What Does Investing In Yourself Mean To You?

Have you ever found yourself in a place and space in life where things aren’t quite what you thought it would be in that period of time? We all have moments and periods in life where we desire more for our lives, that moment when chilling with your girls or guys isn’t enough. Going to work and coming home to pay bills becomes not the life. So what do you do in those moments and periods of life where your insides scream we need more to fulfill our lives. Or maybe the question is how do we make our lives more fulfilling? 

Many times when we want to change our lives we tend to think outside of ourselves. We tend to look at our employment dissatisfaction and complain we don’t earn enough to live which is true as things are continuing to go up but wages remain the same and or are not distributed equally. We may have personality, policy and procedures altercation within the work place or the lack of employment.  How often do we take the time to look at ourselves as the person to change? Very rarely, as you see it’s very easy for people to blame and complain than to take responsibility for how we are feeling and what we are doing in our own lives to make it come alive again.

In 2016-2017 I found myself in that very position, as far as I was concerned life began to just run me over one too many times. Everything around me appeared to be falling apart or not flowing smoothly especially when I desired it to be given the circumstances in my life at that present time. The more I look to find blame every road lead back to me. In the process I learned that nothing will change if I don’t begin the change so I found MIST or we can say it found me. As I was looking to replace and or supplement my income, I found several options however, ever option isn’t always a good fit for your pockets or time as well as what is required may not be you interested area of choice. And the time it would take to see income that is beneficial could take longer than anticipated too.

From filling out survey’s, participating in studies, filling out on line job applications, talking to people about work from home opportunities. You name it, I was inquiring and researching what would be best to work for me and all the family responsibility as well as maintain the employment that was waving in the wind at that moment. Once I found something that fit my life and not interfere with my current employment did I begin to take the work from home opportunities seriously. 

I joined the Shopify platform and began building as well as I got hired as a Life Guide and that’s where I began training and serving on a schedule that I created to begin my new life adventures of generating income. As I began the process of building I noticed that the training just was not enough by itself. I needed more understanding as I notice my mind body and soul was going under way changes. Nothing drastic, I just wanted to build my confidence up as it’s always exciting yet as I began building anxiety began to build up. The thoughts of how I was going to be able to do what I have set out to do and on top of that the vision of helping transitional families grew stronger and the feelings of overwhelm happen to me.

I was grateful to have had the opportunity to join life guides when I did as it was through the training that I was able to identify what was the reason for the anxiety and overwhelmed feelings.  As my fellow team leads and guides helped me through the lost of my parents, getting through the job situation, being a parent and now starting a new life that I am learning how to navigate and the fear of just simply losing my mind and everything. I soon discovered that meditation and setting realistic goals to begin with helped me to get organized in my life. Through life guides and helping others work through life issues dreams and aspirations, I found that it not only helped the clients but it also helped me to see that sometimes we really can benefit from our own advice in life. Many times it’s easy to provide insight and advice to others but rarely to we take it for ourselves and it was in that moment that I knew that I was on a journey that is never going to end unless I decide to end it.

Because I have lived life long enough I knew that life challenges were not going to stop happing because I solved one life issue and that fact that I belong to such a great team of life guides that life may become challenging but there is always support in the journey and I knew I was not alone nor the first person to go through life changes. This made all the difference as I continued on. Building myself and building my business was the pathway I choose to work through grief, life on life terms and believe it or not it worked and it took some years to get to where I am presently.  

Along the journey I was able to discover many things about myself as well as life and generating income. Discovering that you can earn a living today many different ways to produce streams of income. It blew my mind and many offers and opportunities came my way just from the little I was doing. A few things I had to say No to and some I said Yes reason being that they aligned with my over all life goals so I took advantage of the opportunities. Here’s why the investment was small and the opportunity was big. I found myself working on my dreams and the hours put in where all labors of love.

The love for myself and the fact that through the opportunities offered to me are shareable for those who feel it aligns with their life dreams aspiration and goals. This exited me because I remember thinking to myself that I can truly help other individuals like myself for real and not provide a bandaid as many services do when helping this opportunity is more than a bandaid it’s a life aid forever should they choose to go through the process of building it.

Like anything new your excited about it and you want to share all that you know with other but I soon learned that everyone does not feel what I feel about my new life change so I share when people inquire. On top of that I begin to notice that even my circle of people didn’t care to know what I was doing they were just interesting in hearing about how much I earn doing it and that just became a turn off so I begin to isolate myself to continue to grow myself and the business.

The time taken to grow was well spent and it paid off as well because I learned to face my fears doubts and the naysayers to continue. The more I trained the more people I was able to connect with and sometimes even work with them and I thought wow what an amazing journey this is going to be. My calendar went from nothing to meetings, trainings, courses, blocked work times and I left very little room for enjoyment until I needed to add the enjoyment into the program of growth.

See for me this journey was a life saving measure so I could say that I started out in survival mode and in survival mode you work and work because you believe that you don’t have anything to spare for anything else. It was amazing that I allowed the fear of the lost of money, debt and doubt hold me hostage for so long. I know that I am not the only one I maybe the only one that said it out loud but not the only one in the experience.

I began building in 2016 and for the next two years I was excited and afraid at the same time. Every time fear doubt or confuse would raise its head. I would pray overtime and ask God to guide my steps to push me through. Many times I would find that my fears came from not wanting to ask for help or not knowing who to ask for help and here’s the reason. Each platform has it’s support and or expert team members to help new beginning business builders and they are very helpful and provide information to aid you as you continue on and when you can afford to hire an expert they will take the task over and do it for you. 

During the journey of building I found that comprehension is an issue for me and it cause me to take longer to complete task needed to help me move forward. This was very frustrating yet it did not deter me from building and it was not until I heard the phrase, “This is a marathon not a sprint” did I begin to let go of the feelings of urgency to complete task. I learned to take my time and as I took my time I noticed things went much better and gifts were given along the way but if you don’t know they are gifts you will discard them only to realize that you needed that to build a better system and that kind of sucks. But don’t fret you can always located them again and put them in position to help your system function better.

Building pray check to pray check really allowed me the time to consider how the funds were to be spent in the most effect way for performance. I realized that I needed more education on retail, fashion, and distribution so as most enterpreurs do we get the training or at least the introduction of the training because all of this evolves over time so you’ll always be updating your knowledge to see what works best for you and your company. At this point in the journey I realized that I am a lifer builder and that’s ok because one day all my efforts will begin to pay off. In the begining you invest all into your company until you begin to create some real momentum towards generating an income that allows you to not just pay for your business but what’s left over will become your income and that’s the sweet part of building.

The process to building can take some time and many will give up to soon before they get to see what their work can actually do. So, I warn you ahead of time never give up find a way to keep going and building you will be the much better person for going through the process. Investing in yourself isn’t an easy fix it can take time, effort, energy and funds to do so, but aren’t you worth it?


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