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As I share my story of how I made a definite decisions to become my own rescue in life. Our journey's maybe different but one thing for sure everyone what's to live the life of their dreams and don't always know the how, what, when or where. As I share my life journey story with you. I hope that it will provide you some insight and hope as to how you like to begin building the dream life you deserve. Please note: Your results are based off your ability of being coachable and implementing what is taught in trainings as well as, your unique expertise you bring, each individual that enrolls and begins their own independent business through the cost of the opportunity being offered outside of Tammise.Shop. Each individual is welcome to the opportunity to begin the process of building the foundation of a healthy life & lifestyle in a variety of areas. Tia started where she was, with what she had and now is on her way to living a healthy life and lifestyle. Tia knows that the value of the opportunity, far out ways the time it has taken her in business and as she continues to build the foundation of her business, she enjoys sharing it with others.

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