Congratulations!- We Are Growing Through It Together!

We have shifted and we have adjusted to our new schedules and life is going on a little differently but, we are still alive and living the best life we can live at this time. For some the change was adjusting to a layoff, furlough, unemployed and or new work schedule, and children home school schedules and child care needs. Tough times have come and go throughout life, over time and time again and has been documented in history as life changing events.

How do we position ourselves to be better than we are presently? Let's not make any mistakes we aren't doing to bad even in the mist of the epidemic that has come and soon will be gone.

The real fact of the matter is that many of us are living paycheck to paycheck and most of us don't have a least 3 months to a years savings on hand, and any lose in pay is a set back major or minor.

Not to mention the grief of calling all your bill collectors to explain your situation and estimated dates of when they can expect to see the payment. To be totally honest some of us were already doing this process and this just didn't help with what was happening anyway. 

As we all were just living life, with the exception of being asked to stay in our homes.  Where we secretly desired to be everyday when we went to work anyway [laughing], with exception of those that go to work to escape home,{ sometimes a parent just needs a minute or two or 8 hours] {Laughing}  we talked about how the four day work week would be more productive for us in getting things done due to the fact we are some busy people moving and shaking.

Not making light of the epidemic or how it came took so many lives and shined the light on a lot of things that was already taking place in certain health care areas and brought about new  ways and issues of businesses that are taking advantage of  communities in this strange epidemic.

The media doesn't help either with all the updates and the rising numbers of death tolls. It's just enough to drive anyone mad as if we weren't already on the edge[Laughing]. It kind of feels like the movie Upside Down good movie by the way.

Life is always filled with gifts some are returnable, others well let's say are re-gift-able and others we cherish for life.  One of the gifts we can give ourselves is the gift of taking very good care of ourselves through proper nutrition rest, physical exercise and becoming more financially fit . 

How many of us will go straight to the produce isles when entering the supermarket?

Time's changed how we live, some over the years but, there are those that were taught the basics of home economics 101 give or take but home base essentials of life are skills and tools that are passed down from generation to generation.

There are also some that have missed some of the basic skills of living life home economics 101 yet, manage to take care of themselves the best of their ability, and for a variety of reasons for the situation.

Few, just don't listen and or pay attention to detail an instruction. So for the most part many of us know how to survive and we are grateful very grateful for it.

Is there a way to thrive and not just survive through life?

Would you be interested in knowing the steps and or how to, of thriving not just surviving ?

Many may say,

"I am alright and doing just fine thank you",

others could say, "What do you mean thriving not just surviving they are the same thing.

No matter where we may fall.  We all have that ideal life we are  working for but something gets in the way or comes up unexpectedly and it's not that we are doing bad, where we are but, we could possibly benefit from some sort of change and or improvement in some area of our lives. 

Coming up my grandmother would say,

"You should make it your business to learn something new everyday."; words of wisdom.

Guess I took it to heart and the rest life and it's graciousness bestowed upon me, oh along with some of my bright not so bright decisions [Laughing] I think we all have been there a time or two.

Life is truly what we make it even when there are not so good times one can always find something good even if it's the fact that you woke up this morning.

Yeah, you may have woke up this morning with some decisions and choices to make even if it was what you were going to wear today. 

Life can be just that simple sometimes, so why not get the best out of your life that you can, while you can, as time has shown us, it waits for no one; you either go with the flow or get washed up on the beach so to speak as we all have a choice.

As a mother of two and grandmother of soon to be five now. I have definitely had my share of ups and downs and merry go rounds in life.

It wasn't until I had totally burned myself out  working two jobs and began having challenges that affected how I earned my income that I started to seek out other opportunities. 

As I sought out information, I knew that whatever I would decide on was going to have to allow me the liberty of making my own schedule, not interfere with my family time, and job as I was grateful to still have one of them at least.  This epidemic kind of reminds me of the suspension time I spent from work. As I had all this time and had to figure out what to do with it.

After listening to people sharing their testimonies on how online business allowed them the luxury of the choice to work and/or leave their corporate American job, now that spiked some curiosity, so I researched a little more. 

Now as I share my story with you I want you to keep in mind that I  am working class just like you. I just want to share how my life turn around for the better despite the challenges I had to face along the road to get to where I am don't get me wrong I still have them as they come with life experience. Which means I had to look at how much money I had on hand and how much money I had to raise to begin this adventure of creating residual income. 

As I began to figure out how to raise the funds needed to get started.  I also had to take a real look at my finances and become more in tune to what was really going on with them and me.

You got it my credit score was not were I would be considered a good credit risk to fund my new adventure, so I began to pay more attention to how I spend my money and start cutting back where I could.

During this time I am still plugged into some informative and educational webinars taking notes while I try to identify what my passions truly are and what value will I bring to my new adventure?

The idea that you can post ads on Facebook, Instagram on just about any social media platform and enroll the people who are interested in your products and or services through a website and get paid every week for it!

An opportunity that allowed several people to walk away from corporate America.

Does this sound like something you can do?

I'm listening saying,

" Heck yeah where do I sign?" 

Get to the sign up page guest what?

Reminder to get those funds raised I was close but not quite close enough just yet. But I didn't let that stop me, I want to experience the exchange of time now for freedom later it would be worth the price just to be able to earn an income on my own schedule, heck I tried everything else why not give it a shot.

On my journey I was blessed to obtain an online position an it pays, so grateful as it help to raise some of the funds I needed. Once I was able to invest in the business I felt fit's my passion for the desire to help people my partners and I have been at it every since. The joy it brings when someone begins to take control of their own life through the opportunities provided through home based business.

 Being a home based business owner has been a blessing along the journey and when the epidemic hit, it shook somethings up but, we are grateful to have had the desire of wanting something more than what we had and it's through this home based business opportunity that we are blessed to come to you, sharing information to say there is another way.

Who needs you to fight for them even when you don't want too?

We can help others by helping one another up and create generational wealth as we move through the levels. Oh, did we fail to mention there are levels, education, honor awards, events an earnings in the home based business. 

If this opportunity is of further interest to you please provide:

Your full name

Telephone number

and E-mail 

Best time to reach you

We will send you a link , first a one on one interview , as everyone may not be a fit for the business,  2nd an invite to an overview where you will get all the information you will need on how to get started. 

So  yes, we are in the mist of an epidemic just don't let it get the best of you as you will show 2020 and the epidemic your best and make it your epic year yet. 

Please be safe, stay home and those who have to go out on the front lines every day or on a rotating schedule we pray for good health to shield and protect you from this epidemic as you go about your business protecting,serving and saving lives. 

Know that you are appreciated and loved by many.

Now don't forget if this information is of further interest to you send

Your name,


Telephone number,

Best time to reach you

Someone will reach out to you for information and or help you sign up today.

My partners and I are looking forward to meeting with you and welcoming you aboard.

Be safe and thank you for your time reading our blogs. You rock,


Tia R. Founder of Tammise Market


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