Can You Feel the Joy?

What an amazing year 2020 is and as we say so long, we can't help but say, Thank You Lord for keeping us covered and getting us through it all. A favorite holidays movie, "The Grinch That Stole Christmas" an all time classic. The take away was that even though things happen along the journey that having life is one of the joys of the journey no matter what you have or think you want. As each day you live you get to make a decision. To stay where you are or move forward and explore what you may have thought was the impossible and after a about five years of moving forward, not without challenges but in spite of the challenges we are here, and a new year is well on it's way.

From Christmas Cheer, New Years Acquaintance, Valentine Day love, St. Patrick's Day and the Irish luck and we touch the four leaf clover do you wonder where we will be? Simply based off of the decision action moves we made every day some seen and some unseen but we're all still here. Now it's truly amazing that we have already witness some pretty possible things, things we once thought  was impossible. Yes, a very exciting moment in life but it's not time to celebrate just yet, there's still more to be done. So, heck yeah enjoy the momentum we have right now because it's what's going to get us over the on the days momentum will not be so high. Remember the feeling and fuel it give us, those light bulb moments, those moments when you said, thank you Lord I figured it out. Or however one get's through the process of growth and development navigating self mastery, oooh does that sound nice. (smiling).


 Some of us may have met, exceeded or missed our mark on the scale of 1 to 10 and your score ranking at the end of each quarter but, your still in the line for ranking you persevered and your here. When we get stuck we work through it, everyone has their own way of working from getting stuck can you list a few? Sometimes the work out works for us and sometime it doesn't but one thing for sure we know for a fact we are going to get it together to get unstuck. Nutrition, physical fitness and mental stimulation is the best way to clear some vessel passage ways along with some others. Which ever way is your way and if it's working for you great. But, if it's not then you may want to take another assessment just as we all are this time of year as we prepare to tally up for the year to see if we owe, have to pay or break even and receive a refund/no refund.

Paying taxes is something we all have to do no matter what level of life and or income,  you pay taxes, some qualify for tax credit's , breaks and some don't qualify, if your the age of 18 give or take round about working age individual. We are taught to get an education in a school structure or self taught but learn something everyday seeking or not believe me we all learn something. Now weather we act on what we learned is the key to all the ups, downs, and loops along the ride of life. Many of us seek to have wealth yet many of us don't know even where to begin to find the knowledge unless they happen to come a cross the information or happen to hear it some where in a room of people. So, to say that wealth sort of has a mystery to it, is safe to say?

The road that leads to wealth has many paths and you can achieve it. However, the trick is how will you achieve it?  A job, trade, career or day to day hustle temporary employment services. All are a way to earn income that provide for our needs but one question is always asked will we have to work passed our retirement years? Instead of going into world social economic issues that are always on the table for discussion and continually being work out by our government and voted on by us. Let's look at how we are utilizing our own income and how we are spending, saving, and investing in our self? How many of you know what it means when they say, "Invest in yourself first?"

That's right put some money aside for a later date, day and time years. How many of us are able to do that?  That's great if you are and if your not, well you may want to being putting something away and work toward a financial goal for years to come not just right now. Because just like the holidays will soon leave us so will the time we have that will allow us to still continue to live should we just so happen to not have a job or income to live on. Instead of wondering if you will be able to retire start planning for your retirement now especially if your just starting out in the income earning life journey. Should you be a little into or on your way to or already there you too can invest however, it may look different from a newbie, but it can be done. As always research and identify a financial consultant or advisor to ensure that you will have the best plan for you and your retirement goals.


You may have to write them all down so that it will be better to keep up with them as there are times in life our brains can get a little foggy but when it's written down we can remember and revisit from time to time as we mark them off. You may even need other note books to keep your goals and or dreams  because along the journey of obtaining wealth the brain some how becomes stimulated and may get flooded with ideas and task to get there. Reaching wealth may require a course or some type of informational training and like I said classes aren't just held in building they often times start right in a home of like minded individual's working toward a common goal. Now, like I said everyone's path will be different as many may achieve wealth but maybe unable to ensure that it goes the long term. It's tough to stay consistent and disciplined in the beginning but once you do it for over six months or so it get easier and you get crafter at saving and possibly are able to increase the investment budget plan.

