook page that said, " Is your life different from your life 5 years ago?"  Many of our community members reported that their lives where better than 5 years ago. How exciting is that to have a community of like minded individuals creating lifestyles they enjoy living. That data simply told us that you can do just about anything that you put your mind time and energy to and make a difference in your life.

If your reading this article than that means your a positive like minded individual as well so in this month of June as the sunlight lights our souls we wish you many blessings in the path that you chose for your lifestyle. Your here so that means your doing some pretty big things in your life to ensure you live the lifestyle of abundance and maybe your not quite a progressive individual but your tossing the ideal around and that's ok we welcome you too. As in this life there's more opportunity than we know what to do with but we love to share it with others because we know that sharing is caring and that day your ready we hope you will remember us and tell someone else as our mission is to make an impact to help individuals couples change their lifestyle should they choose.

We know what it is to build while working a 40 hour work week. We understand that life is going to happen and that once you work on the inside the work you do will shine on the outside and nothing will be able to stop you from creating the lifestyle you want to live. It's a road traveled by few many will come but few will make it to manifestation and transformation it's simply the facts.  For self mastery is the key to unlock doors you thought you never walk through... but you have to start somewhere so why not with you....

Summer time is a wonderful time for the new and celebrating those who help create life...hints again before we go Happy Father's Day to all the dad's who show up when showing up isn't even fashionable...(laughter) the most important thing in this life you those we call family and love. Nothing will ever replace them and the secret is to enjoy them while you can  as they grow up, leave, come back, leave again but they never leave you....the summer season will though so make sure your putting your self in position to win at this thing called life. 

Keep talking to yourself you will figure it all out and one day soon turn that career job back over to your employer so the next person that is ready to put themselves in position can enjoy the experience of the new life adventure and expand personally and professionally it can only help enhance the lifestyle you want to live. The truth of the matter is in order to receive the new you have to let go of the old not completely just the parts that no longer serve you.

 Go out there an be great don't worry about when it will be your time just enjoy the time you have now and explore lifestyles like you never explored them before... Happy Summer everyone more importantly Happy June...

June is the month of self improvement, community cooperation, economic collaboration as well as economic integration of a people  Happy Juneteenth everyone. We are breaking generational curse starting with us... 

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