Time Is The One Thing We Will Never Get Back!

From the moment we are conceived in the womb life begins to do it's miraculous life growth and development process. Time is one thing everyone wants more of and is also the one thing hardest to keep track of. No one has ever been able to give time back and or stop the time that they missed, although they try, the one thing for sure about time is what you do in the time you are in right now. When you think about it from gestation to death life is pretty amazing because we get to create it on many levels all based on the decision actions and response we have along the journey. 

How we choose to grow will always make the difference. In life we often times can not see the forest for all the trees. It's in that moment we decide to take the nature walk through the forest do we see all the beauty that is inside. As nature really has all that we need however it's a process that we have to go through to see just what blooms in this nature walk we call life. The knowledge of what's eatable in the forest and what's not should you pick up the wrong thing thinking it's consumable can make you deadly ill or even kill you. From the day one the earth was filled with fruits, mints, sassafras, maple, and more our sole job is to take care of it.


 As we navigate through life experiences help us to develop and grow over our life span. Having a positive history of experiences with parents, authority figures, your significant other are considered to be positive growth and developmental environments that has a community that gives you a sense of belonging and valued by others supported with positive discipline often times will provide a positive life experience. 

How does you life experience impact your current life experience?

*Experiences With Yourself/ Peers/ Family/ Co-workers/ Community

*Married/ Divorced

* Parents Married/ Divorced 

*Death of a loved one

* Health Status/Condition/ Disorder

Should you have a descriptive significant events of your childhood, and or experiences with parents, other adults weather physically, sexually or emotionally has an impact on your life until you decide that you will face it head on through therapy, talk therapy, psychologist, peer to peer counseling services either on line or in person it's up to you, should you decide to go at all will be the catalyst to let go of what is no longer serving you in your life today. Our past plays a big part of who we become in life but it doesn't have to stay that way. Every day we wake up is another day to rewrite this story we call our lives, and everyday we get to create something that we may not see once it's completed but if your a life long student of life university then you already know we are going for the long- term over all win of champions in this nature walk of life. Appreciating each moment as we go alone with feelings of blessings for the very life we are living right now.... 

Take a breathe................Exhale....... Do you feel life throughout your body?

No matter what your story was, what is the story you are telling yourself and showing others right now? Is it one of gloom and doom, mishaps and things? Or is it one filled with hope, joy, and feelings of abundance of life? Whatever it maybe, you know that you have the ability to change it at anytime right? Not over night but over time, overnight you can position yourself to embrace the change and walk with it for a little while and speak life into it so much that it begins to take form and soon you begin to realize that you had to go through what you got through so that you could become who you are becoming now.

What is ahead of you is far greater than what is behind you and guess what it all happened for you. Even if you don't see it right  now we will come back later and revisited it long after this moment in time right here. Mark the date down that you are reading this article for reference should it resonate and has created a spark of thought and or action.

 Are you one who takes ownership in what you do?

Let's take a look at the many ways one takes ownership in what they do. For example in the area's of:

Time: Are you able to accomplish task in the time frame allotted and how good are you with the use of your time when it comes to planning life and dealing with the unexpected.

Fun: Do you schedule time for fun in your daily schedule or do you plan weeks at a time for some fun with family friends and self?  Do you know what you like to do for fun where would you go? 

Spirituality: Do you spend time alone to read reflect and think about where you are going and how far you have come? Do you seek spiritual guidance from a spiritual base reading the bible, counsel with clergy members, or do you spend time in nature appreciating life and all that it holds for you?

Health: When was the date and year of your last over all health exam? What were the results and what are you doing to maintain and or improve should it apply? Do you believe your life is serious business and are you committed to doing what it takes to ensure you see it out full as long as your alive?

Relationships: Do you know the patterns of your interactions verbally and non-verbally with your family, friends, peers, co-workers, community? How is conflict and or problem solving handled and what role do you play in your relationships? Do you fill a leadership role in your relationships and are they strained, supported, inhibiting, promoting growth relationships? Does your relationships provide you and others a sense of belonging and being valued in the relationship?

