What In the World Is going On?

Looks like spring has arrived along with allergy season and brought home a guest COVID 19 they call it. We pray for the families that have lost loved ones to this guest, as we pray for the essential staff out there on the front line every day doing their part to get this under control.  We pray for everyone doing their part by staying home and out the stores as we all have a responsibility in this good job everyone. In the beginning, we believe this world stoping life event has brought some much needed health care issues up to the forefront that have been on the table for some years now.  It's sad it took something like COVID19 to shine the light, however prayerfully now some solutions can be made to help those on the front lines of health care to continue to protect themselves and those they service through adequate staffing and supplies to do the job. 

We learn again just how important eating healthy and washing our hands throughout the day really is for our health and the health of others. Some of us got the break so needed along with some time to spend with loved ones or maybe just cleaned out some stuff you planned to do anyway.  Whatever you are doing during this time we hope that it is bringing you peace, love, joy appreciation of life and abundance as we find that we are enough and we have enough to sustain us as we get through this shut down due to COVID19.  We hope that everyone is taking this seriously as it is very serious especially for those with compromised immune systems.  

So much information is going around about the COVID19 that it just can become overwhelming, so we suggest limiting the amount of information we allow ourselves to be exposed too. We have come and made it through a lot of things over the years and we will get through this soon we pray. This time at home has given us all sometime to get a look at where we are presently individually, as a couple, family, where we would like to go and or be in the coming future; because there will be a future. The question is: Will you be were you are now? or will you be starting on your desired place, working towards it and or achieved it?

Maybe you haven't really gave it a thought until now. It's something to think about as things are shifting now and we hope that those that are aware of the shift can make a smooth transition as it takes time when change comes. We can either move with the shift or let the shift move us.  Either way we all will be apart of the shift just at which end <-0--------------100,000-----> just an example of purposeful growing and making the world community better together.

We had to ask ourselves what the book titled "The Law Of Intentionality", calls The big questions: 

1) Where do we want to go in life?

2) What direction do we want to go?

3) What's the farthest we can imagine going?

The author John Maxwell admits even he has yet to answer these questions however, it will provide us a guideline to get us on our way.  As many of us attempt to develop the answers, the most important questions in starting are :

1)What can we find useful not just for yourself but for others that we can help others and be proud of?

2) Are we committed to follow it through no matter what may come?

3) Is this something we can leave to our family to continue in case something should happen and or transcend on?

 As we work our way down the paths purpose direction understand everyone will not go with us. Some are happy where they are and with what they do. Some will have trouble making the time. Then there are the some of people that are looking for another path and willing to walk the path of the unknown toward their ideal of purpose, freedom and success.

 The world as we all know it appears to be changing and we have to become more proactive in our own rescue. During this COVID19 experience many social issues arose as many panicked due to the uncertainty that came with it. It brings to light that together we are powerful and can do more good than harm from working together. The world and everyone in it has this time to look at the inside first and then the outside from this experience. We may never understand how something such as a virus can have everyone thinking very deeply.

Starting with home and finances, skills and supplies, the ability to make what you have work for the whole and more. These are just a few, we would hope that those who maybe suffering financial hardships during this time will get some relief and take some time to reassess for future possible events such as this. Not that money can do anything for a cure toward the virus except help fund the research, it sure can not bring back anyone we have lost to the virus nor can it stop the virus from hitting another individual or individual's. The fact that money if managed well can build a nest egg or as we like to call it a portfolio for a time like this when income is important and bills are coming no matter what the life event is including death.

As we move forward we must become more proactive in our financial management and maintenance.  Even the best in finance protects, manages and maintains their financial portfolio and monitor their credit.  There are some with scores from 700 and above and then there are those with scores 669 and below.  Should your score fall on the 669 and below end of the scale, you may benefit from taking a look at The Protection Plan Membership to start as it has a portal to help along in the process to improve your score and more. Would you be interested in taking a look?

We understand that navigating through life can be less stressful when you have planned, taken action steps to put things in place and can handle any life event a little better, then if not had taken the steps. As we go through this process and as we slowly begin to get back to life.  Our prayer is for everyone that may have been caught off guard or is seeking to improve your financial report card and or  portfolio, potentially earn extra income and is looking for the  potential opportunity to become your own boss. 

We like to invite you to join us for our first business shower. We will chat and chew with top leaders, provide an overview of the platform, services and opportunity and have some fun celebrating life and getting better.  Would you be interested in attending?  

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