There are risk in anything we do in life we risk something if we change and we risk even more when we don't change and stay where we are. When you learn to cancel out all excuse as to why it won't happen you begin to think of all the reasons why it will be all that you dreamed and more. The journey of life is such a magical gift because many times we may go through something yet once we work our way through it we are grateful that  we didn't give up as we sometimes fight our way through life challenges and can win. It doesn't mean that we won't have scars from what we been through it just means that our scars are many times a reminder that we were the hero or shero in our lives that made the difference.  For our young people who may just be starting out now is a time where you have more options then ever to create a life that you want to create as you invest in yourself and your years of retirement. Believe when they say, " This time may appear like it will last forever, but the moment you blink this time will be a memory."  So make it a memorable one.

So, as we prepare to go into the New Year take a look at where you are right now and ask yourself where do I wish to be in one years, two , three, four, five years time? And what will it look like and how will you begin to take action to make it happen in the years to come?  Do you have a plan?  What are you doing for a living  right now?  Have you thought of other alternatives and if so what are they?

Ask yourself what do I have right now that is work wit material and how can I work it?  How long will it take for me to get to where I desire for my retirement and will I work until I retire or will I retire early and how much can I save to life comfortably or better during retirement verse working?

Well, you know that today you can have it all as long as your willing to work and produce it. It's like the old saying that says, " If you want to eat you have to work", sounds harsh but it's true. Imagine a family and or group of individuals all their way of life depends on how well everyone is good at earning an income to contribute toward the living and survival of the unit.  When everyone is doing their part and contributing everything gets done easier and faster. When one or two members of the family or group benefit from the contributions sooner or later the one or two will cause a hardship on the family  and or group of individuals because now they have to work with what is there verse having all contributions no operating on 2/3's less for the whole. Challenging but can be done but sooner or later the one or two is going to have to do something or risk being excluded from the family and or group of the individuals until they are able to contribute to the core group. It isn't always easy but it's often times needed to learn how to survive and plant your own roots where it doesn't matter weather all or none can contribute but they must do something because nothing in life is free and being kin or the best of friends won't change that. Only infants, toddlers and young children get that liberty and even sometimes they don't depending on the family and or group of individuals they happen to be born and or adopted by. It's just life, so how do we ensure that after the holidays we are on a path that will ensure that we will not just only survive but thrive our way to having a retirement we won't regret?


 Many times we seek balance but balance and life is just a myth. In life you do as much as you can to make your life better and sometimes it requires making some tough decisions and hope for the best and other times it requires us to change people, places and the things we do to achieve our success in life. And success is defined differently by every individual, however, wealth is sought by every person that has breath in some form or fashion it's just the road to achieving it. So as we go and enjoy our holiday season's think of these things and see where you are presently in your life and if you see room for change how will you change it?  If you see room for some improvement and we all can benefit from improvement how will you begin to improve?  Should your life be perfect the way it is then live, love and laugh always. Everyone should live, love and laugh anyway but when you begin to develop your growth plan and take action on the steps you set for things will begin to change first small settle changes and as you continue soon you will see the big settle changes. But stay humble and  disciplined because just as long as it take you to achieve it, it can be lost even faster. So this year give yourself the gift of planning a life you won't have to be concerned with retirement except for when you arrive there. Take the time to research information, attend a few webinars and see what is being offered to help you change how you go about achieving wealth in your life. As life is a gift and your life is the gift to the world so before your expiration why not do some amazing things and leave a mark on the world that say's, " Yes, I was here and I made an impactful difference in the world even if it's just in your own life for others to see  and say wow, I feel inspired to go and go  something with my life too. 

Now, I am no teacher by no means and mostly I share just life experience and how to over come them and how to get unstuck. Or how to better your life when going through life challenges. In hopes that one day my mess will become someone's message and makes a difference in their life. Sharing is caring my grand's say, so I share what I have, know, my perspective of life and how I am going about perusing a wealthy healthy life one that I can feel proud of  and make my family proud to have me as a family member, friend and or associate. This year is marked as a monumental year for me and I can't express my appreciation enough for you all that visit, purchase and support me as I continue to grow. As you take the time out of your days to read my entries weather you comment or not your take a moment to read my blogs and I am grateful. As growth  and development is often times a pain that aches until you get up off your butt and do something about whatever it is that is paining you.

I encourage each and everyone of you to go after your dreams and not to give up before it manifest itself. Because life is going to be life but, when it's your life you want it to be the best life you can possibly live. So, from my family to yours we wish you a blessed holiday season and a blessed fruitful New Year.

Let's grow together and if you have not yet seen the Let's grow movie trailer please go and check it out it's a dynamic trailer I hope to see it become a full movie so, I encourage you to go to https://let' watch the trailer and join in on the dialogue it's just another way for us to grow together begin to truly start working towards a good change for tomorrow. 

Peace and Blessings  

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