Work: Ae you doing what you love to do? How many hours do you put into doing the work that you do? What are the benefits you receive during your work years and are you contributing toward your future self for your retirement years? What age do you think will be the right retirement age for you make sure to write the month and year for your retirement?  Is there promotions for growth in the work that you do? Is there a wages cap or bonuses provided in the work that you do? Does your work provide education enhancement towards development of skills within the work that you do? Are you in between gig's doing odd jobs here and there when they come to make ends meet? Are you in school while not working or working part time to better your life?

Income: Money earned for labor produced comes in many different ways and working a job is one of them but working a job will never help you build wealth unless you know the secret.

Are you a better producer with a group or produce better on your own? Describe your answer and if your not sure ask someone that knows you in your work environment, family, friends, community just to mix it up and ask them what they think about you and listen and take notes for you to review it might reveal somethings that you were not even aware of. This exercise was one from Kim Coles group challenge on Captivating your Audience we were shocked and pleased with the results as many time we think people are not paying attention to us yet they are just not saying anything just rooting you one in silence. 

 The exercise was a fun one to do, and we grew from it and we believe you will too if you have not been a part of the group or challenge. If you have not had the experience of Captivating Your Audience I suggest you give it a look see love it we are not official community members but do enjoy when open enrollment opens up and you get a peek of what she offers it's really great as personal growth is a life journey so make you a list of the people you know who wants to grow and a list of the leaders you want to learn how to grow from believe me it's the best way to start and begin to practice new skills and tools  as just watching is just that watching. We find that listening watching and doing works out pretty well yeah you are going to fumble a little but if you find the courage to continue to show up one day you will go from sitting down to standing up.

Overtime we face many things and we overcome those things but how do we continue to move forward and where are we going for what purpose in our lives?

Many never may never go to think as far as this when it comes to life yet some ask their sleeves this question almost daily as if it's a part of their daily routine. Why is that? Reason being the great Napoleon Hill once wrote that in life you get the choice of two envelops in life and we get to choose which envelope we want. The information about what's inside the envelopes is a part of our virtual events collection which you can access through registration of webinar jam we have place the links in previous articles just as we have our private Facebook groups invitations so if you don't mind scrolling back a few article you can find them and click the links to join us and see what we have going on presenting as we are continuing to build  ourselves as well as our business.

If you have never experienced going to work everyday and having to rare children, living off of what you earn a very modest paid income, having your water lights and or both. Having to take public transportation and or walk to where you have to go to get what your trying to get. Sacrificing time money and energy to do all that is within your power to get you just a little closer to the life and lifestyle your wanting to live while enjoying the life and lifestyle you have. Working without pay because your life is set up that where your need more off the job than on the job to save your Childs because if you don't show up no one else is going to show up. Being your own case manager because your child is going through it's rights of passage and it's costing the family. Hardship isn't always financial sometimes it's time energy and efforts towards the good of the common goal at one time it was to merely survive. Yet surviving soon becomes not enough the desire to want to thrive in life and make it better not just for you but for those who are around you and in your circle, now that's a whole other level of time energy and efforts yet the reward is often times more exciting.

August will make one year that we are a part of families of children murder by homicide, I thought I cried tears and empathized the pain for the families that experienced such a loss. Loss is just as unique an experience as life itself but nothing ever prepares one for this loss or any other loss of your child still young enough to have flaws and old enough to no better than to make any mistakes on their journey of life as they are becoming.

Bad things happen to good people and life is not always exciting and fun yet it's still an amazing journey because of the lives we got to know care for and love that in it self is a blessing.

 Embracing change breaking free from society norms, defining life as you see it and doing your part to make each day better for you as well as those who come after you. Letting them know that any thing that you want in this life you can have, as long as you respect the laws of the universe the creator that gives you life everyday. There are going to be times where you will have to be alone and you have the skills tools commitment and determination to make it through the dark shadows of life. You will experience things that will hurt your heart feelings it just may even piss you off, yet you respond from your center where the peace to your life vision lives and although many will say they know you...it will be revealed that they know you not at all. They will not even be able to grasp where you are and where your going as your becoming. 

There's going to moments where you will have melt downs, meditate, do things that is not moving you forward but are necessary to move you beyond where you are some call it procrastination but depending on the perspective of the individual procrastination means different things to different people yes it is connected to non productivity however it also has a way of promoting productivity amazing. When your living life growing developing and building towards better it usually means that your one that can handle many things very well which usually means your focus and attention is distracted. Procrastination shows up as clutter, laundry, messy kitchen bedroom living space organization, feeling fatigue, and other various forms but these are the ones we are most familiar with and are utilizing for an example it can show up differently in others.

