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As your finding your way along the journey you will experience things that will benefit and or take away from your life based on how you may view the experience in your mind. Coming up most Americans are brought up with some form of spiritual foundation that we carry with us until the day we leave this earth. The desire to be the best version of yourself in your life, family and in your community.  It can be a challenge or simply an amazing path way to amazing life experiences.  There are people that come along the way that will make life worth every moment, phase and stage a true loving caring healing abundant experience.  This is one woman’s story about the journey of life with unknown wonders, gifts that didn’t always feel and or present as gifts. A survivor’s story, that shows you God will bring you through everything that you may go through.

Born and raised in the inner the inner city of Camden New Jersey, working professional parents that believed in the power of God and the importance of faith which was taught to not just to myself and my siblings it was a common theme amongst the whole family on both sides. Weather they went to the church or stayed and worship and praises to the Lord almighty it was something that was daily and a church home was in the home always. Now this didn’t mean that things were always holy and peaceful because that’s not a real-life story now, would it? The message of God was very present in the DNA so it’s what provides the strength to continue on no matter what. Being a believer doesn’t exempt you the life experiences that can change you. It simple means that God’s grace will cover you as you go through the journey.

Exploring divine patterns can be a profound journey of self-discovery. It may involve reprogramming old belief systems that no longer serve us. Recognizing the interconnectedness of all life and understanding divine patterns can inspire personal transformation.

When you put the cart before the horse so to speak it comes with much shame, embarrassment and it’s full of growing pains, challenges, and many triumphant experiences.  The journey of being a young parent was a choice that came with much responsibility. The beginning was full of instruction and guidance, lessons on economics and how to use the money given and or earned to provide for yourself and now the child that I choose to bring into this earth. One valuable gift that the Lord provided me was the gift of listening and taking what I needed that I could applied to work into my life and implement it to become working tools in my life and my children’s life  Taking instruction didn’t always feel good but after a little while what hurt was just what was needed to help me see that as a mother my life will never be the same as it once was due to me creating a life that needed love care and guidance just as I needed when my parents were blessed to create me. When your charged with not just the outcome of your life but the outcome of another person’s life it’s a life changing experience for everyone involved. Balling on a budget as little becomes much in the masters hands and when you keep your faith things will not get easier it simply gets better and your able to live a life you begin to create goto.walmart.com/jWg5Qb

We all carry unconscious biases that can affect our perceptions and actions. Embracing diversity and practicing inclusion can help counteract these biases by exposing us to different viewpoints and experiences.

Having only a high school graduation provided me the foundation to be able to go out and earn a living to provide for my now beautiful daughter. The first born is usually the learning child and that simply means that you have to expect to make mistakes along the way but not destructive mistakes but calculated strategic and non-strategic realizing that life will happen on life terms. In the desire to honor my parents and lift the shame felt form having a child out of wedlock became my mission in life.

To honor my mother and my father as I honor the Lord and myself. I know many of you have probably read that an instantly thought, “she does not love herself simply because I listed myself last. The journey and experience in my life has shown me that the only one who I care thoughts of me is God and my parents even after he taken them back as their purpose on this earth became no more. Over the new parenting life and lifestyle, you think and move different than if you were a single individual without responsibilities. However, that wasn’t much of a challenge for me as it was to develop and grow through the challenges of becoming independent of my parents and becoming an interdependent daughter to my parents and also mother two children. By the age of twenty-one I was a mother of two beautiful children a daughter and now son as well as married to their father. 

Lacking the true knowledge of what a relationship would look like for my now new husband and children. I somehow always felt that if my family and I was going to make it in this world that it would be me to make it happen. Yes, I knew from the example before me through my parents was one view point. The example provided the roles examples not the inner work that it takes to maintain and keep a relationship going outside the fact that it’s a personal choice to stay in a relationship and is the relationship a healthy relationship. I simply knew my mother had a role and my father had a role however, my life journey was completely different then the role models I had before me and it was often one of my mother’s and I most controversial conversations to have as in her area once you married your married there’s no leaving your spouse and divorce wasn’t an option or at least this was the belief of my mother’s generation.

