Are We Living For The Holidays or Are We Living Everyday?

The holiday season brings some much good cheer or at least many would say that it does. An the truth of the matter is that there is a magic in the air at holiday time. People are more kinder and cheering as we wish one another holiday greetings even those who wont be celebrating the holidays appear to have a little something special in their steps as they go about their days. The children are totally on board with being good so that they can receive the gifts from the magical North Pole. Life is just grand during the holidays. 

The holidays are celebrated in many ways across the world and no matter how it's celebrated it just brings this sense of peace on earth every time. How we choose to celebrate the holidays is totally up to the individuals and how they see the holidays. Some see it as a time to get together with family and friends sharing a meal and gifts. Some see it as a time to earn extra cash for the days coming after the holidays and some may choose to not celebrate at all. However, you may choose to celebrate really doesn't matter unless you have those amazing little people who always have large dream Christmas List of things they desire for Santa Clause to bring on that special day. 

Time and time again parents appear to pull this Christmas thing off some on their own and others through the help and kindness of other's either way Christmas is going to happen. Christmas is also a time to share family values and memories of Christmas past and present. Teaching the little people that it's more to Christmas than just getting the gifts and more about the birth of Christ giving and sharing with other's in the world or even in the home. How you start out with Christmas may not always be the way it will always be over the years.

As the family dynamics change over time and throughout the year the holidays may not always appear as jolly as they use to be yet, every year we manage. Life is tricky at times and some things can be uncertain and subject to change at any minute. Yet, Christmas remains Christmas weather you have or have not we all experience the wonderful joys that Christmas day brings. A gift of something you need, some thing you wanted or the simple presence of your loved ones the day holds it's own magic to stay. 

What will Christmas day represent to you this year?

This year has been one like no other yet we made it through. Here we are facing the last month of the year and we still have joy unspeakable joy in the world. So it may look a little different this year and the tree may not be as full as it has in the past for some. But we have one another to love on for the days to come and especially on that magical day.  Christmas is the magic we have inside of us and it lives on forever, long after we are gone. Our family will remember the things and  ways we celebrated and made this holiday great for us all. Memories that will live on in our hearts.

Christmas day represents the simple keys of life and how we appreciate it over the years as it grows. Not so much about the gifts but more about the person or persons that provided the gift. One would think that gifts are the only thing about Christmas but, it's far from the truth. On Christmas morning some families will be grateful to have a home to live in on Christmas day. Others maybe grateful for those who are in their life for Christmas and other will be grateful just to have life on Christmas day.

Not to bring anyone down or take away the joy and excitement of Christmas and what it brings. Just a note to think a little different a more simple when it comes to Christmas, reason being throughout the world many have had challenging times and maybe unable to have the Christmas they desire but they are blessed to have life in their body and their family together sharing a meal on that day that makes it magical and special to them.

Holidays were always a thing in the American's homes, we decorate the home inside and out, we fill the stockings and the tree with care in hope that all our family will be there. Many will go into debt from this holiday just to show how much they care and other's will create home made gifts for the family to enjoy and cherish for  many years to come. Some work so hard to make Christmas happen and then don't even get to enjoy the fruits of their labor because duty calls. Still in all it's Christmas. 

Let's continue the Christmas cheer and the hope and joy it brings. Let's remember that sometime it's your presence and not the present that matters them most. Let's keep the momentum alive to make the world a better place so that we will not have those who go without. Let's work toward making a true impact in the world by sharing our gifts and talents with the world that will provide peace love and happiness across the world so it won't matter weather you receive a gift or not because you have received the greatest gift of all and that is life. Would you agree that life is the most valuable gift anyone of us can have as life holds it's own magic and joy. Did it just get to deep? 

After facing life challenges and overcoming them together one would believe that Christmas day is for a day and life will last for years to come if lived right. Life is as magical as Christmas because it's a gift that is given and can be taken away at any time but the mark you leave behind will be felt forever. Life can not be duplicated or replaced it just is there's no going back just forward and the journey is just as amazing and exciting as Christmas. Would you agree?

In this holiday season enjoy your loved ones appreciate the life you have and keep that magical going throughout the year.



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