When Your lIfe Dreams Go From Me To We….

Beginning anything in life will require the time testing and practice daily or as much as you can fit into a 24 hour period for the learning curve trial period of what works and what doesn’t or could be done differently to produce the results to kick in and when it does there’s yet another one to go through as life business is ever evolving and we have to embrace the flow of our current. This is the cycle of becoming better in life.  Whenever we find ourselves in a place and space where we desire to change it can be a process to getting it in motion.  To say that all of our ideas for our life are great is not always necessary true or false. It’s the ideas put to the test that prove success and success because if we tried and it didn’t work or it didn’t quite fit us or or or, over time a try beats a failure anytime.  It when we try and try again and again that builds the momentum and brings about the greatest becoming changes our eyes could ever imagine and one that will fill our hearts and others for generations to come if we do this thing right. (Laughing) We all have a what we did first time in our lives story for every phase of our lives and if we living this thing called life right. If you not boy are you missing out on some really cool life experiences.

We all have that moment where we doubt that what we think about we can really obtain it. Usually once we find out how we have to get it determines weather we continue or quite and we have never been any quitters. Not finishing not following up and or following through with our ideas can be the death of many of us. It also determines which end of the spectrum we will fall. Now we have been talking about how the economy impacts our life and how we can begin to take control of how we are earning spending saving and investing and for some of us to do all four can be a real challenge if we don’t first understand money and how to manage money.  We must know that money is a current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes, assists, property and resources owned by someone or something collectively. But what does it really mean to us and how does it apply to our daily life we live.

Many of us consider money as something to chase hoard keep safe and it could be nothing further than the truth. Money was created to circulate globally to help with growth and development as well as create wealth.  To better understand money we also have to understand wealth which really is money, relationships, health, health spirituality, and freedom. Yet, it’s measures the value of all the assets of worth owned by a person community company or country.  Determine by the market value of all physical and intangible assets owned, subtracting by all debts and accumulation of resources over a period of time which provides freedom. 

One may ask themselves how wealthy are we in the areas of financial, social, physical mental and time? Go question right? How does what we think and feel about money impact our ability to account for our wealth? How can we impact the growth of our wealth to  integrate into the economy in the positive and out of the negative as it impacts you power of movement and capability to have a healthy vital life and lifestyle?

We will never get money if we continue to chase it, it circulates faster than we can run. We should not hoard money as it likes to breathe and see the world and surely will lose it’s zest to grow. Now keeping it safe now that can be interesting as it depends on where you plan to place it to  be safe. Will the place of safe accumulate interest while in the safe place? When placed in this safe place will we be able to borrow from it should we need too? This safe place will it bring us growth should we decide to share it with others? And will this safe place be accessible to future generations should they need it to start with? Interesting question, some of us are not comfortable talking about money believe it or not. Our upbringing has communicated messages around and about money that still affect our lives to this very day. It when we decide to get rid of all that baggage and deal with ourselves that we begin to uncover the myths, lies and unknown facts that surround money and how it impacts our lives. Did you catch our live talk about the origin of the economy and the economic integration of a people? You may want to check it out covered some truths and explains why many of us struggle with wealth and how we earn it, maintain it and circulate it. Money and Wealth is a  mindset game changer once you begin to understand and if you understand and begin to implement the steps into your life. You may not become a millionaire tomorrow or maybe you could but you will never know if you never play the economy game of life. It’s a valuable game to play especially when you know the how too’s on creating it.


We often say we want to become better in life but more often then not we fail to take the action steps needed to obtain, sort of like when it comes to our health. We can’t afford to go and we can’t afford to not go. Dang what a heck of bind to find yourself in right.  We wake everyday to earn money to provide a life. Yet, so few of us will earn money and place it in places that will create money on the money. It doesn’t stop us from playing the lottery going to the casino or playing the street numbers. We all want that cash but so many of us will not even take a risk on themselves to create money or invest their money into the things that could possibly bring a return. We guess it’s a smaller risk doing the above yet if you don’t win not only are you out of money you are getting nothing back on your investment.  Today there is so much information on building wealth and only a few will ever attempt to put it to the test to see the results. Why is that? Is it due to the time it will take? We found that over time the earlier you begin the more you can gain in experience as well as wealth that will provide you the freedom financially socially and mentally.

