Growing Is An Essential In Life

Life is so amazing because it allows us to choose, decide, plan and it has the agility to change at anytime without notice and no one gets out of it alive. Which is why growth is such an essential component because as we grow we discover and rediscover the many  wonders of life and see things we never seen before or begin to understand the true meaning of the circle of life.  From conception to the grave we get the opportunity live a full life should we choose too. Prior to our expiration dates we are blessed with the gift of life and we have a choice as to how everyday may go. It doesn't mean that everyday will go as planned, it means that we take each day and moment as it may come.

The young rush to get old and the old remanences about the days when they where more spry and energetic and some are still living their best life today. Why do the young rush to get older? Could it be that they can't wait to earn their own income, drive or get there own place so they can have a sense of controlling their own life and destiny.  Whatever the plan maybe how well do many young people plan? If we had to pick from 100 young people what do you think would be the percentage number of those who plan well, some what or not at all.

A) Plan Well  30%

B) Some What Plan 30%

C) Plan Not At All- Living for the day 40%

The estimation could be off a bit give or take the child and their perspective of how they view the importance of their life. How well do they take a failure or not making the grade every time and how well do they handle their emotional attachment of not making it to the purpose and or point in which they desire to obtain. Do they give up, give in or go all out?


We would like to keep it all positive but we know that each individual is wired to their experiences of life from their own point of conception and growth experience  process, The world is full of individual unique life experiences and no one ever cancel out the other because of the uniqueness of the individuals. So we hope for the best and do our best to teach them along the way should we be blessed when young people cross our path. There are many lessons that we learn as we grow in life, like the how to be a lady and or gentleman, how to sit, how to eat, when to speak and when not to speak, how to stand, how to walk and more. Some receive positive reinforcing words, support and encouragement and some receive survival skills 101 , and some need protection from those who are to love them but just cant keep them safe and or protected. Crazy world right, yet we all live in it together.


 Together is the only way we can ensure that all our children have a fighting chance at life. As we know every child is not built for formal education and very few are built for self education however, with practice and a support team anyone that is willing to learn can and will increase their chances of becoming successful in life. So how do we know which one we are formal or self taught, and who gets to make the choice of the two?  Well, it appears to be a no brainer as it will be the individual choice as to how we plan to go about creating the path of independence from our parents, changing our careers, or getting a part-time/full-time side gig as we continue to grow and develop over time. Because we are all subjected to those around us in the early years it can have an effect on how we decide to choose our paths as we go, as well as our mindset and does it move us to progress or regress, or  both?  

The elders would always say that there is always something to do in life and many do something all the way up until they are transitioned on and some until they just have to step down because they fought a good fight and the only way they can fight is to pass the torch on to  the young who will one day be their voice that will keep them safe, protected, and well as they age gracefully.

Funny how the same things we may not understand fully in a moment in life, have a way of coming around again just in a different way.  As our family is our very first relationships. The family is strong together more so than apart however every member is well equip to handle and maintain independently at their level of functioning and it's almost like a dance how everything just flows. Perfectionism within a family does not exist however, being the best family, group member that you can be helps the family to progress and thrive. From an individual perspective, family may not always be perfect and sometimes it can suffer crisis's that can just about break  family's apart and some it  will pull them closer together. The bottom line is that family has a role in our lives and plays it's part if we are not aware of the toxic stuff that can get passed down throughout generation. Generational messages around relationships, finances and life progression.

Again, it will depend on ones mindset and how they view themselves in their life. As you can still care for yourself and care for others. When it comes to family every family is as unique as the individuals within the family.  Some can agree to disagree, some communicate until things are worked out, and some break all ties weather for their own well being or others well being, sometimes you have to do what you got to do. Not even family members have permission to mistreat one another back in the day fighting family or disrespecting an elder got your hinny warmed and right for lee so, as most family themes are, "We are all we have!" it doesn't mean that family moments of sibling rivalry relationships, parent child relationships, nothing is perfect yet it most the time always works it self out.  So as a family what is the plan to ensure success for our children as we move forward?

Young people are so resilient and adverse with the ideal of life and how they view it. Their ideal of how they plan to pursuit it, some have a plan but don't have all the information or resources on how to go about getting started. Some will have all the information and resources and wont budge and the rest are working on something and just figuring it out as they go along the way. Unique individuality and college turns out to not be for everyone, so there is an alternative plan as remote learning has showed the world  new paths in life for 12 graders to adults.

Many parents are so happy for their children to become of age and begin their journey in the world. Many parents pray over their children for protection as they are there for them but this part of the journey is for the child and as parents we have to allow them to develop through the process of the transition from high school, college, job,  entrepreneur, or all of the above as the journey will have some length and the total experience helps to develop ones character as well as broadens ones horizons in life. Many would call that living the American Dream, building oneself while building a life and lifestyle.

The little ones are watching to see how they are to go when it's their turn or at least begin the conversations as they are able to voice their life dreams also. It's cool to have these types of conversations with our children once and a while just to get an ideal of how they see and or view their future self. Overtime depending on the age this conversation begins the view of the future can possibly change a few times. (laughing) Oh the joys of little people and watching them grow is such a beautiful thing to observe as they develop into adults full of life.

 As our children grow and the time comes for them to get ready for the world. What choices and options will they have, get accepted into a higher learning institution, work a job or two, or have they already began the path of an entrepreneur? Which ever they decide will help them to grow throughout life. The path our children will take solely is their choice and so are the consciences that come along with those choices they will make. We all want the best for our children and one way to help, support and encourage them we must know what they have in mind as they unfold their new plan for their life adventure. 

If you are a senior and will be graduating high school this year and your not quite sure if going to college is for you at this point in your life, know it is ok. Here's why  there is an alternative at the School of Entrepreneurship,  A gap year with a purpose. If you would like to learn more keep coming back as the information will be provided for all 12 graders that are interested in the opportunity. I advise all 12 graders to discuss this program with your parents so that you can attend the information session together.  Contact us for more information, as always we thank you for your time reading our blogs as you are appreciated.

Feel free to leave a comment or two let us know how we are doing. Continue to grow and becoming a better version of yourself.






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