What Does It Mean To Be The Cat's Meow?

On the journey to becoming the cat’s meow you will have to accept that things that may happen along the journey can be challenging. You have to learn to not be so attached to the outcome of the journey challenges as things play themselves out. On the road to becoming better and building a life that you create one first must identify who you are? What you stand for as a human being? Begin to explore and identify what it is that you truly want out of life? As well as begin to explore what gifts you have to contribute to your life and the world you live in. 

This is a process journey many will take as who we thought we are and what we thought we wanted may not fit our present picture of life nor does it fit what we may desire for our future. Wayne Dyer states that, “We all want things-but wants are not good enough.”  If we just merely want things without a direct action plan to obtain the things we want, it may never manifest in our lives. But if we want and can visualize our wants it is the beginning of a wonderful life exploration and experimentation to what our Hearst truly desire out of life. When we are young and full of life we have many desires for our life however, many will never take the steps to develop just exactly it is we are seeking out of life. Earl Nightingale an American radio speaker and author, states that out of 100 people only 5% will actually achieve the life that they want for success while the other 95% will experience less than they set out to achieve to sum it up they are left either in poverty or destitute all because they didn’t take the necessary actions to manifest it in their life or just left it up to the circumstances and or situations they were experiencing and chose not to continue on with the work to achieve their greatest life.

Now giving up is not ever an option for the 5% of people who not only express their desire for a better life but aren’t afraid to take the necessary risk it takes to achieve it. Being the cat’s meow takes spunk and zest with an appreciation of life and the lifestyle they desire to live.  One could say that the 5% are just lucky in life in achieving their success. The reality is that luck has nothing to do with success as much as going through the channels that are required to achieve it. The 5% experience life just like everyone else however the difference is that when the 5% face life challenges they are training their mind to work through them and are not attached to the outcome of any given situation as they show gratitude for every life experience. As life is truly a journey and no one is getting out of it alive so they find ways to live a life of aliveness, health and vitality.

As the true meaning of life is to enjoy it and appreciate the journey itself through discovery of life’s little miracles. Those who achieve success very few are concerned with the things they have obtained over the terms of their life journey. Yes, the material things and financial rewards that come from life strategies to generate what most consider wealth to ensure that they will be taken care of during the times they are not able to do the things they once have. After many years of caring for people the one thing they often are concerned with are the quality of their relationships with their spouse, children, grandchildren and or friends and associates. Not one has ever mentioned the money they have in the bank, the car they drive, or the wealth they may have accumulated over the years to ensure that generations after them are straight and cared for without struggle or stress.

Speaking in terms of the cat’s meow simply states that people are the key as they may not remember what you did for them, gave them or even may have done with them but they will always remember how you made them feel. This is a trait that is an original one because you either have it or you don’t. You can’t purchase it nor get it from outside of yourself, this characteristic comes from within and it very special for those who posses it. The cat’s meow folks leave not only a legacy but they leave love on all the heart’s and minds of those whose lives they are blessed to touch in some way. And the exceptional cat’s meow touch lives way after they are gone on people they will never meet yet affect in many life changing ways.

So as we go about living our lives take a moment to think what success truly means to you? However, you define success and begin with the end in mind and work your way backwards as you continue to move forward. Sounds a bit complex but it really isn’t, as your journey continues weather your part of the 5% or the 95% what will your finger print leave behind? Whose lives will you touch and or affect?  Who will say that you where the cat’s meow long after you have meowed your las meow?

The journey of life is truly amazing and their are a lot of cat’s that are doing a thing, their thing and leaving thing’s all along their journey. Your thing won’t be their thing but it’s your thing so what are you going to do with it?

Wild cat’s

Tabby cat’s

Alley cat’s

Persian cat

Maine coon cat’s

British shorthair cat’s

American  Bobtail cat’s and more which breed do you wish to  be and how will you become the next Cat’s Meow?


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