Now how does this information tie into becoming better goes from me to we. Simple, when we are seeking to become better in every area of our life finances are going to play a big part in weather we will be able to carry out our life plans and ideas for our life. Financial hardships impacts all our lives at one time or another and when it comes we either have a resource to draw from or we borrow to get it which creates more hardship on top of hardships because you not only relieved the hardship present at the time but now you owe someone or banker the funds you borrowed. Our motto is don’t borrow what we don’t have and don’t borrow what we can’t pay back. Heck with today’s economy and raising cost is reported today is taking it’s toll on 56% of Americans causing household financial hardship and it’s increasing. How do we get on the economy building side and off the hardship side? Good question to ask first we have to have a good idea of where we are presently. Look at what we earn how much is going out and how much we are actually able to put away.  Many may laugh but starting with as little as $35 dollars a week which is $5 dollars a day can begin to create wealth if placed in the right place such as a credit union account or savings to begin. 

Now to truly begin to invest in ourselves we are going to need to connect with those who are financially educated on finances and the process of accumulating wealth. This is very important that you verify their knowledge and track record because we can lose money if we don’t so thats very important as we are growing along the journey.  We know all to well some of the mistakes that can be had without the proper informative knowledgeable people and that’s how me becomes we. As this is very true you do become the sum of the people you surround yourself with and having a good financial advisor can make a real difference in your life and lifestyle. 

We are not financial advisor and our knowledge is limited as to just how to help you to begin obtaining wealth building principles that can begin your foundation towards wealth building. We all know how to earn money but many of us don’t really have the knowledge needed to help us get in a better financial position, Our research has proven that building wealth requires discipline to be able to set a financial goal and sticking to it. We start out good and then we fall off or we feel that the money we earn is needed more now than placed away in a space where it can grow or they don’t feel that waiting on growth is not their money growth plan.  

We speak about ways to begin the becoming better in life to win in life and our life business. As our life is serious business, so we learned not just to earn but to take what we earn and put it up in financial places where our money will grow without us doing absolutely anything accept for contributing towards its ability to grow even if it should take a fall it soon begins to rise again so you never want to move it out. You can sale it for gain or reposition it into another resource fund or keep it where it is until it comes back up.  We learned that debt can get in your way, how is that you say? We found that poor money management habits and poor payment history can impact what you can do and the price you will pay to do what you desire to do. Many of us are into saving on cost not adding on more cost right?

We discovered that many parent report that they go to work and go home. They report working more hours or taking on a second or third income leaving very little to no real family time although you can get some quality family time when your off.  Another positive from the pandemic is people have began to put their families first as they are earning income which is slowly turning the workforce around and it’s working. Yet, some how we will still come up short in some way. More and more we are seeing people being creative and are starting something they can do in their spare time and are very successful at it. However, many times our knowledge about finances and understanding how our financial credibility can impact our ability to move resources around to build the business. We shared with you that we began becoming better with no idea and or vision of what it would really look like and or be outside of an income resource.

When we were starting out we had little resources to grow our hobby that is becoming a business. Our early days were the hardest most challenging of them all because we were tested physically, socially, mentally, and very little freedom every moment was very vital to the humble development and as we were building the financial piece was always present as we continued to invest in ourselves to grow in our life business. The more we learned the more we have visions of not just our short term goals which at that time was the building and learning stages and it wasn’t so bad. We learned more about ourselves as well as our growing hobby that was developing right before our eyes so much so we may have jumped out a little prematurely but heck the basic’s were put in place to begin the testing process and we shared some of our results good and not so good in our private facebook group as we do our best to help others coming along the way. You never know who will read your blog, social media post and or other platform materials. We managed to reach quite a few in the time we put into learning how to market in a variety of ways ads, paid an organic, emails and virtual events. The journey has been amazing as we continue to grow and really begin to focus in on our life business model it’s a little ruff around the edges and can stand a little cleaning up as well as organizing but for the most part we are happy with the product we produce every month as we continue our product research.

We are so grateful for everyone we got the opportunity to meet and or work with as its all about working together for the common good of humanity. Who doesn’t want to help people to be become better at their life business hey, there are plenty of books that can provide you insight as to how to go about becoming better at whatever it is that you want to do with your life business and they are very good informative reads however, simply reading alone will not make it happen for you until you take the action to go with it. Tell me what do you have to lose that you probably haven’t lost before? Exactly, we discovered from being in the rooms where lessons were being taught and the community where encouragement and support as well as huge life break through were happening sounds unbelievable until it happens to you.