Stereotypes and prejudices can lead to dysfunctional thinking and behavior. DEI efforts challenge these stereotypes by promoting positive interactions and dispelling myths about various groups.

The funniest thing is the very thing that appeared to keep us going back and forth as far as perspective on life and raising children. My parents’ approach to parenting was that children are seen but not heard and what happens in this house stays in this house. To some extent this can be a true philosophy to raise children for most. Not knowing my parents starting out story except for they met one another in high school and from my perspective happily ever after, whatever that meant to them.

As the journey went on, I learn so much more about the commitment what it possible looks like from the human perspective. Each of us will probably have our own role models moral ethical and spiritual perspectives ideas of what the ideal parent is and what it represents to you in perspective of your own growing family and the beginning can be challenging as you learn your new roles and the little precious beings that you have created and brought to this world. But when your current life does not match the up bringing that you experecnices.  You do the best you can as you begin to create the life you have chosen and now have to live it.

Implementing your own family morals ethics spiritual beliefs in a different form from the being seen and not heard. Allowing children to have a voice as the next steps that we would walk together would not only affect my life but their life and our lives as a whole. So, communication is something that needs to be consistent and as we all grow together as a family unit. Filling the role of two comes with challenges but not as much challenges when there is some sort of structure system in which everyone is to operate and carry out their responsibility in the family.

The teaching years are just as amazing as you grow with your children or at least that was my experience during the beginning of the parenting years.  Although it was rough every moment was a growing experience that drew us closer together the bond is unbreakable. The balance of earning a living and being a parent came with some non-negotiables that comes with raising children and can limit your options and opportunities along the journey. This can work in your favor when you decide that it will be you that is going to make the difference in not just your life but your children’s life as well.

Unexpected medical expenses, job loss, divorce, or other financial emergencies can lead to difficulties in meeting debt obligations, which can negatively impact credit scores. Many individuals may not have received proper financial education, leaving them unaware of the consequences of late payments or excessive debt. Low income can make it challenging to cover basic living expenses, let alone pay down debt. This can result in missed payments and accumulating debt.

The decision to become a one parent home was not an easy one but, there will come a time in all our lives where we will be faced with a decision-making moment that will impact your life for the rest of your life and should children be involved it’s going to affect them as well. So, after you have done everything, you can think of to try to make it work, please remember that it takes two to make a thing go right. When raising children, the importance of both parents is very important however, this can be done when both parents are mature enough to place the child/children on the list of priority and not the child/ children already live with whomever parent and leave it there but you have to know what you’re signing up for when you decide to do grown folk’s business. This does not take anything away from those who become parents through life traumatic incident experecnices.  Many blessings to the triumphant you overcome to be the role model parent. As our life experiences also play a role in our parenting and parenting style.

As a parent I understood the importance of raising children that will be able to think and process life situations and circumstances with the philosophy that during the younger years they are free to express how they felt and when they felt they were wronged by an authority and or adult figure not just in their life but period. As they began to grow the communication became more interesting and some will even have you researching and or identifying someone that can provide more insight.

The adolescent years had their challenges and I feel very blessed to have had my grandmothers, parents and community member, teachers, principals, community programs and resources. It was during the adolescent where I learned that in order to save your child/children their activities of the day really need to be structured and fun as well as engaging and growth orientated, and yes, there were a few free community programs and some pay as you go programs with membership opportunity that can lead to scholarships as everyone wants the children to be the next success, they need to be for their own lives one day.

All plays a part of their overall growing life experience and not only will it enhance their ability to communicate and or negotiate their life needs as well as providing the structure foundation of self-mastery with the notion that we are responsible for our actions and behaviors that will affect our life in every area as well as those who are surround it by us.

The discipleship pathway often involves a commitment to learning and spiritual or personal growth. However, as noted, people may unintentionally or intentionally deviate from this path. This can be due to life's challenges, distractions, or even a lack of clarity on the path itself. hilton.ijrn.net/3PWRyA

Winning in life, business, and embracing a life you love begins with a single step. It's about taking that leap of faith and believing in yourself. As you mentioned, seeking guidance from a higher power, like God, can be a powerful source of strength and wisdom. So, are you ready to become better?



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