The process of procrastination can work for you or against you if you don't have the tools and skills to help it work for you. Procrastination could simply mean it is time to do something that is a little less work but aids in your creativity. Use the moments of procrastination to your advantage as you just may need to reorganize your life system by making room in your daily schedule to do it or hire someone to do the things you don't really care to do but is vital to your health and environment. Check within first then take notice of your surroundings to see if there is something to take care of and or remove. Sometimes your body is simply telling you to rest as many life builders can forget to do so especially until they get all their systems into place.  Time well spent during the building process.

No two people are a like and neither is their process of building so it's very important that you listen and pay attention to the signs you get along the journey. As the time you spend building you never get back and the most important thing to do is to create as much as you can so while your procrastination shows up you can enjoy it because your going to need those moments as you continue to stretch and grow.

Time has been chased throughout time yet it's the one thing we have to enjoy in the moment because it will never come again. This is why getting some control over your time is vital to enjoy the lifestyle you want to live. Time can work for you or against you depending how your spending it. Your work years are the years to store a portion of your income in areas where your money will provide you a return on your investment. During your work years is the time to prepare for the later years to come where you plan to be relaxing and really doing what you want to do. Preparing is the key so what are the ways that you can begin to build towards a livable life in your non working years.

What does your time mean to you and how are you utilizing it where it works best for you?

Wealth building has many components and  water is an economic resource. The types of economic important benefits such as commodity, waste assimilation, aesthetic & recreation as well as fish wildlife habitats. Drinking cooking sanitations water is considered a natural wealth capital. Water is as essential that you can get when it comes to wealth building but let me ask you a question how many of us are invested in water? Most of us are consumers of the water and pay a fee to a company per gallons utilized right? That's funds going out not coming in. Many of us do this everyday even in our life journey planning we work and get paid wages but rarely do we invest a portion of our earnings into growing something that could not just change our lives but our families lives. I have yet to find an employer that does that invest in their employees to have a better life. The will contribute towards it but you the employ still have to make a decision to invest in yourself during the work years. 

Imagine having an opportunity that grants you the pleasure to work your full /Part-time job and build a business model while doing it. Without interfering with what your doing right now? Are you opposed to making an income alongside of the income your making right now?

Hang out with us as we share the stories of over a thousand individuals and families that to advantage of the opportunity and the process towards creating personal time and financial freedom simply by referring others to take a look at the opportunity. What you choose will depend on the lifestyle you desire to achieve and what your individual needs are unless you have been holding on to an idea and just didn't know how to begin the process to begin building. This could be the vary opportunity to help you to manifest it and more.

It's an opportunity to grow out of your comfort zone and start the challenge to yourself and see where it can lead you in 90days to 1year from 1year to 3years 5years to 10 years and so on. Not everyone is going to take a peek nor will they sign up for the challenge but those who do will possibly change their life experiences as well as their lifestyle if they follow the process of the system.

Grow and develop yourself and you will continue to grow through life and create the best life and lifestyle you can work toward and imagine..

Your welcome to join the conversation @TiaRodgersLGSTammise Channel let's grow together this may not be the pathway you decide to take yet our mission is to help individuals couples and business owners grow their life businesses and lifestyles financial free to share with others through giving their time monetary gift a building fresh water and electricity, whatever difference you wish to see in the world and be a part of its your choice it's your decision just as it is your life and life is serious business.

As we continue to grow and develop our brand we like to take the time to Thank you for your support and for those who are still with us from the beginning well you are witnessing the journey in real time and we are grateful for your support it means more than you know and it greatly appreciated so we hope to insight life provoking thought about how we continue from this day forward how we decides to live out our lives. As we get the choice of two envelopes, thank you Author Napoleon Hill for those words of wisdom and so many more that you meet along the journey.

Life is truly amazing so why not see all that it has to offer and make a decision.

As time waits for no one.. you never get it back...you can't pay it back...it just moves on...now is all we really have....

We all try to hold on to something that is weighing us down and it's in that moment we decide to let it go....that life truly begins to unfold.

It's not easier it is just better....

Congratulations on Betting On You!!!   









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