We have had so many breakthroughs and yet we are not done, as we begun to get a clear picture of who we are and how our inner messaging about money was embarking on our money flow which slowed our growth and development process down. The realization that we have the money but its how well we are managing the money and placing it in places where it will do its best to work for us in the sense of rebuilding a life and a business.  As our mind began to spend time thinking of what the business will be, how we will be able to help people and give back to the very community we live in is way bigger than we had ever thought about this hobby turning into a business that can actually help people the way we like to be helped. Suddenly we began to draw up a list of everything and everyone we are going to need in order for this to work properly and research what is working now and how can we join and or become apart and what will it look like. Then we have to become better at developing relationships with people that hold the knowledge we seek and sometimes to gain the knowledge it may cost a fee to sit in on the information that is not openly discussed to the general public.

Life business meetings holds information that can help you along the journey depending on where you are presently in your life when you attend and we discovered that if we focused on the money the more financial push and pull we would experience so we change our mindset from money to people and how we can help them. It help to now have a focus point to draw from as we continued. We realized that we had to get through some fears, doubts and beliefs we had around helping people and money but as each layer began to peel away it got easier to free our mind to take in the information. Thus you will see us post about the small business administration meetings when they come up, community meetings and or activities if we are aware of them as well as supporting our fellow life business builders that are building their life business. We feel that its a great component to have in our life business as people face real life challenges and some are very difficult to work through and can take some time. But we heard someone say, “That God say’s your worth waiting on,” so no this road isn’t for everyone but life is and we all deal with life on life terms weather we choose or not.

Yet we must live our life because no one can do it for us. It’s a mindset that takes you from, “ I don’t have it.” To “ How can I afford to.” And that in it self is a test. The first test in money mindset was when it appeared that everything was not working out. Social media became tangled, motivation and momentum was low and so was our funds which made product research not as good as we like but we had to continue to build. Making sure that all the proper documents where in place and seeking legal advice and services to begin fitting the pieces together it was very stressful to say the least until we remembered something we heard from a webinar or live and or recorded event that it kick in. “ Don’t look at your present circumstances focus on what’s ahead of you.”  We remember feeling very anxious as we were facing some pretty financial hardships and life events but when we repeated that line and continued to take action on the things that we had control over to do. Surly things work out maybe not totally without work being left over to do, but for the most part we made it through what would have been something in our past to make us just ball up cry and wonder how it was going to get done with a lapse in taking any action.

From that day forward we knew it was definitely a mindset to building wealth in our life business and it is going to take some time to do that when your goal is to help people we could place a limit of 250,00 people but we figure life has no limits so why limit the amount of people we can help along the journey.

We have been at this for sometime now and we have learned a lot along the way and we are looking to help you find your way too. As our life is our first priority and if we can figure out how to become better why not share it with others as you go along the way. We discovered that its through the relationships we build along the way that truly make the difference. Yes, we help one another through sharing our experiences and knowledge and those we know and are known as top in their industry but we learn and help one another globally not just from the area we live we are really touching lives around the world finding out that we are so more alike than we are different, The world is full of people on the road to becoming better in and at their life business they choose and it’s full of the unknown and a lot of uncomfortable steps but as we continue to take them it uncovers something new in us as well as our business and that is simply amazing. 

We created Win in Life and Win in Business for people who are taking their life business more seriously these days and are seeking to grow personally as well as professionally in their own life business and if you feel you don’t have a life business let discuss it after you fill out the application that will become available to our audience soon stay tune for updates as to when you can apply so we can have something to discuss on your free 30 minute strategy call.  Come prepared to discuss your answers and to take away a few tips to get you started.

One thing we discovered is that we all have our own individual life business plans for our life yet we come together to spread the news with others so they too can become better at their life business and not only survive this life journey but thrive in this life journey as it’s full of abundance and if you already are earning and have a family your already wealthier than most as some only have the money and it’s not much without those you love and care for to enjoy it.  It recalls a conversation we had with one of our newest team members and we agree that if you want to get some things done hire a single parent they are the hardest working class we know. {Laughing} Think about it single parents handle and are responsible for  a lot so to take on building a life business in the mix is a super power that few have and if you have it. We welcome you to join us on the journey and that’s how becoming better changes to from me to we. On the journey to becoming better you meet people that are not only becoming better but mastering it to almost a science just like the economy we have mastered the knowledge to apply to our lives to build wealth for our families and we want to help other families do the same one family at a time one individual at a time as we all have the same 24 hours but it’s a choice few every make yet still expect something to change when they have not. Sad but true, there no magic wand but there is results in action.


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