Welcome to Tammise!

Thank you for choosing us for your shopping needs. We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to assist you in your shopping experience.

Q1: Will I Receive an Order Tracking Number?

A1: Yes, if you create an account during checkout, you'll receive an email with your order confirmation number and summary. This email will include your order tracking details, along with your name, shipping and billing addresses, shipping method, and payment form.

Q2: How Will My Payment Reflect on My Card?

A2: At Tammise Market, we prioritize your privacy and security. Charges from our store will appear on your statement as Tammise HTTPS Tammise.shop MNJ followed by a series of numbers. If you notice an unauthorized transaction, please contact us immediately at 1-800-764-1694 or via email for prompt assistance.

Q3: Do You Deliver Worldwide?

A3: Yes, we offer worldwide shipping. If you can access our online store, you can place an order. We operate with transactions in USD.

Q4: Are Your Products Made in the USA?

A4: We are a drop shipping store with product distributors primarily from China and America. For more details, please refer to our Shipping Policy.

Q5: Do You Offer Refunds?

A5: We ensure each product is prepared and inspected for quality. For information on returns and refunds, please see our Refund/Return Policy.

Q6: How Much is the Shipping Fee?

A6: Shipping fees are based on the total weight of your order. For domestic orders, please refer to our Shipping Policy. International shipping fees vary depending on package size, weight, and destination country.

Q7: Do You Have a Physical Store?

A7: We are exclusively an online store and do not have physical retail locations.

Q8: Is There an Option for Gift Wrapping?

A8: We currently do not offer a gift wrapping service.