When You Feel Like Given Up...... Keep Going!

Can you think of how many times you have thought I'm done with this! They must be kidding me really! I am not the one! I can't do this it's to hard!  Well, I am sure at some time in your life many of us have felt this way especially when things aren't working out as we may have planned.  However, something keeps us going and keeps up doing what we felt we couldn't do.  What makes one keep going?  Well, it can be many factors that keep us going.  Things like being the bread winner in your family, fear of being without or unable to do for yourself and or family.  Just the fear of homelessness alone will pretty much get you motivated although all these things can happen even without having these thoughts.

Over time I have experienced many of these thoughts and even experienced some of the great horrors most people fear.  Yet, I continue to keep going and when I decided that becoming my own boss the fear grew even more.  I feared that it may not work out as well as if I could really make it work and be profitable at it and all the other thoughts one could dream up when starting something new.  Well, I am proud to say that my thoughts where just that thoughts that were canceled out every step I take.  Now I struggle to stay learning and implementing what I am learning and insuring that I am duplicating what many of the greats that have done it prior to me starting to ensure that I experience success.  

Starting was the easy part keeping the momentum became my challenge. There are days that I am up early full of ideas and energy to get most task completed. Then there are other days where I have to push myself out of bed and keep myself focus to get things done. As I stay plugged in I felt many times that I had some pretty large shoes to fill as I listen to others and their stories on how they achieved their success.  Staying plugged in and reaching out to those that are successful in business when needed for advice and or encouragement helps and makes a great impact on my motivation to continue on. I work toward getting better daily so much so that I had to stop and set realistic work plans and goals in my business as I was finding myself addicted to my business and everyday normal things where falling to the waste side as I was focused on making it happen. Then one day it was brought to my attention that I was not being a part of my family / friends or even taking the time to do my daily chores except for the weekends.  Crazy right!?  Not only that I had pushed everyone away without even knowing.  I know your thinking wow, I know when I realized it I did everything in my power to reprogram my schedule. Yes, I want to be successful but it wouldn't mean much without my family.  So now I take time to schedule my work around my  full-time job and my family.


I am lucky in the sense the children are grown and on their own but now I make myself available to babysit when needed, attend family events and gatherings, I plan my meals for the week to ensure I have lunch for work and home.  I still do house cleaning and laundry on the weekends but at least I am headed in a more healthier start in working out the balance between work-family-business.  However, my personal life suffered the greatest hit but that's a whole other discussion.  I pray over that situation in my life.  However, since I have started the balance I find that things are much better and I have given myself a 24 hour period where I don't work on anything but me or relax but most times I cheat and still do small task for my business because it excites me to see it grow.

I know I am here for a purpose and as I am growing personally and professionally I believe that I am taking the right steps forward in my life change. I can honestly say that I am grateful to be where I am today and I am grateful for the experiences that I am having as I grow and develop in to this phase of my life.  Yes, I still have struggles but my response to my struggles are much different now then prior to me taking the steps into a new way of life.  I believe that the cup is always half full even if some spills out I still have something inside to work from.  There are still many things for me to learn and do and I am open to them.  I go through all the emotional and physical things that comes on an adventure such as this but I tell you after it passes I become more motivated and productive in every area of my life.  They say Romeo wasn't built in a day so I do as any builder and do what I can daily and rest when I need to in hopes of creating something very beautiful and fulfilling not just to my life but the lives I may touch daily.

I always ask, Where are you now?

Where do you see yourself tomorrow? 

Where do you see yourself next week?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Weather you take life day by day or year by year. I believe that if you desire more from yourself and want to better your life and your families life.  Know matter what you choose to do as long as your working toward getting and being better. You too can be successful if you want to be.  I can see you doing it.  I can see you being it.  Can you?

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